RF Navy

2017 November 27

11:31 Tanker Kama of RF Navy's Northern Fleet returns from long-range trip

2017 November 21

11:00 RF Navy's Pacific Fleet warship detachment leaves Thailand

2017 November 17

17:20 Sevmash floated out nuclear-powered missile submarine Knyaz Vladimir (photo)

2017 November 14

11:02 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard to lay down fourth minesweeper of Project 12700 for RF Navy before the end of 2017

2017 October 26

14:50 Pacific Fleet ship detachment finished its visit to the Philippines

2017 October 20

11:37 Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov enters the port of Alexandria

2017 October 18

11:43 RF Navy’s anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov completed its mission in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden area

2017 October 3

14:23 Northern Fleet warship detachment returns to base having performed tasks in the Arctic
13:40 Pacific Fleet formations and units are undergoing final inspections and control exercises

2017 October 2

15:27 Warships of EF Navy's Pacific Fleet sail off for long-distance trip

2017 September 25

18:00 Patrol boat of Project 03160 built for RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet by Pella Shipyard completes sea part of state trials (photo)

2017 September 22

17:47 Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Essen returned to Sevastopol
16:58 Pella Shipyard (Leningrad Region) launched the harbor tugboat of Project 04690 (graphics)

2017 September 21

12:31 RF Navy’s Northern Fleet takes part in combined-arms exercise in the Barents Sea

2017 September 13

18:01 RF Navy’s major landing ship Alexander Otrakovsky sailed off to long-distance voyage

2017 September 12

10:45 Ship formation of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet reached Laptev Sea

2017 September 11

13:44 Vaygach icebreaker assists ships of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet through ice-dangerous areas
09:40 Warships and auxiliary vessels of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet continued Arctic March

2017 September 6

09:57 RF Navy's warship Vice-Admiral Kulakov entered the port of Salalah as part of anti-piracy mission in Gulf of Aden

2017 September 4

16:54 Pella Shipyard launches patrol boat of Project 03160 for RF Navy’s Caspian Flotilla (photo)
10:48 RF Navy’s corvette Sovershenny launched trials at sea

2017 August 24

12:29 RF Navy's Pacific Fleet received the first module boat (photo)

2017 August 18

14:04 Severodvinsk nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet carried out missile firing

2017 August 16

10:55 About 20 ships of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet engaged in Command Post Exercise

2017 August 15

18:04 RF Navy will take delivery of two Varshavyanka submarines (Project 636) by the end of 2020

2017 July 28

17:14 Admiralteiskie Verfi lays down two submarines of Project 636.3, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vokhov (photo)

2017 July 27

17:28 Pella Shipyard launches tugboat RB-369 of Project 16609 built for RF Navy

2017 July 20

16:54 RF Navy's large tonnage warships are training in Kronstadt before the Main Navy Parade

2017 July 19

10:14 Shipyard Pella (Leningrad Region) will launch missile craft of Project 22800, Uragan, on July 29 (photo)

2017 July 18

17:32 Vympel Shipyard delivers third Grachonok-class boat of Project 21980 (photo)

2017 July 14

11:38 The Gulf of Finland hosted the first training session of RF Navy’s warships before the Naval Parade in St. Petersburg

2017 July 6

10:50 18 Baltic Fleet ships arrived in St. Petersburg to participate in the Main Naval Parade

2017 July 4

17:39 Ships of RF Navy's Pacific Fleet conducted anti-ship missile firing at sea
13:57 RF Navy's Sovershenny сorvette completed the state sea trials

2017 July 3

16:48 Admiral Grigorovich, the Black Sea Fleet frigate, arrived in Cyprus

2017 June 30

16:46 Severnaya Verf launches corvette Gremyashchy of Project 20385 (photo)
10:29 Big landing ships “Azov” and “Cezar Kunikov” are participating in the Blask Sea Fleet training

2017 June 28

17:40 Krylov State Research Center presents a model of multi-purpose aircraft carrier Shtorm (photo)
16:58 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard and RF Navy to sign contract for construction of two more diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 ‘Lada’
11:12 RF Navy's Corvette ‘Sovershenny’ conducted tests of the ship's hydroacoustic complexes
10:51 16 warships arrived in St. Petersburg for participation in the International Maritime Defence Show ’IMDS-2017’

2017 June 27

17:52 Vympel Shipyard launches fourth Grachonok-class boat of Project 21980
12:07 RF Navy’s missile ships practiced interaction in the Baltic Sea

2017 June 20

09:54 Anti-submarine destroyers of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet are holding a joint training in the Barents Sea

2017 June 16

15:13 On-duty rescue forces of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet conducted a drill in the sea
14:50 RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet is carrying out seasonal maintenance of navigation equipment
10:49 Baltic Fleet’s repair ship PM-82 began to support the RF Navy’s ship formation in the Mediterranean Sea

2017 June 9

10:42 ZNT Yard launches two boats of Project 23040 for RF Navy (photo)

2017 June 7

11:32 Military diplomats of foreign countries visited warships of RF Navy's Northern Fleet

2017 June 2

11:27 RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet is beginning a summer training period
10:42 Training activities of RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet supported by 15 auxiliary vessels

2017 May 31

10:18 RF Navy's Caspian Flotilla conducted more than 500 combat elements during winter training period

2017 May 30

15:48 RF Navy’s major anti-submarine ship Severomorsk crossed the English Channel
15:22 Ships and submarines of RF Navy's Black Sea Fleet covered more than 400,000 nautical miles during winter training period
13:45 Pella Shipyard launches patrol boat of Project 03160 for RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet (photo)

2017 May 25

15:02 RF Navy's Pacific Ocean Fleet detachment finished its visit to Jakarta

2017 May 23

16:13 Severomorsk major landing ship of RF Navy’s Northern fleet finished completing tasks in the Mediterranean and entered the Atlantic Ocean (photo)

2017 May 22

15:25 RF Navy's Pacific Fleet ship detachment arrived in Jakarta
15:00 Operational formation of RF Navy in Mediterranean Sea will receive Black Sea Fleet’s Smetlivy guard ship
11:24 Russia’s Pacific Fleet celebrates its 286th anniversary