Murmansk Region

2021 September 16

17:30 Construction of port Lavna kicked off in Murmansk Region

2020 September 28

15:29 New railway bridge over Kolar river put into operation in Murmansk Region

2020 March 19

10:13 Green financing is under consideration for construction of new port in Liinakhamary

2017 June 26

16:48 Murmansk Region and Gazprom Geologorazvedka sign agreement on social and economic development

2016 November 24

14:50 Rosneft acquired 75% of shares of Lavna terminal in the Murmansk Region
09:53 Murmansk Region Governor will head the delegation to the VI International Forum «Arctic: the Present and the Future»

2016 October 20

14:57 Murmansk Region Development Corporation to purchase a passenger ship for Arctic cruises

2016 October 5

10:44 Draft law on Russia’s Arctic zone to be submitted to State Duma in October-November 2016, says Valentina Matvienko (photo)

2016 July 29

14:41 Murmansk Region Governor suggests legislative formalization of state support measures for Arctic anchor zones (photo)

2016 April 21

14:42 Project to clean up the Kola Bay coastline off disposed vessels under way

2016 April 19

12:59 Loading of first oil batch commenced at Lukoil’s Varandei export terminal in the Kola Bay

2016 March 16

17:00 Murmansk Region Governor says fishing industry requires adequate state regulation and stimulation (photo)

2016 March 10

15:36 Japan to look into crab imports via Northern Sea Route

2016 February 2

18:03 Delegation of the Murmansk Regional Government took part in the Arctic Frontiers Conference
11:38 Murmansk Region suggests exploring the issue of NSR cargo base

2016 January 20

09:31 LUKOIL looks into creation of offshore transshipment complex in Murmansk Region

2015 November 18

10:45 International conference Polar Routes of the Arctic held onboard icebreaker Lenin (photo)

2015 October 20

12:41 Murmansk Region is for facilitation of coastal fishing and processing development, Governor Marina Kovtun says (photo)

2015 October 14

17:50 Delegation of Murmansk region to take part in events connected to the rotation of the Barents chairmanships

2015 October 9

17:18 Center for construction of superlarge marine facilities in Belokamenka to be built by mid-2018

2015 August 17

11:20 Murmansk Region gains significance in production of hydrocarbons on the Arctic shelf, Marina Kovtun says (photo)

2015 August 11

09:59 Transport group of state commission for Arctic development issues confirms national status of MTH project

2015 August 4

10:28 Rosneft to commence engineering survey and designing of support coastal base in Roslyakovo this year (photo)

2015 June 19

13:42 USC to supply components under NOVATEK’s Kola Shipyard project (photo)

2015 June 18

17:21 Center for construction of superlarge marine facilities to appear in Murmansk Region

2015 April 8

13:08 STLC to decide on financing of Lavna terminal project by year end

2015 February 20

12:13 RF Government signs Decree on establishment of Arctic support base at 82nd ship repair yard

2015 January 12

11:46 Dmitry Medvedev signs Decree on establishment of Arctic support base in Roslyakovo (Murmansk Region)

2014 November 19

10:58 Murmansk Region and Statoil Russia AS to maintain cooperation in polar regions (photo)

2014 November 18

17:48 Murmansk Region Governor calls on all Arctic regions to consolidate (photo)

2014 October 9

09:41 Marina Kovtun comes into office of Murmansk Region Governor (photo)

2014 September 16

13:41 Over 64% of electorate votes for Marina Kovtun as Murmansk Region Governor (photo)

2014 September 8

10:18 RF Transport Minister and Murmansk Governor launch implementation of MTH project