2022 August 12

18:03 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news

2022 August 11

10:33 EU ban on Russian coal imports comes into force - Deutsche Welle

2022 August 8

14:23 Completion of ferry for Vanino-Kholmsk line can be postponed to 2023

2022 August 5

17:50 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news
16:37 Three more ships receive the green light to leave Ukraine’s Black Sea ports on Friday
06:34 Russia's Gazprom says other Nord Stream gas turbines also face sanctions block - S&P Global

2022 August 4

18:04 International Chamber of Commerce calls for cautious optimism as markets begin to stabilise
17:02 Russia finds a new route to oil market via Egypt’s El Hamra oil terminal - Bloomberg

2022 August 2

18:12 G7 foreign ministers and the EU High Representative issued a statement about energy security and resilience

2022 August 1

17:44 Expenses of Finnish companies caused by withdrawal from Russia estimated at EUR 3.5 billion — Trade Representation of RF in Finland
11:49 West eases efforts to restrict Russian oil trading as inflation and energy risks mount - Orlando News Station

2022 July 29

18:01 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news

2022 July 28

11:16 Inbound sailings to Black Sea ports are up 16% compared to the period before February 2022

2022 July 26

14:03 EU renews economic sanctions against Russia

2022 July 25

09:54 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news

2022 July 22

12:59 Cyprus overcomes the loss of Russian maritime trade due to European sanctions - Reuters
10:45 Germany in final stage of bailout deal for Russia-hit Uniper - Bloomberg

2022 July 21

09:51 UK Government updates sanctions against Russia
09:34 Wartsila completes Russian market exit

2022 July 20

10:32 Turkey has contributed to solving the problem of grain exports through the Black Sea - Vladimir Putin

2022 July 19

17:54 Russian Railways asks EU Council to lift restrictions imposed on the company

2022 July 18

15:28 Second ship of Northern Shipping Company to operate on Saint-Petersburg – Kaliningrad line from July 24

2022 July 15

18:00 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news
14:26 USA authorizes transactions with Russia related to fertilizers

2022 July 14

16:00 Development of sea shipping to Kaliningrad Region to continue regardless of lifting transit restrictions - Anton Alikhanov
10:55 Results of Russian ports in Q2’2022: infographics and analytics
09:47 Some Asian importers of Russian crude turned to supplies from the Middle East and the US – Xclusiv Shipbrokers

2022 July 11

12:20 Petersburg Oil Terminal reports 12-pct decrease of throughput in H1’2022

2022 July 6

15:57 Russia’s State Duma approves Draft Law on countersanction information
10:27 ECOWAS lifts sanctions against Mali
08:13 The EU isn’t yet equipped to receive enough LNG to replace Russian gas entirely - Bloomberg

2022 July 1

17:57 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news

2022 June 29

17:00 Great Britain expands sanctions to include mining company Kolmar, Anna Tsivilyova and Sergey Tsivilyov into the list

2022 June 21

13:14 New ferry will start operating on the route from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad region on June 25 - Anton Alikhanov

2022 June 20

11:03 Sovcomflot solves the problem of insuring its fleet in accordance with international requirements

2022 June 16

14:13 Sanctions hinder proper fulfillment of obligations under SCF Eurobonds

2022 June 2

10:34 ESP developed second package of proposals on container market support amid sanctions

2022 May 31

18:17 European Council approves sixth package of sanctions against Russia to ban oil supplies

2022 May 30

11:09 Vladimir Putin expressed readiness to assist in exports of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea ports

2022 May 29

13:42 Evolving EU sanctions keep ship owners on alert

2022 May 26

17:29 Construction of new container ship for North-South transport corridor to take 14 months – USC President
16:18 Trade turnover between Saint-Petersburg and LAC can double to $5 billion amid EU sanctions

2022 May 20

18:00 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news

2022 May 17

11:02 Hungary ‘holding EU hostage’ over sanctions on Russian oil - The Guardian

2022 May 13

17:45 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news

2022 May 11

16:50 Violating sanctions can result in severe enforcement action, yet compliance can be a considerable burden — Allianz

2022 May 9

14:06 USA expanded the list of Russia-related sanctions to include vessels and shipping companies

2022 May 6

17:47 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news
12:44 Sovcomflot to sell part of its aging tankers under fleet renovation programme

2022 May 4

16:28 Revised sanction list of UK includes some shipbuilding companies of Russia
12:53 Finland set to reject or suspend capital repair of the Saimaa Canal

2022 April 29

17:45 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news

2022 April 25

17:52 Sanctions impede proper discharge of SCF obligations

2022 April 22

17:51 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news

2022 April 20

17:32 Russian Railways’ proposals on changing the profile of Far East ports submitted to RF Ministry of Transport

2022 April 15

17:55 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news
14:53 Russian President signs Federal Law to ensure support of transport system amid pressure of external sanctions
12:01 Russian President gives instructions to redirect exports of energy resources to South and East markets

2022 April 14

10:19 Chukotka ports Beringovsky and Provideniya closed for foreign ships

2022 April 8

19:06 IAA PortNews’ summary of past week news