2021 April 23

11:33 FESCO and Globus to develop transportation of containerized timber from Siberia and the Far East to China

2021 April 22

10:20 FESCO refinanced its obligations to VTB

2021 April 14

11:34 FESCO and NtechLab to collaborate in digital field
10:43 FESCO completed first intermodal transportation of containerized fish products from Russia to Germany

2021 April 5

10:14 Yulia Skaletskaya appointed Vice President of HR of FESCO

2021 March 4

10:29 Gazpromneft-Lubricants solidifies the cooperation with FESCO

2021 January 28

17:45 FESCO’s vessel departed to Antarctica to supply India's research stations

2021 January 21

12:03 FESCO transported first containers with grain from Khabarovsk to China

2020 December 25

11:22 VTB Leasing and FESCO sign second sale-leaseback agreement for container carrier

2020 December 24

16:28 FESCO launches regular container train from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk
15:51 FESCO expands coverage of its shipping line to China

2020 December 2

15:39 FESCO и DB Сargo send first container train from Europe to China through Brest and Vladivostok

2020 November 27

17:26 FESCO delivered extra heavy power equipment from Russia to Bangladesh

2020 November 26

13:48 Andrey Severilov elected as Chairman of FESCO BoD

2020 November 19

10:55 FESCO purchased new high cube refrigerated containers

2020 November 9

14:54 Rosatom delegates one of its companies to manage Commercial Port of Vladivostok

2020 November 2

17:40 FESCO arranged first intermodal transportation of barley from Omsk to China

2020 October 19

17:27 FESCO to supply India's research stations in Antarctica for the third year in a row

2020 October 15

12:50 CPV activists occupied office of newly appointed CPV General Director (video)

2020 October 14

17:20 The Federal Tax Service registered Roman Kukharuk as General Director of CPV
16:24 FESCO delivered 300 TEU from Novosibirsk to Yakutia within the new seasonal intermodal service

2020 October 13

09:18 FESCO published joint message of shareholders, members of Supervisory Board and General Director of CPV Roman Kuharukh

2020 October 7

16:32 CPV Trade Union to continue struggling for reinstatement of Ex-General Director in office

2020 October 6

14:30 President of FESCO introduced the new General Director of CPV and promised to meet with the port’s employees

2020 October 5

13:25 FESCO authorities assailed by Commercial Port of Vladivostok protesters

2020 October 1

16:51 FESCO delivered equipment from Russia to Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey
15:19 FESCO to provide intermodal transportation of containerized cargo of Nornickel to Europe, Asia and America

2020 September 23

15:25 FESCO’s Board of Directors elected new Management Board

2020 September 22

18:24 FESCO launches new maritime service from ports of China and USA to Chukotka

2020 September 21

15:56 FESCO’s container train links Saint-Petersburg and Vladivostok

2020 September 17

15:28 FESCO launches regular intermodal service for seafood delivery from Far East to China

2020 September 7

15:10 Arkadiy Korosteljov appointed President of FESCO Transportation Group

2020 August 17

12:05 FESCO moved six E-RTG cranes between Global Ports terminals

2020 July 22

10:19 FESCO to deliver equipment to Chukotka gold mines

2020 July 16

12:10 FESCO’s Board of Directors elected new Management Board
11:47 Cargo ship ‘FESCO Paris’ joined FESCO’s fleet

2020 June 9

09:40 FESCO started seasonal transportation to Chukotka within northern delivery program of 2020

2020 June 2

11:22 Financial and operating results of FESCO Transportation Group for 2019

2020 May 22

15:38 FESCO launches container train to deliver cars from China to Europe promptly

2020 April 28

18:01 Bulk carrier ‘FESCO ULISS’ joined FESCO fleet

2020 April 21

11:33 FESCO vessel finished Antarctic expedition 2020

2020 April 20

14:55 Participants of FESCO's Sea of Opportunities contest submitted 50 requests

2020 April 3

15:46 FESCO provided agent services for vessel delivering platform of Sea Launch spaceport to Primorye Territory

2020 March 25

13:52 FESCO and Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS organized first delivery of oil in flexitanks from Krasnoyarsk Territory to China

2020 March 23

10:43 FESCO and RZD Logistics expanding range of goods transported from Asia-Pacific countries to Europe within Trans-Siberian LandBridge service

2020 March 5

12:27 Maksim Sakharov appointed President of FESCO Transportation Group

2020 February 19

14:51 FESCO launches new regular container train from Novosibirsk to Khabarovsk

2020 January 29

12:38 FESCO delivered four gantry cranes from St. Petersburg to Primorye along NSR for Global Ports

2020 January 9

15:06 Throughput of Commercial Port of Vladivostok in 2019 grew by 10.5% YoY to 11.5 million tonnes

2019 December 16

12:58 FESCO to sell its grain segment in the beginning of 2020

2019 November 22

12:50 New container ship added to FESCO fleet

2019 November 6

08:07 FESCO launches overland shuttle for transit cargo transportation from China to Germany through Kaliningrad

2019 September 12

14:46 FESCO new vessel started working on a regular sea line connecting Magadan and Primorski Krai

2019 September 5

14:28 FESCO and UNICO to develop expedited transit services from Japan and South Korea to Europe
10:00 FESCO and PCC Intermodal to develop expedited delivery from APAC countries to Europe through Far East and Trans-Siberian Railway
09:36 Russian Railways and FESCO launch fully electronic document flow for import cargo to reduce shipping time through Vladivostok by 4 days

2019 August 26

12:59 FESCO launches container train from Khabarovsk Territory to Heilongjiang province

2019 July 31

17:41 FESCO agenting Philippine Navy vessel in Vladivostok port

2019 July 26

16:09 FESCO and Russian Railways launch transit service from Korea to Europe via Trans-Siberian Railway

2019 July 4

14:47 New container vessel joins FESCO fleet