2021 September 24

16:12 Three Finnish icebreakers return to service after being repaired at Turku Repair Yard

2021 September 22

17:47 Localization level of LK-60 icebreakers estimated at 92% in finance terms

2021 September 20

10:12 4th International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet“ kicked off in Saint-Petersburg

2021 September 16

15:35 Organizers of International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet“ offer the event programme

2021 September 14

11:26 Krasin icebreaker joins the fleet of Rosmorport’s Murmansk Branch

2021 September 9

15:46 Seats for in-person participation in Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet Conference are limited

2021 September 7

11:47 Aleksey Klyavin to greet participants of 4th International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet“

2021 August 27

14:22 Expedition to North Pole organized by ROSATOM for talented schoolchildren and students completed
13:27 Nordic Engineering to share its solutions for icebreaking and rescue ships at dedicated conference of IAA PortNews

2021 August 25

16:40 Damen to present its latest tug designs at IAA PortNews’ conference on NEVA2021 zero day

2021 August 23

14:27 Review of icebreaking and support fleet of RS class to be presented at IAA PortNews’ conference on NEVA2021 zero day

2021 August 20

10:36 Rosmorport signs contract with Nefteflot on construction of second 18 MW icebreaker

2021 August 9

11:20 Kuzey Star Shipyard contracted to execute building of Rosmorport’s LNG-powered icebreaker duo

2021 July 28

16:03 Rosmorrechflot supports the International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet”

2021 July 23

15:39 ROSATOM and Nornickel sign supplementary agreement on icebreaker accompaniment
09:48 Russian Maritime Register of Shipping supports the 4th International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet”

2021 July 22

09:36 IAA PortNews opens registration for 4th International Conference “Development of Icebreaking and Support Fleet”

2021 July 2

10:09 Nuclear-powered icebreakers of Rosatomflot assisted 553 ship calls in winter-spring navigation season

2021 June 8

16:10 Rosatomflot signs contract on construction of floating dock for icebreakers of Project 22220
15:54 Standby diesel generators loaded onto icebreaker Yakutia under construction at Baltiysky Zavod

2021 June 1

15:16 Rosmorport to write off its Kapitan Kharchikov icebreaker

2021 May 27

15:58 Baltiysky Zavod shipyard to reduce construction time of LK-60 ships from 6 to 4.5 years

2021 May 19

15:49 Arctia announces end of icebreaking season 2020–2021

2021 May 18

17:27 Rosmorport announces competition for construction of 18MW diesel-electric ship of Icebreaker7 class

2021 May 12

11:00 Rosmorport icebreakers escorted some 8,000 ships over ice navigation period

2021 May 11

11:16 BLRT Grupp completed maintenance of icebreaker Botnica

2021 April 29

09:59 Rosmorport announces completion of icebreaking period in the Gulf of Finland

2021 April 23

10:29 Icebreaker Vladivostok provides assistance at Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya archipelagos in difficult ice conditions
10:05 Fleet of Rosmorport’s Far Eastern Basin Branch expanded with icebreaker Moskva

2021 April 20

16:44 RF President signs law on long-term agreements for providing services involving nuclear-powered icebreakers

2021 April 17

12:33 Contract for two new car and passenger ferries for TT-Line strengthens RMC's order book significantly

2021 April 15

11:29 Atomflot estimates technical readiness of icebreaker Sibir at 88%

2021 April 9

10:29 Aker Arctic completes full scale ice trials of icebreaking bow Saimaa and tug Calypso

2021 March 29

11:50 Winter season for icebreakers to be extended to April in Finland

2021 March 19

18:00 Icebreaker assistance period ends in Vanino port
09:47 Icebreaker assistance period completed at the seaports of Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Azov and Yeisk

2021 March 15

16:28 Russia’s Arctic to need 8 nuclear-powered icebreakers by 2030

2021 February 17

17:52 Rosmorport's icebreaker Kapitan Sorokin provides pilotage services on approaches to Big Port Saint Petersburg

2021 February 4

10:45 TS Shipping wins public tender for provision of icebreaking services and navigation in the Gulf of Finland

2021 January 28

17:45 FESCO’s vessel departed to Antarctica to supply India's research stations
14:36 Diesel-electric icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin starts providing assistance in the Gulf of Finland

2021 January 20

14:26 Polaris sets off for the Bay of Bothnia as the season’s third icebreaker

2021 January 18

11:05 Big Port St. Petersburg marks 60th anniversary of icebreaker assistance

2021 January 13

11:46 Admiral Makarov icebreaker carried out unique towing operation in NSR waters

2020 December 29

13:08 Kapitan Zarubin icebreaker starts operation at Big Port St. Petersburg

2020 December 28

10:52 Rosmorport to deploy two icebreakers to assist shipping at Port of Vanino

2020 December 26

14:57 Ivan Krusenstern icebreaker deployed for operation in Big Port Saint Petersburg
11:34 Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency deploys icebreaker Kontio towards the Bay of Bothnia

2020 December 16

17:12 ROSATOM official says the Chukotka icebreaker construction at Baltiysky Shipyard will take 5.5 years

2020 December 11

12:40 Average age of Russia’s icebreaker fleet to be reduced by 12 years by 2030 – Rosmorport
11:38 Three nuclear-powered icebreakers of Leader type to be put into operation in 2027–2032 – RF Ministry of Industry and Trade

2020 December 7

13:56 Baltiysky Zavod to lay down yet another nuclear-powered icebreaker of Project 22220 on December 18

2020 December 4

12:24 Kapitan Metsayk icebreaker arrives at Azov seaport
10:37 NSR cargo traffic grew by 4.2% in 11M’2020

2020 November 18

16:14 Rosatom expects annual cargo traffic on NSR to reach 110-120 million tonnes by 2030

2020 November 16

11:49 Arktika icebreaker leaves for its first working voyage

2020 November 13

13:07 Rosmorport announced competition for construction 18 MW icebreaker of Icebreaker7 classs

2020 November 5

17:48 Rosmorport completed preparation of its 12 port icebreakers for winter season
16:55 Ship Repair Center ‘Zvezdochka’ to design shaft line for nuclear-powered icebreaker project of Project 10510, Leader
10:08 Diesel-electric icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin delivered to Rosmorport