Northern Sea Route

2017 August 23

12:00 Sovcomflot’s unique LNG carrier sets new record with Northern Sea Route transit of just 6.5 days

2017 June 30

17:48 Northern Sea Route will be developed by a dedicated organization

2017 June 16

09:38 The Northern Sea Route will be used much more actively than now – Vladimir Putin

2017 April 27

11:05 Vitaly Klyuev forecasts up to 50 large ships and 200 service fleet units to operate permanently on NSR in years ahead

2017 April 10

15:37 Life of Vaigach icebreaker’s reactor plant extended to 200,000 hours (photo)

2017 March 31

14:44 Port Sabetta can influence the entire global logistics in the near future – Maxim Sokolov

2017 March 30

18:03 Northern Sea Route will become a year-round artery in the near future – Vladimir Putin
17:30 Sovcomflot expects traffic in the Northern Sea Route to triple by 2020
12:41 Operation of vessels on the Northern Sea Route without icebreaker support is impermissible - Sergei Ivanov

2017 March 29

14:36 Dmitry Rogozin brings up the issue of making a decision on the time to start the construction of Leader-class icebreaker

2017 March 2

15:28 Russia's Economic Development Ministry official skeptical on the NSR transit potential

2017 January 10

16:02 Russian ships performed a unique transit voyage along the Northern Sea Route (map)

2017 January 6

23:34 Hansa Heavy Lift vessel sails open hatch through the Northern Sea Route to deliver giant cranes

2016 December 26

15:41 Weathernews ice center reports ice shrinking in the Arctic Sea in 2016

2016 December 13

17:57 Dmitriy Rogozin: ‎NSR Administration could be a consolidator of transport development

2016 October 21

11:57 Northern Sea Route traffic to reach 6 mln t in 2016 – NSR Administration

2016 September 29

09:56 Large scale development of Russia’s Arctic to begin in 2020 – 2022, says Dmitry Rogozin

2016 September 22

13:55 16 violations of NSR navigation rules registered this year (photo)
09:18 Northern Sea Route cargo traffic totaled 4.36 mln t by mid-September

2016 August 4

12:47 Rosmorport’s Arkhangelsk Branch will provide ice pilotage services to gas tankers on the Northern Sea Route

2016 July 11

13:48 FESCO to start summer navigation in the eastern sector of the Arctic Region

2016 May 26

11:15 122 permissions for navigation in NSR waters issued this year

2016 March 28

12:33 General Director of Rosmorport makes business trip to Saint-Petersburg

2016 March 10

15:36 Japan to look into crab imports via Northern Sea Route
10:00 Dmitry Rogozin insists on designation of special logistic operator for Northern Sea Route (photo)

2016 February 2

11:38 Murmansk Region suggests exploring the issue of NSR cargo base

2015 December 28

14:57 Icebreaker Vaygach completes voyage in the Arctic, beats speed record

2015 December 21

13:33 Icebreaker Vaygach completed assisting tanker Svyatoy Pyotr in NSR waters (photo)

2015 December 18

11:56 Russia and China agree to cooperate in development of Northern Sea Route and international transport corridors

2015 December 16

09:42 New rescue ships to ensure development of the Northern Sea Route, Vladimir Putin says

2015 December 8

15:39 Northern Sea Route’s cargo flows up 1.6 times to 5.1 mln t in 11M’15

2015 December 7

12:20 Russia’s Deputy PM claims NSR to become a thoroughfare for round-the-year transportation

2015 November 30

10:28 Atomflot says Leader-class icebreaker will escort ships along shortest high-latitude routes

2015 November 20

15:23 Executive Director of Rosmorport visits Murmansk seaport

2015 November 17

09:42 Putin says Far East ports, NSR to become an infrastructure link between APR and Europe

2015 October 22

16:40 Two floating cranes towed by Rosmorrechflot’s ship from Saint-Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky via NSR (photo)

2015 September 7

11:01 Vladimir Putin set to turn NSR into competitive transport corridor of global significance

2015 June 29

17:20 Central Marine Research and Design Institute wins tender for development of concept project of Arctic boxship

2015 June 9

10:05 Dmitry Medvedev approves NSR Comprehensive Development Project

2015 May 13

17:15 Rules for separate record-keeping in respect of services within NSR waters to be approved by October 2015

2015 April 29

15:20 Kamchatka looks into accepting and servicing of vessels sailing along NSR

2015 April 28

13:40 RF Government approves state regulation of rates for assistance provided to vessels within NSR water area

2015 March 12

16:03 Forecast: Annual traffic volume along the Northern Sea Route may hit 65million tonnes by 2020-2022
13:52 Freight traffic volume on the Northern Sea Route rose 2% in 2014 to 3.98 million tonnes

2015 February 26

08:40 MTH and Murmansk Sea Fishing Port to build up concept for development of Murmansk – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky container line

2015 February 18

12:59 Arctic container line could carry 6 mln t of cargo per year, expert says

2015 February 4

16:11 Transit cargo traffic along Northern Sea Route down 4.3 times to 274,300 t in 2014

2014 December 19

15:16 RF Transport Minister says Murmansk will become major port hub for Russia to take hold of continental shelf and NSR

2014 October 16

13:56 Yakutia to build and upgrade 160 vessels

2014 October 9

15:52 RS, GTT joint research used for construction of vessels under Yamal LNG project

2014 September 24

14:40 Arctic Emergency Response Center opened in Arkhangelsk (photo)

2014 August 26

17:01 Minister of Japanese Embassy in Russia visits Murmansk region to study Northern Sea Route prospects

2014 August 20

13:24 Tanker Anichkov Bridge is the first to transit Northern Sea Route this year (photo)