2023 March 13

17:32 Methanol-ready 32/44CR wins RINA approval

2023 March 9

11:42 The world’s largest shallow-water LNG carrier successfully delivered

2023 March 6

17:24 Indian Register of Shipping selects Dassault Systemes to drive digital transformation and boost efficiency

2023 February 22

15:32 CCS, SDTR and SDARI develop 85,000 DWT ammonia-fueled bulk carrier

2023 February 8

09:35 China Classification Society assists the "Offshore Oil 301" to achieve successful completion of the first bonded LNG bunkering

2023 January 16

13:31 Indian Register of Shipping undertakes classification services for Floating Dock and New Generation OPVs at Goa Shipyard

2023 January 10

12:32 RS issues Rules for Classification and Construction of remotely operated vehicles
09:08 China Classification Society assists the world’s largest shallow draft LNG carrier to complete its sea trial

2022 December 27

10:00 Indian Register of Shipping completes prototype testing of indigenously manufactured ISO containers

2022 December 21

14:31 Lloyd's Register awarded Type Approval to Datum for its SHaPoLi EEXI solution
11:02 Asia's largest offshore oil production platform Enping 15-1 is put into operation

2022 December 8

14:03 BCG and ABS combine expertise to support marine and offshore decarbonization

2022 December 5

18:07 DNV enlarges its offerings portfolio to support businesses with EU Green Deal requirements

2022 December 2

11:35 LR authorised to carry out certification activities for non-SOLAS ships in Italy

2022 November 30

09:55 LR awards AiP for ZULU Associates Zero Emission container ship

2022 November 22

15:58 Korean Register to support development of methanol bunkering in Ulsan

2022 November 17

16:18 ZEUS is the first RINA Classed Ship capable to be propelled by hydrogen

2022 November 10

18:05 The world mainstream LNG carrier M.V. SHAOLIN joins CCS’s fleet

2022 November 7

13:12 China Classification Society and marine industry launched “Sustainable Shipping Innovation and Development Initiative”
11:52 RINA confirms the validity of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells-based technology for Carbon Capture developed by Ecospray

2022 October 31

11:24 Med Marine methanol dual-fuel tugboat design wins RINA approval

2022 October 25

18:07 Indian Register of Shipping signs MOUs with GRSE, HSL and GSL at DEFEXPO 2022

2022 October 18

10:42 China Classification Society and CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping sign a strategic cooperation agreement

2022 October 11

14:23 RINA joins the OCX Consortium

2022 September 30

13:32 Successful delivery of 1800TEU container vessel M/V “ASL HONGKONG”

2022 September 20

17:06 China Classification Society announces delivery of newbuilding LNG bunker vessel “XIN AO PU TUO HAO”

2022 September 17

11:52 DBJ and ClassNK establishes "Zero-Emission Accelerating Ship Finance"

2022 September 16

09:40 LR and LISCR award Design Approval for world’s first 30,000cbm LCO2 carrier

2022 September 15

11:10 The next generation ultra large liquefied carbon dioxide carrier receives an approval in principle

2022 September 14

16:59 Shift Clean Energy announces latest Type Approvals
16:35 RINA awarded with a classification contract for LNG DF bunker tankers ordered by Singfair International
11:51 The LNG bunkering vessel ordered by Fratelli Cosulich LNG will be classed by RINA

2022 September 12

09:57 Aurelia’s 100% hydrogen powered design gets awarded RINA approval

2022 September 9

15:42 RINA awards the world’s first type-approved methanol-powered fuel cell system

2022 September 7

12:30 DNV awards AiP to HHI Group’s digital twin ship system

2022 September 6

16:02 RINA and Asprofos awarded contract for Alexandroupolis FSRU

2022 September 5

17:10 DNV awards AiP to SHI for innovative liquified CO2 carrier design
14:45 KR, HHI, Avikus and LISCR сollaborate to сommercialize autonomous navigation system

2022 September 2

11:24 China Classification Society issues compliance certificate to 26 VLOCs operated by Hong Kong Ming Wah

2022 August 24

15:04 DNV launches new class notation for enhanced tailshaft condition monitoring and performance

2022 August 4

16:12 WinGD’s most powerful engine passes upgrade Type Approval Test

2022 July 28

17:36 GTT grants two AiPrinciple from DNV for the design of a membrane type containment system for liquefied hydrogen and for the preliminary concept design of a LH2 carrier
12:23 China Classification Society-classed ore carrier project successfully completed

2022 July 25

17:15 China Classification Society’ new ore carrier structure rule passed the review
15:42 China Classification Society announces delivery of a Large DP shallow-water special exploration ship

2022 July 19

18:30 DNV and PETRONAS join forces to support the development of carbon capture utilization and storage

2022 July 5

17:31 DNV recognizes Arcadia Shipmanagement’s Aegean Myth as the first verified SEEMP III vessel

2022 June 24

13:21 Bureau Veritas delivers AiP to the MANTA, an innovative clean up vessel

2022 June 23

12:35 DNV awards KSOE AiP for new LNG fuel supply system Hi-eGAS

2022 June 21

12:15 Marlink and Bureau Veritas in partnership to promote digital integration and connectivity for Class operations

2022 June 12

10:49 BDP International announces new digital product classification tool