2023 January 26

17:24 Throughput of Arkhangelsk port increased by almost 25% to 6.6 million tonnes in 2022

2023 January 23

13:19 Subsidized voyages on NSR to be increased to four this year

2023 January 20

11:44 New resident of Arctic Capital PDA to invest RUB 2.4 billion in LNG transshipment facilities on NSR

2023 January 17

11:39 RF Government will allocate RUB 3.8 billion to create digital ecosystem for NSR

2022 December 8

18:00 Contracts for construction of 5th and 6th icebreakers of Project 22220 may be signed in December 2022 – Vyacheslav Ruksha
16:50 NSR fleet of icebreakers to number 17 units by 2030 and 22 units by 2035 – Vyacheslav Ruksha
16:27 Plan for NSR development until 2035 foresees creation of container shipping fleet numbering 9 containerships of Russian transit operator
11:58 Sevmorput is about to complete its second subsidized voyage from the Far East to Saint-Petersburg with 46-pct loading

2022 December 2

17:00 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Ural of Project 22220 leaves Murmansk for the first operational voyage
09:44 Winter-spring navigation season begins on the Northern Sea Route

2022 November 30

17:37 RF Federation Council approved amendments into Federal Law regulating passage of foreign warships across NSR

2022 November 28

14:57 Hydrographic Company surveyed 45.2 thousand lane kilometers of seabed in navigation season of 2022

2022 November 21

11:58 Some nuclear-powered icebreakers to reach the end of their service lives by 2026-2027 – Dmitry Medvedev

2022 November 14

15:56 Sergey Zybko appointed as General Director of FSBI Glavsevmorput
12:59 Nuclear-powered container carrier Sevmorput completed passage from Vostochny to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
12:01 Hydrographic Company to hold auction on construction of lead Arc7 hydrographic vessel

2022 November 9

12:53 Northern Sea Route ensures impressive prospects of SCO development – RF Foreign Minister

2022 November 8

16:53 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Vaigach escorts M/V Severny Prospect along Northern Sea Route

2022 November 3

16:59 NSR cargo traffic expected to decrease by 2.7% this year

2022 November 1

10:55 RSV Mikhail Somov returns from the NSR expedition to Arkhangelsk

2022 October 25

17:50 Cargo traffic on NSR to exceed forecast and to reach 33.8 million tonnes this year
16:59 Role of NSR for Russian cargo supplies to Asia grows amid limited capacity of BAM and Transsib – Alexander Novak

2022 October 20

15:00 Arkhangelsk Region stands for subsidizing of sea transportation by Northern Sea Route

2022 October 11

11:26 FESCO ships first batch of containers from Saint-Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by NSR

2022 October 4

09:25 Rosatom and Rosmorrechflot work out inland water transport corridors leading to Northern Sea Route

2022 September 28

15:27 Freezing trawler Kapitan Vdovichenko is on its way to Vladivostok along Northern Sea Route

2022 September 26

09:54 Hydrographic Company’s new ship Aleksandr Parfyonov starts operation on Northern Sea Route

2022 September 22

13:46 Murmansk terminals and berths should be developed to use NSR as alternative for transportation of fish products – expert

2022 September 16

16:26 Stable ice formation on the NSR is expected 10-14 days earlier than the multi-year average

2022 September 13

09:43 Atomflot announces tender for feasibility study of refueling complex intended for nuclear icebreakers of 22220 and 10510 designs

2022 September 7

17:48 NSR cargo traffic can rise to 220 million tonnes per year – Vladimir Putin

2022 August 11

13:33 Nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput came to Murmansk from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

2022 August 10

13:21 Comprehensive ship repair modernization plan to be developed for Kamchatka

2022 August 5

09:45 Draft law on NSR passage regulations for foreign warships submitted to RF State Duma

2022 August 2

09:29 Chief Directorate of the Northern Sea Route to be established in Russia

2022 July 29

10:00 Rosatom issued over 300 permits for passage in NSR waters in September-November 2022

2022 July 21

17:01 RF Government’s Decree on establishment of new body for managing NSR shipping expected from day to day
16:30 Nornickel can involve ports of North Africa and eastern part of NSR for its cargo transportation

2022 July 15

13:28 Construction of 153 vessels added to Northern Sea Route development plan

2022 June 21

18:10 State Duma grants Rosatom more authority to manage navigation on the Northern Sea Route