2021 October 14

13:01 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” obtains permit for construction of dry bulk cargo terminal in Murmansk

2021 September 10

10:00 RUB 52 billion to be invested in Fish Port project over three-four years

2021 April 28

12:02 Mammoet Murmansk to handle heavy cargoes as new resident of Arctic Capital PDA

2021 March 25

12:49 Russian Federal Fisheries Agency set to upgrade fish terminals of Murmansk seaport

2021 March 16

16:12 Murmansk Commercial Seaport shipped over 15,000 tonnes of cargo bound for Russia’s Arctic projects

2021 February 2

14:00 Temporary Offshore Complex for LNG Transshipment put into operation in Murmansk

2021 January 18

09:50 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port in 2020 fell by 16.8% YoY

2020 December 28

13:59 Offshore freigth/passenger border check point reconstructed in the port of Murmansk

2020 November 25

15:42 NOVATEK completes first ship-to-ship LNG transshipment in the Murmansk Region

2020 November 16

11:49 Arktika icebreaker leaves for its first working voyage

2020 October 22

13:25 Rosmorport's Murmansk Branch performed pilotage of Sedov barque

2020 October 19

13:58 Project on construction of fish terminal “Udarnik” registered as second resident of Arctic Capital PDA

2020 October 12

13:19 Arktika icebreaker arrives in Murmansk

2020 September 23

10:32 IAA PortNews offers photos from farewell ceremony for Project 22220 icebreaker Arktika leaving for Murmansk

2020 September 22

14:58 Lead nuclear-powered icebreaker of Project 22220, the Arktika, heads out for Murmansk
14:17 Gazprombank to loan EUR 522 for construction of floating LNG storage units

2020 August 3

12:20 RZD to resume traffic via new rail bridge across the Kola as of October 1

2020 July 24

12:30 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” and Commercial Sea Port “Lavna” to apply for Arctic Capital PDA resident status

2020 July 10

17:38 Information on the seaport of Murmansk changed in the Register of Russian Seaports

2020 June 4

11:45 Annual throughput of Murmansk Transport Hub to be raised to 100 million tonnes

2020 May 13

12:59 RF Government approves establishment of Arctic Capital PDA

2020 May 8

13:56 Construction site of Lavna terminal is being prepared for the main phase of works

2020 April 28

14:29 Construction and assembly works started at Berth No. 2 of Murmansk seaport

2020 April 7

18:38 RF Government makes big decision to quit transshipment of NOVATEK’s LNG in Norway

2020 March 24

13:04 NOVATEK obtains plot of land for construction of LNG transshipment terminal in Murmansk Region

2020 March 11

12:18 Russia's Main Department of State Expertise approves construction of bunkering base in Murmansk seaport

2020 February 12

13:37 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 5,000 tonnes of cargo in January 2020, down 28.6% Y-o-Y

2020 February 4

15:44 Russia's Main Department of State Expertise approved construction of TERMINAL bunkering base at port of Murmansk

2019 December 24

16:07 Murmansk seaport boundaries changed

2019 November 25

10:26 Arctic Center of Ship Repair to be established in Murmansk Region at premises of three ship repair yards

2019 November 14

10:39 RF Government supports expansion of Murmansk Transport Hub capacity to 65 million tonnes by 2035

2019 November 5

17:59 Flag-hoisting ceremony held for Ob icebreaker in Murmansk

2019 August 23

15:44 First-of-a-kind floating nuclear power unit Akademik Lomonosov leaves Murmansk for Pevek

2019 July 26

10:43 Shipbuilding cluster to be created in Murmansk Region with state support

2019 July 19

13:30 RF Government includes NOVATEK’s LNG terminal project into area planning scheme

2019 June 26

11:35 Russia's Main Department of State Expertise approved project on development of bunkering base at commercial seaport of Murmansk

2019 June 7

14:25 Gazprombank and STLK announced financial closure of concession project on Lavna terminal construction

2019 May 6

16:38 Docking of the Floating Power Unit Akademik Lomonosov started in Murmansk

2019 April 29

17:13 RF Government approves project on construction of LNG transshipment facility in Murmansk Region

2019 April 18

16:26 Port of Murmansk to welcome eight cruise liners in summer season of 2019
10:44 Shareholders agreement on construction of Lavna terminal signed under Murmansk Transport Hub project

2019 March 21

13:24 Andrei Chibis appointed Acting Governor of Murmansk Region

2019 January 24

12:35 Cargo traffic via Murmansk Sea Fishing Port in 2018 remained flat Y-o-Y at 331,200 tonnes

2018 December 13

17:00 Murmansk Region will improve water safety regulations – Marina Kovtun
16:30 Murmansk Region Governor is a member of revised State Commission for Arctic Development Issues

2018 December 5

16:16 Murmansk Region Government suggests shifting oil transshipment in the Kola Bay from offshore to costal terminals

2018 November 15

19:00 Murmansk Region authorities: Kola Bay cleaning is only possible with federal support

2018 November 2

18:25 Over 100 companies of oil&gas sector take part in “Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step” conference

2018 October 31

11:20 Vice Governor of Murmansk Region marked correct operation of Kolenergo networks during floating dock incident

2018 October 26

13:33 NOVATEK to invest RUB 120 billion in production of LNG facilities in Murmansk

2018 October 19

15:00 International session “Cooperation in the Arctic” to be held as part of Murmansk International Business Week on 14 November 2018
10:54 NOVATEK to place four FLNG facilities on the Northern Sea Route

2018 October 2

19:25 Deputy Governor of Murmansk Region spoke at Offshore Marintec Russia

2018 September 27

17:57 RF Govt's decree on construction of LNG terminal in Murmansk Region expected before October 1
17:22 Murmansk Region Governor: Western coast of the Kola Bay to accommodate support bases of all companies operating in the Arctic

2018 September 26

18:05 Facility for extracting nuclear fuel from floating base “Lepse” opened in Snezhnogorsk

2018 September 12

19:40 Famous polar travellers and researchers confirm participation in Arctic Polar Routes conference

2018 August 29

18:45 Murmansk to host 11th international conference “Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step” on November 12-13

2018 August 16

15:15 Murmansk Region organizations invited to participate in the 1st International Forum of Transport Infrastructure

2018 August 15

16:00 Murmansk Region to address the problem of cleaning sea and river waters from fuel and lubricants spilt from ships