2021 January 13

09:54 Aleksandr Krutikov steps down from his position of First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic

2020 December 21

14:32 Tenders for the Arctic rescue and salvage vessels contracts to be announced in H1, 2021

2020 December 1

16:24 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” obtaines status of Arctic Capital PDA resident

2020 November 26

17:24 Rosneft conducts stratigraphic drilling on Arctic shelf

2020 November 20

17:49 Senior Arctic Officials’ plenary meeting held in a virtual format

2020 November 2

11:13 Russia’s ad hoc bodies to submit strategy for development of transport infrastructure in Arctic Zone of RF to Gov't by 31 May 2021

2020 October 29

13:30 Rosatom looks into using barges for LNG delivery to Arctic regions

2020 October 27

09:40 Strategy for Developing the Russian Arctic Zone and Ensuring National Security until 2035 approved

2020 October 22

11:56 Private investments in infrastructure of Arkhangelsk port totaled RUB 25 billion in 7 years

2020 October 14

11:43 ROSGEO completed unique geophysical surveys to identify external boundaries of Russian continental shelf

2020 September 25

10:29 New state programme on Arctic development in 2021-2024 drafted by Russia’s ad hoc Ministry

2020 September 18

16:30 Gazprom Nedra and Marine Rescue Service test SeaDrone MG in Arctic conditions

2020 August 28

12:04 Potential residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation can apply from today

2020 August 26

12:29 RF President orders to set up a commission on national interests in the Arctic

2020 August 24

12:25 The Snowflake International Arctic Station provides a stepping-stone towards advancing carbon-free technologies in the Arctic

2020 July 24

12:30 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” and Commercial Sea Port “Lavna” to apply for Arctic Capital PDA resident status

2020 July 20

15:26 Managing Company “Arctic Capital” established in Murmansk Region

2020 July 16

13:40 Russia developed proposals regarding ban on HFO use in Arctic shipping

2020 July 14

16:46 Vladimir Putin signs the package of federal laws on the system of privileges in the Arctic

2020 July 8

13:45 RF State Duma adopts a package of laws on privileges in the Arctic

2020 June 26

17:29 Nuclear-powered icebreaking container ship Sevmorput to make four voyages between Saint-Petersburg and Far East in 2021

2020 May 21

12:36 Revised Arctic Development Strategy submitted to RF Government

2020 May 13

15:15 Arctic Capital PDA may include Liinakhamary port and Udarnik terminal
13:54 State Commission on Arctic Development supports expanding NSR to Barents Sea and Kamchatka
12:59 RF Government approves establishment of Arctic Capital PDA

2020 April 23

15:30 Atomflot and Zvezda signed contract on construction of 120MW icebreaker of Leader class

2020 April 15

10:20 First Arctic Shipping Status Report from PAME Working Group highlights increase in Arctic shipping traffic

2020 April 13

13:46 Far East and Arctic Development Ministry to select investment projects eligible for infrastructure development subsidy

2020 March 19

14:38 Russian President signs Law on tax privileges for Arctic investors
10:13 Green financing is under consideration for construction of new port in Liinakhamary

2020 March 6

09:51 Russian President approved “Basic Principles of Russian Federation State Policy in the Arctic to 2035.”

2020 January 31

09:45 RF Government approves package of bills on privileges for Arctic investment projects

2020 January 24

17:40 Engineering troops to develop a plant for desalination of water in the Arctic

2020 January 23

16:48 Draft Strategy for Development of Russia’s Arctic Zone to be ready by 20 March 2020

2019 December 25

18:12 ASPOL-SPB to hold conference “Draft national cadaster of the coastal area in the Russian Arctic” in 2020

2019 December 21

17:01 Russia addressed IMO to prevent ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic

2019 December 14

08:55 Draft strategy for development of Russia’s Arctic through 2035 to be presented to Vladimir Putin by year end

2019 December 5

11:50 Forum «Arctic: Today and the Future» kicked off in Saint-Petersburg

2019 November 18

17:21 Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Murmansk to host PORA discussion “Development of Water Transport Infrastructure in the Arctic” on Nov'26

2019 November 14

18:00 Boosting handling of cargo bound for Arctic considered as strategic development vector of Murmansk Commercial Seaport

2019 November 12

15:59 New Joint Guidelines from ICS and OCIMF to improve safety in polar waters
10:47 Montreal, Canada to host 16th Arctic Shipping Summit on 11-12 March 2020

2019 November 7

18:13 Blue Bioeconomy in Arctic Region is among priorities under Iceland´s Arctic Council chairmanship

2019 October 10

09:56 Rosmorrechflot's Marine Rescue Service to build 16 ice class ships and purchase helicopters for Arctic operations

2019 October 9

16:51 First joint meeting between Arctic Council and Arctic Economic Council held in Reykjavik

2019 October 7

11:45 Naming of Sovcomflot’s new Arctic shuttle tanker held in Vladivostok

2019 September 26

15:48 Oboronlogistics completed "Northern delivery" in Arctic

2019 September 20

16:50 Helsinki Shipyard (Finland) to build two liners for polar cruises

2019 September 18

17:30 Vympel DB develops concept design for Arctic cruise ship

2019 August 23

10:26 Hamburg, Germany to host 15th Arctic Shipping Summit on 4-5 December 2019

2019 August 22

13:35 Arctic block of Far East Investment and Export Agency headed by Dmitry Fishkin

2019 August 5

14:16 Vympel Design Bureau to tell about ice-resistant platform Severny Polyus at PortNews’ conference as part of NEVA-2019

2019 July 31

16:06 RF Government determines estimated cost of building LNG terminal, Utrenny, on Yamal

2019 July 26

10:43 Shipbuilding cluster to be created in Murmansk Region with state support

2019 July 24

14:32 Council of Federation approves procedure for tourist ships' entering Russia’s Far East and Arctic zones

2019 July 18

15:52 State Duma makes it easier for foreign tourists to visit Russia’s Arctic
11:31 RF Deputy PM Maksim Akimov set a task to begin dredging in the Gulf of Ob not later than on 1 August 2019

2019 June 7

10:43 NOVATEK and Gazprom Neft sign agreement of joint Arctic development

2019 April 29

14:00 NOVATEK and CNODC sign entrance agreement to Arctic LNG 2

2019 April 17

11:38 Gazprom Neft completed development of logistic scheme for shipments of Arctic oil under Novy Port project (video)