2022 August 7 15:13

BPA calls for companies to join the Busan Port Overseas Market Expansion Project 2022

Busan Port Authority (BPA, CEO Kang Joon-suk) stated on June 7 that it decided to implement the Busan Port Overseas Market Expansion Support Project together with the Busan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (President Jang In-hwa) this year, following last year. The application process would start as well.

The project is about supporting small and medium-sized companies having difficulties with overseas sales due to stronger quarantine and immigration inspection caused by prolonged COVID-19. It allows the companies to conduct their promotional and marketing activities without direct face-to-face contact with foreign buyers.

BPA has been cooperating with the Busan Chamber of Commerce & Industry since 2020 to help companies with the entire export marketing activities, from preparation, buyer identification, and contract.

The project will support companies with various services: making promotional materials, establishing overseas branches, providing money for attaining foreign certification and conducting test analysis, identifying overseas buyers, issuing export x-documents, conducting global online marketing, translating and interpreting, and supporting with logistics costs, etc.

Small and medium-sized companies located in Busan and Gyeongsangnamd-do Province are applicable.

BPA CEO Kang Joon-suk stated, “With COVID-19 prolonged and SMEs activities to search for overseas market reduced, I hope this support project can help accelerate overseas marketing of SMEs. We will continue to support SMEs so that they can turn the crisis caused by COVID-19 into an opportunity.”