RF Navy

2020 June 1

09:42 Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Yard named after Lenin launched crane ship built for RF Navy

2020 May 22

18:02 Severnaya Verf shipyard launches 22350-series frigate Admiral Golovko
12:57 RF Navy’s strategic missile carrier Knyaz Vladimir completed tests in White Sea

2020 May 20

12:12 Kola Flotilla of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet completed training in the Barents Sea
11:21 Anti-submarine ships of RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet undergo training in the open sea

2020 May 7

12:37 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard launches superstructure for Strogy corvette

2020 March 12

13:23 Severnaya Verf launches Retivy corvette of Project 20380

2020 March 6

17:31 RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet conducted special exercise to protect objects of maritime economic activity

2020 February 27

10:35 Ships of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet continue performing planned training as part of its long-distance campaign

2020 February 20

09:53 Ships of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet left for Atlantic to perform combat training tasks

2020 February 13

17:52 Vice Admiral Kulakov, RF Navy’s large anti-submarine ship, returns to Severomorsk

2020 February 3

15:50 Ships of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet entered the North Sea
10:47 Northern Fleet divers team arrives in Sevastopol to prepare for Depth 2020 contest

2020 January 29

14:34 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard launches yet another minesweeper Project 12700

2020 January 28

10:16 Ships of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet assisted the crew of a foreign yacht in the Gulf of Aden

2020 January 17

14:30 RF Navy's Black Sea Fleet minesweeper makes planned transition from Sevastopol to Mediterranean Sea

2019 December 24

15:18 Ships of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet made port calls in eight foreign countries in 2019

2019 December 10

17:19 Northern Fleet cruiser Marshal Ustinov moves to Northern hemisphere
12:24 Research vessel Admiral Vladimirsky of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet reaches the Atlantic Ocean

2019 December 9

15:27 Lead hydrographic survey vessel of Project 23370G completed state trials

2019 November 26

09:55 First frigate of Project 22350 Admiral of the Fleet Kasatonov completed the first elements of sea trials in the White Sea

2019 November 25

18:00 Black Sea Fleet ships detachment completes exercise with Navy of Algeria in the Mediterranean
16:00 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard delivers first diesel-electric submarine of Project 636.3 to RF Navy’s

2019 November 22

15:42 Igor Belousov, rescue ship of RF Navy's Pacific Fleet, to participate in Russian-Vietnamese exercise

2019 November 21

17:23 Training ship Perekop of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet takes course from Sri Lanka to Sevastopol

2019 November 15

10:40 Gremyashii corvette of RF Navy’s Nothern Fleet to be tested in White Sea

2019 November 12

15:31 Diesel submarine of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet participates in exercised in the Sea of Japan

2019 November 7

13:58 Perekop training ship of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet completes visit to Cambodian port and heads for Indian Ocean

2019 November 6

17:26 Submarines of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet take part in exercises in the Sea of Japan

2019 October 18

10:37 RF Navy’s cruiser Marshal Ustinov completes business call to Cyprus

2019 October 17

15:50 Ships detachment of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet arrive on business call to Kingdom of Thailand

2019 October 9

11:20 RF Navy to get 176 auxiliary fleet units by 2027

2019 October 8

18:11 Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov of RF Navy's Northern Fleet makes business call at Piraes Greek port

2019 September 27

13:42 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard starts sea trials of Project 12700 minesweeper Vladimir Yemelyanov

2019 September 23

11:04 Vympel Shipyard launches fourth Grachonok-class special purpose boat for Federal National Guard Troops Service

2019 August 1

12:03 Kingisepp Machinery Plant repaired main diesel engine of RF Navy’s ocean minesweeper of Project 12660

2019 July 24

10:41 Northern Fleet small anti-submarine ship to attack mock enemy submarine during Navy Day

2019 July 12

14:31 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard lays down yet another minesweeper of Project 12700

2019 June 27

10:56 Vympel Shipyard launched hydrographic survey vessel of Project 19910, Nikolay Skosyrev, built for RF Navy

2019 May 30

17:26 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard launches minesweeper of Project 12700 named Vladimir Yemelyanov (video)

2019 April 2

17:27 Vladimir Yemelyanov minesweeper leaves Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard’s dock

2019 March 13

11:56 Nuclear submarines Knyaz Vladimir and Kazan to join the Russian Navy by the end of 2019

2019 February 28

13:01 Blagoveshchensk shipyard lays down hydrographic ship of Project 19920 for RF Navy

2019 February 26

15:22 Crews of RF Navy's Black Sea Fleet prepare for Sea Cup international contest

2019 February 15

15:30 Sea Cup 2019 preliminaries kick off in Kamchatka

2019 January 23

09:43 Vympel Shipyard lays down yet another hydrographic vessel / buoy tender of Project 19910 for RF Navy

2018 December 12

17:37 Almaz shipyard lays down icebreaker of Project 21180М, Yevpaty Kolovrat, for RF Navy

2018 December 11

17:59 ASW Severomorsk of RF Navy's Northern Fleet makes a call to the Republic of Djibouti
17:33 Diesel submarine of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet conducted training exercise in the Sea of Japan

2018 December 6

16:40 RF Navy's Northern Fleet to protection Russia’s national interests in the Arctic

2018 November 7

15:52 Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Makarov to join Russian task force in Mediterranean

2018 October 29

17:33 Training ship of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet completes visit to Limassol and heads for the Baltic Sea

2018 October 24

16:56 Major ASW ship Severomorsk completes official visit to Madagascar
09:35 RF Navy’s missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov calls the port of Limassol

2018 October 23

18:01 Sea trials of SMK-2187, modular search-and-rescue boat of Project 23370М, completed in Kamchatka

2018 October 19

10:31 RF Navy’s major amphibious ship Ivan Gren enters North Sea

2018 October 18

10:51 RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet detachment to conduct exercise East China Sea

2018 October 16

11:11 RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet detachment completed tasks in Mediterranean Sea

2018 October 1

16:57 Research ship of Project 11982 built by Shipyard Pella joins RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet

2018 September 4

13:39 Training ship of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet to cross Arctic Ocean