2020 June 2

11:22 Financial and operating results of FESCO Transportation Group for 2019

2020 May 22

15:38 FESCO launches container train to deliver cars from China to Europe promptly

2020 April 28

18:01 Bulk carrier ‘FESCO ULISS’ joined FESCO fleet

2020 April 21

11:33 FESCO vessel finished Antarctic expedition 2020

2020 April 20

14:55 Participants of FESCO's Sea of Opportunities contest submitted 50 requests

2020 April 3

15:46 FESCO provided agent services for vessel delivering platform of Sea Launch spaceport to Primorye Territory

2020 March 25

13:52 FESCO and Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS organized first delivery of oil in flexitanks from Krasnoyarsk Territory to China

2020 March 23

10:43 FESCO and RZD Logistics expanding range of goods transported from Asia-Pacific countries to Europe within Trans-Siberian LandBridge service

2020 March 5

12:27 Maksim Sakharov appointed President of FESCO Transportation Group

2020 February 19

14:51 FESCO launches new regular container train from Novosibirsk to Khabarovsk

2020 January 29

12:38 FESCO delivered four gantry cranes from St. Petersburg to Primorye along NSR for Global Ports

2020 January 9

15:06 Throughput of Commercial Port of Vladivostok in 2019 grew by 10.5% YoY to 11.5 million tonnes

2019 December 16

12:58 FESCO to sell its grain segment in the beginning of 2020

2019 November 22

12:50 New container ship added to FESCO fleet

2019 November 6

08:07 FESCO launches overland shuttle for transit cargo transportation from China to Germany through Kaliningrad

2019 September 12

14:46 FESCO new vessel started working on a regular sea line connecting Magadan and Primorski Krai

2019 September 5

14:28 FESCO and UNICO to develop expedited transit services from Japan and South Korea to Europe
10:00 FESCO and PCC Intermodal to develop expedited delivery from APAC countries to Europe through Far East and Trans-Siberian Railway
09:36 Russian Railways and FESCO launch fully electronic document flow for import cargo to reduce shipping time through Vladivostok by 4 days

2019 August 26

12:59 FESCO launches container train from Khabarovsk Territory to Heilongjiang province

2019 July 31

17:41 FESCO agenting Philippine Navy vessel in Vladivostok port

2019 July 26

16:09 FESCO and Russian Railways launch transit service from Korea to Europe via Trans-Siberian Railway

2019 July 4

14:47 New container vessel joins FESCO fleet

2019 June 21

10:25 FESCO announces results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

2019 June 19

13:45 Igor Sharkov appointed Director of FESCO Branch Office in Vladivostok
13:26 FESCO opens seasonal transportation to ports of Chukotka

2019 May 23

12:19 FESCO and Russian Railways launch transit service for delivery of goods from Japan to Europe through Russia

2019 May 6

13:28 FESCO opens seasonal navigation to ports of Chukotka in early June

2019 April 29

13:37 FESCO changes rotation and names of container lines from China and Republic of Korea to Far Eastern ports
12:39 FESCO and Sea Fishing Port Terminal to develop container transportation between St. Petersburg and Vladivostok

2019 April 24

15:46 HMM to expand cooperation with FESCO

2019 March 28

15:53 Financial and operating results of FESCO Transportation Group for 2018

2019 March 6

13:37 Commercial Port of Vladivostok to replenish equipment park

2019 February 28

18:05 President of FESCO Transportation Group visits COSCO SHIPPING

2019 February 20

09:15 FESCO new vessel starts working on a regular service among the ports of China and Far East of Russia

2019 January 29

10:25 FESCO vessel completed loading in Cape Town and went to Antarctica

2019 January 21

11:22 FESCO and ZIH launching a container train from Germany to China through the Far East

2019 January 11

14:48 FESCO launches a regular container train from Yiwu, China, to Moscow

2018 December 29

13:01 FESCO transported 157,000 tonnes to Russia’s northern territories under northern delivery programme

2018 December 25

16:11 FESCO completes delivery of production equipment to Great Wall Motors plant in Tula region

2018 December 19

09:35 FESCO BoD approved new composition of Executive Board

2018 December 6

13:33 FESCO transported 24,000 tonnes to Chukotka under northern delivery of cargoes-2018
12:50 Modernization of FESCO terminal in Novosibirsk to halve the time of container handling

2018 November 19

15:44 FESCO and DB Cargo plan to launch joint transit shipments from China to Europe via Kaliningrad

2018 November 9

14:40 FESCO performed pilot delivery of grain from Krasnoyarsk to Ningbo by intermodal container service

2018 October 24

13:47 FESCO completed the sale of 25.1% stake in TransContainer

2018 October 19

12:05 FESCO wins tender for supplying Indian Research Stations in Antarctica in 2019

2018 September 12

15:23 FESCO delivers oversized equipment to Afipsky Oil Refinery

2018 August 24

15:42 FESCO and Hyundai Glovis jointly launch regular cargo transportation from Busan to Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg

2018 June 14

15:19 FESCO fleet began supplying of goods to northern Russia

2018 May 31

17:47 FESCO PLC shareholders elected new compositions of Board of Directors

2018 May 23

15:03 FESCO transports three transformers from Novorossiysk for Moscow central heating and power plants

2018 May 21

11:20 FESCO reduces delivery time from Republic of Korea to Russia from 23 to 15 days

2018 May 4

17:34 FESCO launches new service to deliver cargoes from Japan to Moscow faster

2018 April 5

15:21 FESCO expands its fleet with a 511-TEU multi-purpose dry cargo carrier FESCO Nevelsk (photo)

2018 April 2

12:40 Commercial Port of Vladivostok throughput up 50% Y-o-Y to 2.4 mln t in 3M’18

2018 January 29

10:36 FESCO PLC elects Leyla Mammad Zada as BoD Chairman (photo)

2017 December 20

12:35 FESCO reduces delivery time from 31 to 20 days for each third container transported from Shanghai to Moscow

2017 December 8

11:22 FESCO transported 21 000 tons of cargo to northern Russia

2017 December 4

11:29 FESCO delivered first batch of equipment to the Haval car plant and launched new China-Russia train via Mongolia