2023 September 27

11:38 Investments in Rosmorport’s ship repair base in the port of Ust-Luga is estimated at RUB 4 billion

2023 September 26

17:09 Okskaya Sudoverf shipyard launches second bilge water removing ship of project RST38 for Rosmorport

2023 September 22

09:24 Domestic equipment for a-Navigation to be installed on bilge water removing ship under construction at Okskaya Shipyard

2023 September 20

13:46 Rosmorport to approve design for modernization of two icebreakers to meet cruise tasks

2023 September 6

18:11 Rosmorport’s icebreaker Kapitan Chadaev to be provided with broadband satellite communications under the Autonomous Navigation project

2023 September 1

12:10 Ferries of Oboronlogistics and Rosmorport carried 100 thousand tonnes of cargo by Ust-Luga – Baltiysk railway ferry line in August ‘23

2023 August 25

15:36 Rosmorport's Arkhangelsk Branch released juvenile salmon into the Onega River

2023 August 23

11:34 Okskaya Sudoverf shipyard launched bilge water removing ship Koporye ordered by Rosmorport

2023 August 16

11:00 Rosmorport involved in development of technical requirements for simulators training a-Navigation and e-Navigation specialists

2023 August 10

17:56 Pilots of the Murmansk Branch provide pilotage assistance for a floating drilling rig in the Kola Bay
09:20 Kaliningrad Department of Rosmorport’s North-Western Basin Branch takes part in an annual search and rescue exercise

2023 August 7

13:48 Rosmorport to introduce prototypes of domestic shore-based equipment for autonomous navigation

2023 July 26

09:19 Fixed preferential integrated tariff rates established on the Seaport of Ust-Luga – Seaport of Kaliningrad line

2023 July 25

15:59 Rosmorport pilots staged a floating gas storage facility in the water area of the Bechevinskaya Bay

2023 June 28

15:58 Rosmorport set to use unmanned technologies in hydrographic works in the port of Vladivostok

2023 June 27

17:00 Limits of Nakhodka port expanded with two plots of land
12:35 Rostransmodernizatsia to create artificial plots of land for construction of Pionersky terminal

2023 June 14

17:59 Yet another dredger arrives in Astrakhan to increase Rosmorport’s fleet involved in dredging of Volga-Caspian Canal

2023 June 9

09:20 Rosmorport is a customer of 21 projects on construction and reconstruction of port infrastructure facilities

2023 June 7

09:43 Rosmorport signs agreements with Russian companies on cooperation in replacing foreign software for navigation safety

2023 June 2

10:36 Pilot VTMS with domestic software to be installed in the seaport of Sochi

2023 June 1

18:02 Rosmorport reports release of juvenile chum salmon into Lidovka River
09:17 Rosmorport’s Far Eastern Basin Branch changes tariffs for towage services

2023 May 30

10:49 Rosmorport’s icebreakers completed navigation in the Northern Sea Route waters

2023 May 29

09:26 I/B Admiral Makarov escorted 59 vessels over the navigation season on the Northern Sea Route

2023 May 25

11:46 Rosmorport plans to invest RUB 5 billion over two years to strengthen the security of seaports

2023 May 15

12:57 Rosmorport's Nadezhda sailboat sets out on a training voyage

2023 May 10

10:20 Dredging fleet deployed for operation on Volga-Caspian Canal expanded to 12 units

2023 May 5

13:22 Icebreaker Moskva escorted 108 vessels in Nagaev Bay over winter season 2022-2023

2023 April 27

17:53 Rosmorport to purchase 5 km of pulp line to improve efficiency of dredging at Volga-Caspian Canal
17:27 Rosmorport standard for information modeling in design of seaports infrastructure facilities approved

2023 April 24

17:15 Norms for designing of ammonium nitrate terminals amended in Russia

2023 April 4

16:50 Icebreaker Krasin returns to operation on the Northern Sea Route after repair

2023 March 16

09:30 Icebreaker assistance in Caspian and Azov seas provided to over 4.2 thousand ships in ice navigation season of 2022-2023

2023 March 15

11:11 Rosmorport's Far Eastern Basin Branch changed tariffs for additional environmental services

2023 March 13

13:07 Dredging equipment to be deployed on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal by end of March

2023 February 16

09:20 Rosmorport to start developing technical design of hopper dredger for Caspian and Azov seas this year

2023 February 15

19:12 Capacity of Russian seaports rose by 36.6 million tonnes in 2022
17:22 Rosmorport to increase dredging by 3% to 23.9 million cbm in 2023
14:54 Cost of dredging works in Russia rose by 30% in 2022 — Rosmorport

2023 February 6

13:51 Rosmorport announces tender for dredging on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal

2023 February 3

17:50 Gazpromneft Marine Bunker to supply 10,000 t of LNG for bunkering of Rosmorport’s ferries operating on Ust-Luga – Kaliningrad line

2023 January 24

11:49 SevMorProject wins tender on construction of support fleet maintenance base in Ust-Luga

2022 December 28

15:16 Rosmorport announces changes of tariffs for individual icebreaking services of its North-Western Basin Branch

2022 December 22

09:56 Port investment fees to be used for projects in the Baltic and Caspian basins, Rosmorport says

2022 December 5

16:17 Rosmorport to sign agreement with Gazpromneft Marine Bunker for supply of 10,000 tonnes of LNG to bunker ships in Ust-Luga

2022 December 2

13:55 FSUE Rosmorport supports 6th Hydraulic Engineering and Dredging Congress as its General Partner
09:44 Winter-spring navigation season begins on the Northern Sea Route

2022 December 1

13:18 Oboronlogistics’ ships start operating on Kaliningrad – Great Port of Saint-Petersburg line

2022 November 18

13:59 Rosmorport suggested that Federal Antimonopoly Service should index port dues in 2023

2022 November 16

13:28 Vyborg Shipyard lays down 18MW icebreaker for FSUE Rosmorport

2022 November 15

13:06 Rosmorport announced tender for dredging on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal
10:30 FSUE Rosmorport wins Transport Security of Russia 2022 National Award

2022 November 1

17:02 Ships operating on Ust-Luga – Kaliningrad line carried 1.6 million tonnes of cargo over 10 months of 2022

2022 October 27

09:55 Rosmorport reports on readiness of its fleet for icebreaker support season of 2022‒2023 in Russia’s freezing ports

2022 October 24

12:18 Rosmorport's Arkhangelsk Branch undertakes environmental protection measures aimed at compensating for damage to aquatic biological resources

2022 October 20

10:55 Rosmorport announced tender for dredging on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal in 2023

2022 October 17

14:44 Rosmorrechflot approves first applications for budget subsidies aimed at support of cargo shipping to Kaliningrad

2022 October 5

17:55 Initiation ceremony for cadets of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping held in Kronstadt

2022 October 4

11:23 Fleet maintenance base in Ust-Luga to be loaded with orders until 2030 — Rosmorport

2022 September 28

14:00 Rosmorport announced tender for maintenance dredging in Bechevinskaya Bay
11:52 Rosmorport announced tender for repair of non-self-propelled dredger Peotr Sablin

2022 September 27

13:59 Rosmorport rejects the only bid for construction of support fleet maintenance base in Ust-Luga

2022 September 23

12:54 The number of ships ensuring transport communication with Kaliningrad Region to grow from 8 to 12
12:12 Rosmorport announced tender for development of modernization project for Kapitan Dranitsin and Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreakers

2022 September 20

17:55 Rosmorport to resume construction of fleet maintenance base in Ust-Luga this September

2022 September 15

17:54 Gazprom Neft enhances environmental friendliness of ferry services in the Baltic Sea

2022 September 9

11:58 Rosmorport to tell about its fleet repair at Ship Repair, Modernization and Components Conference on September 20

2022 August 31

14:38 Rosmorport hands over its order for two icebreakers of Project 22740 from Zvezda to Onezhsky Shipyard

2022 August 26

17:26 Rosmorport shares its experience of switching to domestic software