2015 May 6

13:55 Draft compulsory regulations for port Sabetta brought up for public discussion

2015 April 30

14:47 Draft Rules for shipping between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory brought up for public discussion

2015 April 28

13:40 RF Government approves state regulation of rates for assistance provided to vessels within NSR water area

2015 April 20

10:03 Russian President's Legal Dept OKs “Free Port of Vladivostok” concept

2015 April 16

14:11 Absence of safety management certificates will warrant detention of vessels, Transport Ministry says

2015 April 15

15:58 Federation Council OKs transport tariffs regulation for shipping services on the Crimea-Krasnodar Region route

2015 April 14

14:20 Drafting of Uniform Arctic Bill should be considered, Dmitry Rogozin says

2015 April 13

15:05 Bill determining ‘Free Port’ concept brought up for public debates in Russia
12:40 State Duma passes Bill on state regulation of tariffs for transportation between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory

2015 April 10

17:55 Draft standard terms of lease for river port facilities brought up for public debates

2015 April 9

15:23 RF Ministry of Justice to approve Transport Ministry’s Order on introduction of amendments into certification of ship crew members (document)
13:31 Quality management systems to become obligatory for Training Simulator Centers in Russia (photo)

2015 April 7

09:37 Draft amendments into legislation regulating labour relations at water transport brought up for public discussion

2015 March 31

12:54 RF President signs amendments into Merchant Marine Code of Russia

2015 March 25

14:31 RF Transport Ministry opposes exclusion of small-size vessels from Transport Security Law

2015 March 23

11:11 Dmitry Rogozin heads newly set up state commission on Arctic development issues (document)

2015 March 20

09:35 Dozens of berths in Crimea operate outside legal environment, Gosmorrechnadzor says

2015 March 5

11:25 Draft amendments into Compulsory Regulations on Port Taman put out for public consultation
09:50 Russia’s offshore oil and LNG should be secured to national flag ships from 2020, RF Transport Ministry says

2015 March 4

18:43 RF Ministry of Transport calls on prolongation of Government Decree No 383 on subsidizing of shipbuilding

2015 March 3

14:26 Amended Law on Highways to facilitate shifting of cargo to water transport, official says

2015 February 25

16:30 RF Council of the Federation approves fines for violation of safety requirements on the continental shelf of Russia

2015 February 19

14:59 Regulations on handling soil in the course of land reclamation to be approved in 2015

2015 February 17

15:53 RF Duma suggests increasing amount of fines for oil spills (photo)

2015 February 2

11:50 Draft amendments into federal special-purpose programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020) to undergo public discussions

2015 January 26

09:43 Prime Minister of Russia signs Decree on moving Arkhangelsk seaport’s boundaries

2015 January 20

17:18 Crimea authorities propose specific taxation for Crimea SEZ

2014 December 17

12:15 RF Gvt approves bill on regulation of tariffs for shipping between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory

2014 December 8

16:53 Revised federal program “Development of Transport System” offered for public debates

2014 December 4

12:20 RF Government approves increased standards for annual IWW maintenance expenses up to RUB 18 by 2018

2014 December 2

13:39 RF Transport Ministry asks State Duma consider amendments into Law on Seaports at spring session of 2015

2014 December 1

10:25 Vladimir Putin signs law on development of free economic zone in Crimea

2014 October 16

18:03 RF Gvt introduces amendments into federal programme “Development of Marine Civil Facilities in 2009–2016” (document)

2014 September 8

17:50 Vladimir Putin signs executive order abolishing Russian Federation Regional Development Ministry

2014 August 27

13:37 Seaport Harbour Master Statute comes into effect in Russia