2020 October 14

17:58 New decreasing coefficients established for pilotage dues in Vladivostok seaport
17:39 Construction of ferry and passenger berth underway in Chukotka

2020 October 13

11:20 Information on Sochi seaport changed in RF Register of Seaports

2020 October 8

10:06 Rosmorport’s revenue from port fees in 9M’2020 decreased by 7% YoY

2020 October 7

12:47 Delivery of Victor Chernomyrdin icebreaker scheduled for 3 November 2020
11:56 Pilots of Rosmorport’s Arkhangelsk Branch successfully performed pilotage of Sedov bark in Sabetta

2020 October 5

17:24 Rosmorport’s pilots successfully carry out pilotage at "Utrenny" terminal of Sabetta seaport

2020 October 2

13:39 Rosmorport’s Astrakhan branch took part in "Caspian-2020" drills
12:32 New decreasing coefficients to pilotage dues rates established in the seaport of Vladivostok

2020 September 30

10:50 Rosmorport announces tender for dredging in Kavkaz port’s water area

2020 September 28

13:53 Moscow Exchange registered debut bond issue by FSUE "Rosmorport"

2020 September 22

11:20 Rosmorport prepares tender documentation to continue construction of international marine terminal in Pionersky

2020 September 18

17:59 Rosmorport takes part in TRANSTEC International Transport Corridors Forum

2020 September 17

10:52 Fleet of Rosmorport’s Astrakhan Branch expanded with Nerpa aerosleigh
10:29 Rosmorport signs contract with Marine Rescue Service for reconstruction of Vanino-Kholmsk ferry crossing

2020 September 16

13:53 Rosmorport’s Far Eastern Basin Branch authorities and Vladivostok Duma Chairman discuss the region’s topical issues

2020 September 11

17:55 Nordic Engineering and Petrobalt designed 6-8 MW port icebreaker

2020 September 10

12:43 Flag-raising ceremony held for hybrid workboats, Anatoly Klimov and Viktor Vorotylo
09:49 Port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky welcomes bark Sedov

2020 September 9

12:29 Rosmorport’s revenue from port fees in 8M’2020 decreased by 6%

2020 September 7

10:16 Rosmorport and Novotrans sign agreement on implementation of LUGAPORT project

2020 September 3

11:36 Rosmorport completed dredging in Bolshoy Kamen bay for SC Zvezda

2020 September 2

17:50 Two workboats with hybrid engine package arrived at the seaport of Vanino

2020 September 1

18:00 Rosmorport’s crew boat involved as command ship during Black Sea training maneuvers

2020 August 26

14:50 FSUE Rosmorport fulfilled 55% of its maintenance dredging plan

2020 August 21

13:22 Mir training sailing ship with cadets onboard entered the seaport of Ust-Luga
11:21 Russia’s first LNG-powered RO-RO ferry launched in Turkey

2020 August 20

11:15 Dredging operations for coal terminal in Sukhodol Bay to be completed this year

2020 August 19

16:57 Rosmorport announces expansion of Vysotsk seaport limits

2020 August 18

12:01 Rosmorport’s revenue from port fees decreased by 6% to RUB 11.8 billion in 7M’2020
11:40 Marine Rescue Service to build ferry-passenger berth in Ugolnye Kopi (Chukotka)

2020 August 12

17:47 Rosmorport’s Azov-Black Sea branch adds TSHD Sommers to its fleet
16:49 Investors set to inject in excess of RUB 19 bn in federal port infrastructure facilities development

2020 August 10

13:28 ONEGO Shipyard launches a self-propelled hopper barge "Morskaya"

2020 August 7

18:00 Rosmorport's to beef up its icebreaking fleet to 38 units in 2020
12:49 Rosmorport plans expansion of its fleet by 24 newbuilds

2020 July 24

17:06 Kronshtadt Shipyard to repair Rosmorport’s icebreaker Kapitan Nikolayev
13:29 Two dredgers of Rosmorport are involved in maintenance dredging on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal

2020 July 23

13:37 Rosmorport's tugboat Tolbukhin redeployed from Ust-Luga to Sabetta

2020 July 21

11:39 Flag raising ceremony held in Vladivostok for 4 new tugboats of Rosmorport

2020 July 17

11:49 Rosmorport's Azov Basin Branch takes part in drills to search and rescue people in distress

2020 July 16

10:55 Rosmorport's North-Western Basin Branch carries out dredging operations in Big Port Saint Petersburg

2020 July 14

14:20 Young Russian sturgeon released to Volga as compensatory measure for dredging on Volga Caspian Canal

2020 July 13

13:53 FSUE Rosmorport’s revenue in HI’2020 grew by 6% YoY

2020 July 10

10:46 FSUE “Rosmorport” takes award-winning place in the annual sailing regatta

2020 July 2

12:22 Rosmorport announced tender for construction of LNG transshipment facility in Kamchatka

2020 June 16

15:11 Rosmorport prepares its icebreaker fleet for winter navigation

2020 June 10

15:47 FSUE Rosmorport grants lease payment delay

2020 June 9

12:53 Rosmorport takes part in project for developing oil deposits in the Caspian region

2020 June 3

17:46 Rosmorport announced tender to reconstruct coastal facilities of Vanino-Kholmsk ferry service

2020 May 27

12:45 Industry experts discussed trial project on unmanned navigation in Russia

2020 May 22

14:12 Icebreaker support period ends in Magadan seaport and on approaches to it
13:46 Rosmorport sums up results of its activities in 4M'2020

2020 May 18

10:33 Onezhsky Shipyard laid down azimuth stern drive tug of Project ASD 3413 Ice Arc5

2020 April 20

12:41 Rosmorport icebreakers take flood prevention measures in Arkhangelsk Region
12:16 Rosmorport changed pilotage dues rates for services rendered in the seaport of Novorossiysk

2020 April 7

13:52 Rosmorport changed tariffs on crew boats services rendered in seaports of Eysk and Temryuk
12:54 Rosmorport announces tender to reconstruct coastal facilities of Vanino-Kholmsk ferry service
12:26 Rosmorport announces tender to build and reconstruct port infrastructure in Nikolskoye settlement

2020 April 3

15:22 Rosmorport's Azov Basin Branch carries out measures to prevent COVID-19 spread