Ministry of Transport

2022 December 13

18:27 Russian Transport Ministry to assign additional RUB 1 billion for modernization of seaport of Korsakov - Yuri Trutnev

2021 January 13

10:40 Yury Tsvetkov steps down from his position as Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

2020 November 11

09:46 Vitaly Savelyev appointed Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

2019 December 21

17:33 RF Ministry of Transport set to put priority on resolving issues related to LNG bunkering in Russian ports
17:01 Russia addressed IMO to prevent ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic

2019 December 19

17:57 Sovcomflot employees receive Russian Ministry of Transport awards

2018 September 26

17:55 Yury Kostin to head RF Transport Ministry’s Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport

2018 August 22

13:38 Transport Ministry tasked to look into possibility of LNG shipments by foreign flagged coastal vessels

2018 August 3

17:36 Yury Tsvetkov appointed as Deputy Transport Minister of Russia – Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2018 July 25

09:42 Draft law on NSR administration approved in the first reading by Russia’s State Duma

2018 July 2

10:41 Nadezhda Zhikhareva appointed as Acting Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2017 November 28

12:50 Russia thinks IMO should intensify its efforts on decreasing administrative burden on shipping business (photo)
09:41 Kitack Lim emphasized leading role of Russia and RF Transport Ministry in ensuring safe shipping in NSR waters (photo)

2017 November 15

18:00 RF Transport Ministry supports “Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Water Transport” Congress

2017 October 25

13:33 RF Transport Ministry considers possible privileges on port dues for LNG powered ships

2017 September 18

10:21 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim is on a formal visit in Russia

2017 August 24

09:59 Victor Olersky congratulates UCL Holding on the 10th anniversary!

2017 August 9

13:28 Alexander Rybak named as interim Transport Minister of Crimea

2017 August 1

12:52 ‎Transport Minister calls for further expansion of Bronka port's rail infrastructure‎ capacity

2017 June 30

14:44 Throughput of Russian ports in 2017 will near 800 mln t – RF Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov

2017 June 29

17:50 RF Transport Minister announces establishment of Russian Transport University

2017 May 5

13:19 Russia acknowledges IMO as the only international regulator of shipping – Victor Olersky (photo)

2017 March 14

10:39 RF Transport Ministry estimates future demand for transshipment facilities at Russian seaports at 64 mln t per year

2017 February 17

14:50 Alan Lushnikov appointed as Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation (photo)

2017 January 18

10:14 Victor Olersky congratulates Novoship on its 50th anniversary

2017 January 16

16:29 RF Transport Ministry will develop draft law for reorganization of FSUE Rosmorport into PJSC

2016 December 16

16:22 MSCC Bronka is developing successfully, says RF Transport Ministry
09:38 Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development changes its position on privatization of berths at IWW

2016 December 2

14:35 Mordraga LLC presents its innovative vessels for Russia’s maritime infrastructure and offshore projects to RF Transport Minister (photo)
09:42 Crewless ships will come into use for inland navigation within a five-year period – RF Transport Ministry

2016 November 30

17:04 RF Transport Ministry says FAS’ Rules of equal-opportunity access to port services require elaboration

2016 September 16

10:50 Transport Ministry suggests amending legislation on cargo transshipment beyond territorial sea of Russia

2016 August 24

12:29 Russian Gov't eases licensing rules for sea, inland shipping

2016 August 11

16:30 Interdepartmental commission focuses on implementation in Russian MLC 2006

2016 June 8

11:20 Vitaly Klyuev appointed as Director of the Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport, RF Ministry of Transport (photo)

2016 May 10

17:06 RS authorized by Transport Ministry to survey organizations to conduct SOLAS container weight verification

2016 April 20

16:53 Russia and Finland sign Protocol to Agreement on Lease of Saimaa Canal (photo)
13:48 RF Transport Minister visits Bronka booth at TransRussia exhibition (photo)

2016 April 12

13:23 RF Transport Ministry says deadweight of cargo fleet controlled by Russia reached 20.6 mln t in 2015

2016 April 5

13:41 RF Transport Ministry published draft revision of Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System” in 2010 - 2020

2016 February 12

09:09 RF Transport Ministry publishes requirements for permanently available OSR manpower and resources

2016 February 11

18:00 Development of border checkpoints’ infrastructure will be supervised by Deputy Transport Minister of Russia Aleksei Tsydenov

2016 February 10

09:37 Victor Olersky takes up a post of Deputy Minister of Transport – Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2016 February 3

13:57 RF Transport Ministry publishes draft rules for navigation and mooring of vessels at Russian seaports and approaches to them
09:59 Vladimir Putin approves handing over of State Border Agency’s functions to RF Ministry of Transport

2016 January 25

16:59 Economic Development Ministry gives thumbs down to draft S2S transshipment regulation

2015 December 25

15:41 Russian Govt decides to merge deputy transport minister and Rosmorport director functions

2015 December 4

12:18 Questionable initiative of Russia’s state standards agency delated to high officials (photo)

2015 September 29

16:37 Konstantin Palnikov to leave the post of Transport Ministry Department Head on October 1, 2015

2015 September 4

11:16 RF Transport Ministry starts working out a bill to regulate cargo handling outside seaports’ water areas

2015 August 21

13:07 Draft decision on allowable bunker stores volumes submitted to EEC

2015 August 10

14:22 RF Government approves appointment of Deputy Transport Minister as Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2015 July 24

15:02 IAA PortNews receives Letter of Appreciation from RF Ministry of Transport (document)

2015 June 18

18:49 Valentina Matvienko and Victor Olersky look into Bronka port construction (photo)
14:25 Aleksandr Davydenko appointed RF Transport Minister’s counselor

2015 May 26

15:18 RF Ministry of Justice registers list of facilities within responsibility of Transport Ministry’s in-house security service

2015 May 13

10:52 Oleg Belozerov appointed First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

2015 May 6

13:55 Draft compulsory regulations for port Sabetta brought up for public discussion

2015 April 30

14:47 Draft Rules for shipping between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory brought up for public discussion

2015 April 16

14:11 Absence of safety management certificates will warrant detention of vessels, Transport Ministry says

2015 April 10

17:55 Draft standard terms of lease for river port facilities brought up for public debates

2015 April 9

15:23 RF Ministry of Justice to approve Transport Ministry’s Order on introduction of amendments into certification of ship crew members (document)
13:31 Quality management systems to become obligatory for Training Simulator Centers in Russia (photo)

2015 March 30

12:26 Andrei Bezsalov, ex-Director of Ust-Luga Container Terminal, appointed Transport Minister of Crimea

2015 March 11

11:16 Transport Ministry of Crimea set to deploy more vessels on the Kerch ferry line

2015 March 6

15:19 Transport officials agreed on access roads to the future Kerch crossing

2015 March 4

18:43 RF Ministry of Transport calls on prolongation of Government Decree No 383 on subsidizing of shipbuilding

2015 January 12

08:48 SUE RC Crimean Sea Ports to become sole operator of Kerch ferry service

2014 December 19

08:15 RF Transport Ministry publishes Programme for public discussion of Ministry’s plan of activities in 2013-2018 (2015)

2014 December 16

08:41 Federal financing of Russia’s inland water ways to be raised to RUB 20 bln by 2018, Transport Minister says