2023 April 1 11:41

DEME presents its first Annual Report since listing on Euronext Brussels

The Company provides insights on its strategy, DEME's four segments – Offshore Energy, Dredging & Infra, Environmental and Concessions

DEME has presented its first Annual Report since listing on Euronext Brussels. The 2022 Annual Report brings our financial and non-financial key figures, QHSE and sustainability results together, reflecting how the Company is striving towards future-proof and holistic business reporting.

"We provide insights on our strategy, our four DEME segments – Offshore Energy, Dredging & Infra, Environmental and Concessions, and include dedicated sections on corporate governance, risk management, innovation and collaborations with our stakeholders," DEME said in its press release.

Record orderbook and all-time high turnover
​In their joint message in the Annual Report, CEO Luc Vandenbulcke and Chairman Luc Bertrand, emphasise: “We are certainly pleased with the progress we have made and the results of 2022, which position us well to deliver on our strategic ambitions going forward, but we would like to stress that these results are only possible thanks to DEME’s amazingly smart people – the renowned ‘One DEME, One Team’.

“In this momentous year in DEME’s history, we are very pleased to say that despite the challenges we faced, such as geopolitical tensions and high inflation, we still achieved a record orderbook and solid turnover growth, which is at an all-time high.”

Commitment to sustainability
​In the Annual Report we articulate how DEME continues to shape the world as it plays a key role in the energy transition and tackles global issues such as rising sea levels, a growing population, a reduction of emissions, polluted rivers and soils, and the scarcity of mineral resources. We emphasise how our mission to create a more sustainable planet underlies everything we do. We have identified eight sustainability themes and the report outlines our commitment to sustainable performance and the progress we have made during the year.

Long-term value for stakeholders
​Another important highlight in DEME’s history was when it became a stock-listed company on Euronext Brussels in June 2022. The decision to list the company was partly to give the company direct visibility in the market – it would allow us to ‘tell our own story’ - ultimately enabling us to drive our strategy and ambitions forward.

This new Annual Report outlines our achievements in 2022 and shows how DEME is playing a key role in creating a more sustainable planet for future generations to come. At the same time, DEME is creating long-term value for its stakeholders.