2021 April 7

12:17 Rosmorport sets decreasing coefficient for harbour dues in Novorossiysk and Sochi

2021 April 6

16:19 Sailing practice - 2021 starts on Khersones sailing boat

2021 April 2

12:14 Rosmorport summarizes results of its activities for 2020

2021 March 31

14:08 Rosmorport performs test pilot operation to shift large-tonnage vessel

2021 March 30

10:52 Rosmorport wins "Industry Leader 2020" competition in two nominations

2021 March 29

10:37 Rosmorport announces changing of Olya seaport boundaries

2021 March 26

17:00 This year’s first shift of cadets completed their sailing practice on Nadezhda sailboat

2021 March 18

10:00 Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia visits FSUE Rosmorport

2021 March 17

17:49 Rosmorport informs about planned supplies of bottom soil during construction of Vysotsky Grain Terminal
13:58 Rosmorport receives permission for commissioning of 5 objects of built real estate property in the seaport of Sabetta

2021 March 16

14:56 Fire and tactical drill held at the railway ferry complex in the seaport of Kaliningrad

2021 March 12

16:12 Rosmorport took part in Hydraulic Engineering Facilities and Dredging Congress

2021 March 11

17:40 Rosmorport’s revenues from port charges decreased by 3% in 2M’2021
14:28 Average physical depreciation of Rosmorport’s berthing facilities decreased to 22.7%

2021 March 10

09:54 Artificial plot of land put into operation in Ust-Luga seaport

2021 March 4

17:18 Rosmorport obtains approval of Glavgosexpertiza for dredging under project on construction of LNG terminal in Kamchatka

2021 March 3

16:54 Rates approved for investment harbor dues collected by Rosmorport in Murmansk
11:14 Aleksandr Smirnov appointed as General Director of Rosmorport
10:25 Rates approved for investment harbor dues in Big Port Saint Petersburg, Vysotsk, Primorsk and Ust-Luga seaports

2021 February 24

17:47 Ministry of Transport of Dagestan looks into organizing sea cruise tourism in Caspian Sea

2021 February 17

17:52 Rosmorport's icebreaker Kapitan Sorokin provides pilotage services on approaches to Big Port Saint Petersburg
11:30 Rosmorport’s barge leaves for her first autonomous voyage

2021 February 9

10:53 Three modern dredging vessels of FSUE “Rosmorport” operate in Kaliningrad

2021 January 28

14:36 Diesel-electric icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin starts providing assistance in the Gulf of Finland

2021 January 27

16:25 Rosmorport's icebreakers started piloting vessels in Vanino seaport
13:27 24 vessel traffic systems of FSUE “Rosmorport” ensured navigation safety in 2020

2021 January 26

13:36 Rosmorport signs trilateral agreement with IBC Güler and "Infoline" Marine Agency LLC on using port infrastructure of Kavkaz seaport
12:50 Ro-ro ferry Marshal Rokossovsky intended for Ust-Luga-Baltiysk line undergoes mooring trials

2021 January 25

09:51 Rosmorport appoints Aleksandr Smirnov as Acting General Director

2021 January 22

16:34 Rosmorport starts providing geodesic and hydrographic services in the water area of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky seaport
11:30 Rosmorport successfully completed formation of Ultramar terminal’s water area
11:06 Training ships Nadezhda and Professor Khlyustin welcome first cadets of 2021 season

2021 January 20

11:43 Rosmorport’s icebreakers completed over 2,400 pilotage operations in freezing seaports of Russia this season

2021 January 18

11:05 Big Port St. Petersburg marks 60th anniversary of icebreaker assistance

2021 January 14

15:41 Dredging fleet of Rosmorport’s Astrakhan branch expanded with dredging convoy

2021 January 13

11:46 Admiral Makarov icebreaker carried out unique towing operation in NSR waters
11:22 Rosmorport successfully completed 2020 repair dredging plan

2020 December 30

17:05 Rosmorport signs contract with Inter RAO-Engineering on construction of international terminal “Pionerskoye”

2020 December 29

13:08 Kapitan Zarubin icebreaker starts operation at Big Port St. Petersburg

2020 December 28

10:52 Rosmorport to deploy two icebreakers to assist shipping at Port of Vanino

2020 December 26

14:57 Ivan Krusenstern icebreaker deployed for operation in Big Port Saint Petersburg
09:21 Rosmorport takes delivery of self-propelled hopper barge Smelaya

2020 December 24

17:17 Cost of services provided by FSUE “Rosmorport” in the seaports of the Russian Federation changed

2020 December 21

17:11 COMPOSIT becomes a Sponsor of the Forum of Dredging Companies as its Sponsor

2020 December 11

16:55 About 1,200 cadets passed sailing practice on Rosmorport’s training vessels in 2020
13:55 Inter RAO - Engineering announced wins Rosmorport’s tender for construction of terminal in Pionersky
12:40 Average age of Russia’s icebreaker fleet to be reduced by 12 years by 2030 – Rosmorport

2020 December 7

14:57 Rosmorport’s Slavyanka sailboat leaves for international expedition

2020 December 4

12:24 Kapitan Metsayk icebreaker arrives at Azov seaport

2020 December 2

12:31 Rosmorport released about 2.5 million of juvenile fish in October and November

2020 December 1

17:40 Rosmorport took part in discussion dedicated to Russia’s digital transport and logistics

2020 November 30

15:37 Rosmorport conducted pilotage and docking of LNG tankers to temporary LNG Offshore Transshipment Complex in Barents Sea

2020 November 20

16:33 FSUE "Rosmorport" takes part in International Forum "Transport of Russia"

2020 November 13

15:20 Rosmorport announces tender to continue construction of terminal in Pionersky
13:07 Rosmorport announced competition for construction 18 MW icebreaker of Icebreaker7 classs

2020 November 12

17:47 Rosmorport to invest over RUB 19 billion of its own resources in development of ports till 2030

2020 November 9

10:05 Rosmorport estimates the need for ferries on a line with Kaliningrad at up to five units

2020 November 6

09:45 Rosmorport’s Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch received property unit in Kavkaz seaport

2020 November 5

17:48 Rosmorport completed preparation of its 12 port icebreakers for winter season
10:08 Diesel-electric icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin delivered to Rosmorport