2017 February 17

17:56 Atomflot says construction of Leader icebreaker should be started in 2021
11:41 Atomflot is working on extending the service life of icebreakers that are in operation today

2017 February 2

15:51 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal leaves Murmansk upon completion of repairs (photo)

2017 January 24

14:10 Icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn and two bulk carriers forced to stay for winter anchorage at Chukotka (photo)

2017 January 16

14:46 Rosmorport issues information on current ice situation and icebreaker assistance at freezing ports of Russia
13:57 Icebreaker Krasin arrives at Vanino seaport (photo)
11:26 Finland’s first LNG-fueled icebreaker Polaris bunkered in Pori

2017 January 10

16:02 Russian ships performed a unique transit voyage along the Northern Sea Route (map)

2016 December 27

17:44 Zvezdochka delivered propeller components for Arctic vessels (photo)

2016 December 26

14:16 FSUE Rosmorport takes delivery of Novorossiysk, icebreaker built by Vyborg Shipyard (photo)

2016 December 23

11:38 Aker Arctic designed the new Chinese polar research vessel

2016 December 21

13:16 Unified scheme approved for involving Russian and Finnish icebreakers under agreement on interaction in icebreaker assistance in the Baltic Sea (photo)

2016 December 20

12:30 FSUE Atomflot commences utilization of nuclear-powered icebreakers

2016 December 19

16:28 Icebreaker Kontio to the Bothnian Bay as the season’s second icebreaker
15:27 Arctia’s icebreaker Otso heads to work

2016 December 15

12:19 Commissioning of diesel-electric icebreaker Novorossiysk scheduled for 26 December 2016

2016 December 8

12:40 Finnish Transport Agency deploys this season’s first icebreaker in the Bay of Bothnia

2016 December 7

10:57 Nuclear-powered ships have undeniable advantages in the Arctic – Stanislav Chui (photo)

2016 December 6

15:21 Icebreaker Novorossiysk leaves for sea trials in the Gulf of Finland (photo)
11:50 Leader class icebreaker is supposed to be built in Saint-Petersburg – USC
10:45 USC says delivery of icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin scheduled for QIV’18

2016 December 1

15:18 Two Aker Arctic projects reach significant milestones

2016 November 30

15:21 Four icebreakers will provide assistance in Azov Sea this winter navigation season (photo)
11:47 Vyborg Shipyard holds flag hoisting ceremony at diesel-electric icebreaker Novorossiysk (Project 21900М)

2016 November 24

15:18 Vyborg Shipyard launches lead icebreaking support ship of Aker Arc130A for Gazprom Neft (photo)

2016 November 15

18:02 Four icebreakers fall under economic jurisdiction of FSUE Rosmorport

2016 November 14

13:19 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir towed to ship repair yard Nerpa for scrapping (photo)

2016 November 9

10:50 Facilities for icebreakers’ lay-up to appear at Big Port St. Petersburg

2016 November 1

13:50 Finland’s newest icebreaker Polaris is ready to enter service

2016 October 17

13:29 Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker returns to Murmansk

2016 October 4

15:53 Krylov State Research Center employs unique solutions for new icebreakers design

2016 October 3

10:30 FESCO icebreaker «Kapitan Khlebnikov» accomplished tourist voyage to the Arctic

2016 September 29

09:11 Icebreaker Otso back from Greenland

2016 September 28

16:30 The world´s first LNG-powered icebreaker Polaris delivered

2016 September 21

09:45 RITM-200 reactor plant installed on board nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika (photo)

2016 September 19

17:01 Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker to carry out unique research in the Kara Sea

2016 September 14

09:40 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade announces tender for designing of 120 MW nuclear-powered icebreaker for NSR

2016 September 13

10:21 West Flanders delegation visits Rosmorport’s North-Western Basin Branch

2016 September 6

16:09 Kapitan Dranitsyn icebreaker has undergone scheduled repair

2016 September 2

18:33 First steam-generation unit placed on board nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika (photo)

2016 August 29

10:37 Arctia Karhu’s harbor icebreaker Ahto participates in Nuotta 2016 -oil spill prevention and response exercise

2016 August 11

17:28 Vyborg Shipyard starts dock-side trials of icebreaker "Novorossiysk" (photo)

2016 August 3

14:38 Report of Investigation on the grounding of MSV Fennica released

2016 August 2

12:51 Krylov State Research Center has developed a concept design of a 60MW icebreaker able to make a 62-meter wide canal
12:30 Krylov State Research Center has developed a concept design of a 40MW shallow-draft icebreaker

2016 July 25

13:57 Designing of 110 MW Leader-class icebreaker will take 1.5 years, says USC President Alexei Rakhmanov
11:57 Second serial icebreaker of project 22220, the Ural, laid down at Baltiysky Zavod (photo)

2016 July 21

17:41 Azipod units installed onto the 25MW icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin built at Baltiysky Zavod shipyard

2016 July 20

13:46 Baltiysky Zavod will lay down 60 MW icebreaker Ural on July 25, 2016

2016 July 12

16:34 Nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy leaves for this year’s third voyage to the North Pole

2016 July 11

13:48 FESCO to start summer navigation in the eastern sector of the Arctic Region

2016 June 28

18:03 Hull of the Siberia, first serial icebreaker of project 22220, shifted to a new position at Baltiysky Zavod shipyard

2016 June 21

10:56 Icebreaker Polaris continues Sea Trials – first time driving with LNG

2016 June 17

15:55 Nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy opens the season of cruises to the North Pole (photo)
11:46 Baltiysky Zavod to deliver 25MW icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin (Project 22600) in late 2017 – early 2018

2016 June 16

16:33 IAA PortNews has published a photo release on launching of nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika
15:21 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika to assist shipping of Yamal LNG in 2018
14:32 Atomflot says construction of icebreakers of Project 22220 will be completed by 2020
12:50 Baltiysky Zavod launches Arktika, lead nuclear-powered icebreaker of Project 22220 (photo)

2016 June 10

15:15 Admiralteiskie Verfi launched the icebreaker ILYA MUROMETS