2022 September 14 11:51

The LNG bunkering vessel ordered by Fratelli Cosulich LNG will be classed by RINA

On Aug. 1st 2022, the first 8200m³ LNG Bunkering Vessel ordered by the Italian owner Fratelli Cosulich LNG S.r.l. was keel laid at Fengshun Shipyard of Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co. Ltd., according to the company's release.

This LNG Bunkering Vessel will be classed by RINA. The ship is the first of two 8200m³ LNG bunkering vessels ordered by Fratelli cosulich LNG S.R.L. It has a total length of 113 meters, a shape width of 20 meters, a shape depth of 13.5 meters, and a service speed of 13 knots.

This series of ships adopts an advanced electric propulsion scheme (full rotation propeller + AFE frequency conversion drive). Four dual-fuel generators adjust the number of on-grid generators according to different working conditions and loads, so that the units operate in the most efficient state, which is economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, the speed of the electric propulsion motor is very flexible in control, which allows to better manage the ship.

The bunkering ship can be used both as a transport ship and a LNG fuel bunkering ship. The owner's operation mode is flexible, and it can be switched at any time according to the market situation.