Kerch Strait

2019 January 22

13:22 14 crewmembers of gas carriers which caught fire in the Kerch Strait confirmed dead, five missing

2018 May 31

11:00 Transit of vessels along Kerch-Yenikalsky Canal in January-May grew by 19.2 % to 11,702 units (photo)

2017 December 8

16:27 Ice-class ships Spasatel Demidov, Admiral Lazarev and Admiral Serebryakov will assist vessels in the Kerch Strait this winter (photo)

2017 June 22

09:36 New car-and-passenger ferry deployed at Kerch Strait ferry line (photo)

2017 February 20

17:31 Period of icebreaker services is over in the Kerch Strait

2016 December 27

09:35 New tender announced for construction of railway approaches to Kerch Strait Bridge

2016 December 1

17:28 Construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge is financed as scheduled

2016 October 31

14:17 Piled foundation built for the first part of Crimea bridge (photo)

2016 September 15

17:50 Vladimir Putin says Kerch Strait bridge will ensure Crimea’s full integration into the general national transport system (photo)

2016 September 14

17:38 RF Transport Minister says Kerch Strait ferry link demonstrates 25-pct increase of freight and passenger traffic

2016 July 8

14:04 Construction cost of Crimea Bridge approved at RUB 227.92 bln

2016 June 28

14:58 Passenger traffic of Kerch ferry service will grow by 25-30% in 2016, says Crimea’s Transport Minister

2016 June 9

11:55 Installation of bridge spans commenced at Kerch Strait construction site (photo)

2016 May 30

13:52 Foundation of Kerch Strait bridge already numbers over 1,000 piles (photo)

2016 May 17

11:51 Construction of support structures for Kerch Strait bridge commenced at its sea sections (photo)

2016 March 28

19:59 Over 3 mln t of cargo delivered for Kerch bridge construction (photo)

2015 July 13

12:35 Russian Gov't includes Port Taman Dry Bulk Area and the Kerch Strait bridge in the territorial planning scheme

2015 June 30

18:20 Design documentation for Kerch bridge submitted to Glavgosekspertiza

2015 June 8

18:10 Amendments introduced into Federal Special-Purpose Programme on port Taman and Kerch Strait crossing

2015 May 25

14:07 Head of Crimea promises up to 10 ferryboats to operate at Kerch Strait this summer

2015 April 27

18:05 Capacity of ferry service to Crimea to triple this year, PM Dmitry Medvedev says

2015 April 14

17:30 Capacity of Kerch ferry service increased 40-50%, Transport Minister of Crimea

2015 March 24

12:28 Operation of Kerch ferry line to be suspended due to reconstruction of hydraulic engineering structures at port Krym

2015 March 23

09:05 ANO UTD claims payment from Marine Directorate and Transport Ministry of Crimea to settle the debt to ferry Ionas (photo)

2015 March 11

11:16 Transport Ministry of Crimea set to deploy more vessels on the Kerch ferry line

2015 March 6

15:19 Transport officials agreed on access roads to the future Kerch crossing

2015 February 19

10:38 State contract signed for designing and construction of Kerch Strait bridge

2015 January 30

11:12 Stroygasmontazh LLC selected as sole contractor for Kerch bridge construction

2015 January 27

14:41 Agreement signed for introduction of traffic control system at Kerch ferry service

2015 January 22

12:00 Freight rates of Kerch ferry service to be decreased, head of Crimea says

2015 January 12

08:48 SUE RC Crimean Sea Ports to become sole operator of Kerch ferry service

2014 December 17

12:15 RF Gvt approves bill on regulation of tariffs for shipping between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory

2014 November 10

14:08 RZD contracted to build railway access to the Kerch Strait bridge and to new dry bulk port of Taman

2014 October 29

14:31 Additional cargo line to be launched at Kerch ferry service from November 1

2014 October 2

14:09 Ukrainian Government denounces agreement with Russia on Kerch Strait

2014 September 5

17:50 RF Transport Ministry expects bridge over Kerch Strait to be built by December 16, 2018

2014 September 2

09:30 RF Government publishes draft decree on construction of Kerch Strait bridge

2014 August 25

13:10 Passenger-and-freight ferry Crym completes her first voyage across Kerch Strait (photo)