2018 August 15

16:00 Murmansk Region to address the problem of cleaning sea and river waters from fuel and lubricants spilt from ships

2018 July 28

13:40 Murmansk Region Government and Gazprom Geologorazvedka extend their cooperation agreement

2018 July 27

13:50 Georgy Stratiy leaves the office of Deputy Governor of the Murmansk Region

2018 July 18

15:00 Murmansk hosts International workshop and conference “Prevention and respond to emergency situations in the Arctic“

2018 May 18

11:18 Akademik Lomonosov FPU arrives in the Kola Bay (photo)

2018 May 11

13:00 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 117,700 tonnes of cargo in 4M’18, up 8.8% Y-o-Y (photo)

2018 April 28

11:37 Akademik Lomonosov FPU leaves Baltiysky Zavod shipyard for Murmansk (photo)

2018 April 27

15:01 Phase I of NOVATEK’s Kola Yard to be put into operation in summer-autumn 2019 – Marina Kovtun
09:52 More than one third of works under first phase of MTH project fulfilled to date – Marina Kovtun

2018 March 30

15:58 Construction of coal terminal Lavna, a project of STLK, begins at the port of Murmansk (photo)

2018 March 26

16:35 Akademik Lomonosov FPU to be towed to Murmansk in May 2018, to Pevek – by August 2019

2018 March 6

14:59 Vladimir Putin told about implementation of Lavna project (photo)

2017 December 19

16:29 Placing of storage tanker for offshore transshipment of LUKOIL oil is nearing completion in the Kola Bay

2017 December 8

09:38 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 308,800 t in 11M’17, up 8.8% (photo)

2017 December 7

12:02 Throughput of port Murmansk expected to make 51 mln t in 2017, 71 mln t in 2020
11:39 Coal transshipment facilities to be shifted from the center of Murmansk to the western coast of the Kola Bay

2017 December 5

17:50 New FSO unit for transshipment of LUKOIL oil to appear at the port of Murmansk this year
13:30 MERCURIA Group to become a majority stakeholder of Port Lavna investment project - Victor Olersky

2017 November 24

14:31 Design works under MTH project to be completed in 2018

2017 November 14

15:40 Murmansk Region Governor Marina Kovtun: Russia keeps its leadership in Arctic research (photo)

2017 November 13

17:50 Port Sabetta is Russia’s leading port in terms of throughput growth in 10M’17
15:55 Governor Marina Kovtun will head Murmansk Region Delegation at VII International Forum “Arctic: Today and the Future”

2017 October 17

13:28 Murmansk hosts 10th International Conference "Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step" on 13-14 November’17

2017 October 13

11:54 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 265,300 t in 9M’17, up 13.6% to (photo)

2017 September 25

16:20 Murmansk Region Governor: energy infrastructure for MTH project to be completed by the end of 2019

2017 September 13

17:16 Arctic shelf development to be discussed during VI Murmansk International Business Week
16:28 Icebreaker Novorossiysk leaves Murmansk to support the expedition of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (photo)

2017 September 5

13:57 Rosmorport announces tender for maintenance dredging at Murmansk port

2017 August 16

17:41 MTH development is one of the priorities among infrastructure projects in the Northwest of Russia – Vladimir Putin

2017 July 24

13:25 Rosneft bunkered four dredging ships of Jan De Nul at the port of Murmansk (photo)

2017 July 12

13:57 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port up 22.7% to 177,200 t in 6M’17 (photo)

2017 July 4

11:52 Murmansk hosts 10th International Conference "Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step" on 13-14 November’17

2017 June 30

15:12 Murmansk welcomed this season’s first cruise liner at its pier for long-distance lines (photo)

2017 June 29

10:42 First shipment of spent nuclear fuel transported from Andreeva Bay
10:20 Murmansk hosted Northern Dimension nuclear operating committee meeting

2017 June 2

13:50 STLC and MERCURIA sign agreement under project on construction of coal terminal ‘Lavna’ (photo)
11:51 NOVATEK signs MoU regarding special investment contract with Ministry of Industry and Trade and Murmansk Region

2017 May 12

14:59 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port up 12.2% to 108,200 t in Jan-Apr'17 (photo)

2017 April 27

13:29 NOVATEK and Rosneft confirm plans on implementation of projects in Murmansk Region – Marina Kovtun

2017 April 25

14:54 Tanker Lilaste of LUKOIL-BUNKER's Murmansk branch will undergo scheduled repair by July 2017

2017 April 18

16:51 Polar Rock tanker to replace Kola Bay FSO at the terminal of Commodity Service LLC in the port of Murmansk (photo)

2017 April 14

10:49 Throughput of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port up 14.5% to 78,900 t in Jan-March'17 (photo)

2017 March 28

15:39 Nornickel Group opened a newly reconstructed berth of Murmansk Transportation Branch (photo release)

2017 March 23

13:46 Murmansk Region Governor Marina Kovtun took part in “Fishery in the Arctic" conference

2017 February 15

12:43 Murmansk will host 7th International сonference “Arctic Logistics” on 5 April 2017

2017 February 14

13:03 Ice class LNG tanker Christophe de Margerie is replenished in Murmansk before leaving for Sabetta (photo)

2017 February 2

15:51 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal leaves Murmansk upon completion of repairs (photo)

2017 January 24

15:27 Murmansk Region delegation takes part in the Arctic Frontiers 2017

2017 January 19

17:07 NOVATEK project on construction of large-capacity offshore installations can become one of Kola anchor zone projects

2017 January 18

13:46 Murmansk hosts exhibition dedicated to Arctic convoy

2016 November 17

14:53 Murmansk Region Governor considers marine tourism in the Arctic to be a promising activity (photo)

2016 November 16

14:57 Replacement of offshore oil transshipment facilities with coastal ones meets Arctic environmental standards (photo)

2016 October 24

15:51 Trawler ship Pechora built for NAD fishing farms will be based in Murmansk (photo)

2016 October 17

13:29 Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker returns to Murmansk

2016 October 4

17:37 Renovated building of passenger terminal opened in Murmansk (photo)

2016 September 30

10:39 Murmansk will host 9th international conference “Arctic Shelf Development: step by step” on November 14-15

2016 September 26

15:29 Murmansk Commercial Seaport puts into operation four new portal cranes and several loaders (photo)
11:10 Modular rescue boat of new generation launched in Murmansk (graphics)

2016 September 13

13:55 This season’s last cruise liner welcomed at the port of Murmansk (photo)

2016 August 2

17:46 Visa-free entry is allowed for passengers of tourist ferries coming to Murmansk