2022 October 6 17:27

100-pct stock of Murmansk Sea Fish Port collected in favor of the state under action filed by FAS

The court ordered to hand over 4.75 million ordinary shares with nominal value of RUB 50 each

Under the action filed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation, the Arbitration Court of the Murmansk Region collected 100-pct stock of Murmansk Sea Fish Port JSC in favor of the state, according to the operative part of the judgment.

The court ordered to hand over 4,752,759 ordinary shares of Murmansk Sea Fish Port held by Zevs JSC and 1 ordinary share held by a natural person. Nominal value of each share is RUB 50. According to open data, authorised capital of the port is RUB 237.638 million, so the court ruling covers 100% of the stock.

The Arbitrage Court also ordered to apply consequences of the invalidity of a null transaction on assignment of claims going back to 2017-2020 between C.I.Falcon Limited (Cyprus), Hermes Investment&Trading Pte. Ltd (Singapore) and New Millennium Group Kft. (Hungary), Kupets LLC share purchase agreement signed in 2017 between Zevs JSC, Aleksandr Romanov and Oleg Kreslavsky, and the agreement on affiliation of Kupets LLC to Zevs JSC signed in 2020.

In early February 2022, Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex Bronka in Great Port of Saint-Petersburg was handed over to Rostec State Corporation by the Order of RF Government on the basis of the court ruling.

Murmansk Sea Fish Port specializes in handling cargo from fishing boats, mother ships and reefer ships. It also transships packaged, palleted and loose cargo, as well as general cargo of commercial and military use. The company’s quay side is 4.5 km long. It owns port fleet, fleet of lifting equipment, auxiliary equipment, refrigerators, rail facilities and yard engines.

In January-December 2021, Murmansk Sea Fish Port JSC handled 246,600 tonnes of cargo, which is 20.7% more than in the same period a year before, says the stevedoring company. Handling of fish products rose by 21.4% to 224,600 tonnes.

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