2018 June 14

17:30 Specifications of products to be rated as manufactured in Russia will be updated

2018 May 8

12:18 State Duma Committee supports expanding Free Port of Vladivostok regime to Sovetskaya Gavan

2018 March 26

12:39 RF Government approves federal law on setting rouble prices for services offered in Russian seaports

2018 March 22

14:04 RF Transport Ministry defines procedure for approval of widespread minerals production at Russia’s IWWs

2018 February 27

13:33 Draft law introducing electronic queuing system for pilotage at Russian seaports is available for public discussion (document)

2018 January 24

11:40 RF Transport Ministry approves the list of seaport infrastructure facilities

2018 January 9

11:25 Revised Merchant Shipping Code and Inland Water Transport Code expand authorities of Harbour Masters and Captains

2017 December 21

15:14 RF President signs law to improve regulation of labor relations at sea/river water transport

2017 December 20

15:19 State Duma of Russia passed law to ensure priority of RF-flagged ships in short-sea shipping

2017 December 15

16:50 Russia’s State Duma approves ensuring the priority of ships flying RF flag in the segment of short-sea shipping

2017 December 11

10:46 RF Transport Ministry starts drafting a bill to divide work between providers of pilotage services

2017 November 24

15:59 State Duma approves prolongation of RF Government Decree No 383 through 2019

2017 November 9

15:03 Draft regulations on oil spill response exercises brought up for public discussions (document)

2017 November 1

17:54 Changes to Russia’s seaports law effective as of November 1, 2017

2017 October 24

09:49 RF Government approves Rules for non-discriminatory access to natural monopolies’ services at seaports

2017 October 23

16:16 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade is planning subsidies to cover costs on construction of shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”

2017 October 20

12:44 Draft procedure for investment port duty assessment is available at federal portal for legal information (document)

2017 October 16

16:17 Draft Regulations on Sea Pilots of the Russian Federation brought up for public discussions (document)

2017 August 8

18:07 Nizhny Novgorod hydroengineering complex characteristics amended

2017 July 31

09:53 ‎Vladimir Putin signs amendments to Russia's Water Code

2017 July 19

14:53 Vladimir Putin signs amendments to the Federal Law on Seaports

2017 May 2

11:21 RF Government approves rules for subsidizing companies acquiring and building new civil ships (document)

2017 April 21

17:15 Bill on transit cargo transportation supported by RF Government with some comments and proposals

2017 April 12

16:43 Application of EEC norms on bunker fuel proves to be effective

2017 March 27

11:14 Amended Water Code of Russia will require no water use agreements for operation of facilities at seaports

2017 March 9

09:20 RF President Vladimir Putin signs Federal Law on simplified entry of foreigners via Free Port of Vladivostok

2017 February 28

09:19 IMO holds workshop on developing national maritime security legislation

2017 February 27

09:48 State Duma of Russia approves simplified entry of foreigners to the Far East

2017 February 20

11:02 RF Government signs Decree on expansion of Taman seaport (Krasnodar Territory)

2017 February 8

18:40 Russian President endorses amendments into MSC in the part of escorting warships in the Northern Sea Route

2017 February 3

09:30 Draft amendments into Inland Water Transport Code of Russia brought up for public discussion (document)

2017 January 13

17:56 State Duma passed in the first reading the bill on short-sea shipping in Russia

2016 December 20

09:33 Supreme Court of Russia ruled that marine agents are not obliged to deliver state commissions to ships

2016 December 12

11:19 Moscow Arbitration Court upholds FAS decision on violation of anti-monopoly legislation by Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot and Rosnefteflot

2016 November 9

18:03 RF Transport Ministry starts developing Regulations on Maritime Pilots

2016 November 1

16:01 Legislative amendments are needed in Russia to develop LNG bunkering business - opinion
10:10 RF President signs Federal Law on Amendments to Water Code of Russia

2016 October 31

16:39 Draft rules for equal-opportunity access to port monopolies’ services brought up for public discussion
11:01 Russian Association of Bunker Suppliers claims against modification of OSR Plan approval procedure

2016 October 28

13:38 Draft order on changing limits of checkpoint at Big Port St. Petersburg brought up for public discussion

2016 October 21

16:30 Draft rules for equal-opportunity access to port monopolies’ services brought up for public discussion

2016 October 5

10:44 Draft law on Russia’s Arctic zone to be submitted to State Duma in October-November 2016, says Valentina Matvienko (photo)

2016 September 30

16:56 Amendments into Rules for Navigation in NSR waters brought up for public discussion (document)

2016 September 16

10:50 Transport Ministry suggests amending legislation on cargo transshipment beyond territorial sea of Russia

2016 August 31

14:13 RF Government approves regulations for open sea fishery

2016 August 22

13:23 Russian Gov't elaborates on cabotage definition in Merchant Shipping Code

2016 August 8

15:13 Rosrybolovstvo offers mechanism of investment quotas allocation for construction of fishing vessels

2016 August 4

13:36 RF Government issues a decree on introduction of amendments into Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020)”

2016 August 3

15:56 FAS of Russia has developed draft rules for equal-opportunity access to port monopolies’ services (document)

2016 July 14

11:02 Russia’s bunker suppliers complain against actions of Central Energy Customs

2016 July 6

11:11 RF President signs the law on line shipping

2016 July 5

12:29 RF President signs the law on investment quotas for fishery development
11:53 RF President signs the law defining the concept of ‘inland water ways of the Russian Federation’
09:50 VNT does not support amendments to Free Ports and Special Economic Zones legislation adopted by Latvian Parliament

2016 July 4

17:01 RF President signs bill on maritime claims and foreign vessels
14:55 Vladimir Putin approves expansion of porto franco regime to key ports in Russia’s Far East (document)

2016 June 30

12:31 Federation Council approves expansion of porto franco regime to key ports in Russia’s Far East

2016 June 22

10:03 Russia’s State Duma rejects the bill on calling off the obligatory state expert approval of OSR plans

2016 June 21

17:50 State Duma of Russia approves draft law on line shipping
17:33 State Duma of Russia approves draft law on differentiation of inland water ways