Baltic Sea

2021 October 21

17:31 HELCOM adopts the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan, charting a way forward for a healthy Baltic Sea

2021 June 22

18:13 Finnish authorities actively using EMSA’s remotely piloted aircraft to support vital coast guard tasks over the Baltic Sea

2021 May 27

17:36 Łeba to become location for operations and maintenance base for Polish Baltic Sea offshore wind projects

2021 April 9

10:58 Stena Livia joins the Baltic Sea fleet

2020 November 9

10:05 Rosmorport estimates the need for ferries on a line with Kaliningrad at up to five units

2020 October 28

10:15 “All Ferries of Russia. Baltic Sea” webinar scheduled for 6 November 2020

2020 September 7

12:43 Oil cargo shipments from Russia’s Baltic Basin ports fell to 72.5 million tonnes in 1H’20

2020 May 13

10:57 GAZ-SYSTEM selected pipelay contractor for Baltic Pipe offshore

2020 April 13

10:12 In pursuit of green tourism in Baltic Sea Region

2020 March 6

16:26 Baltic Sea Action Plan: New actions proposed during HELCOM stakeholder event

2020 February 11

11:33 Report on microplastics in the Baltic Sea provides a common baseline for policy-makers and researchers

2019 November 21

15:17 Baltic Sea Ports Administration reports readiness of 6 line and 7 port icebreakers for winter navigation season

2019 September 24

16:20 BLRT Grupp completed modernization of the largest floating dock in the Baltic Sea region

2019 August 22

11:21 HELCOM publishes report on noise sensitivity of animals in the Baltic Sea

2019 April 4

12:53 HELCOM published report on alternative fuels for shipping in Baltic Sea region

2019 February 18

11:30 Coastal fish assessments to continue in Baltic Sea with renewed HELCOM project

2018 December 7

16:26 BSAP updates move forward at HELCOM key meeting

2018 November 30

12:38 UN agrees to nine marine ecologically significant areas in the Baltic Sea

2018 November 27

14:10 HELCOM published report assessing coastal fish in the Baltic Sea

2018 November 14

14:56 World's most eco-friendly bulk carriers Viikki & Haaga operate in Baltic Sea

2018 October 25

15:50 HELCOM publishes reports on hazardous substances and input of nutrients to the Baltic Sea through the region biggest rivers

2018 October 3

09:19 2nd Baltic Ports and Shipping conference gathered world-level experts and professionals of industry in Riga

2018 October 2

16:35 Fire caused by explosion in engine room of Regina Seaways ferry in Russian waters of Baltic Sea is extinguished

2018 September 28

12:55 HELCOM Maritime Working Group meets in Hamburg to approve current work and future agenda on maritime matters

2018 September 7

14:52 Kimmo Naski elected as the new Chairman of the Baltic Ports Organization
13:50 Financing and port investments on the agenda at the Baltic Ports Conference 2018

2018 July 11

11:29 Tallink installs innovative wireless trackers on vessels to provide passengers with best network coverage on the Baltic Sea

2018 June 19

12:28 HELCOM Heads of Delegation approve Baltic Sea Action Plan update process and welcome new HELCOM Chair

2018 June 7

11:52 EUSBSR annual forum in Tallinn addressed Baltic Sea environmental challenges

2018 May 30

13:26 Rescue forces of Russia, Poland and Lithuania took part in SAR-2018 international exercise

2018 May 22

11:26 Baltic icebreaking season 2017-2018 ends

2018 May 16

14:48 Finland considers it necessary to extend agreement with Russia on cooperation in icebreaker assistance

2018 April 28

13:33 Arctia’s icebreakers assisted navigation in the Baltic Sea for a total of 447 icebreaking days in 2017

2018 April 13

12:51 HELCOM shares insight on cross-sectoral cooperation to reach the SDGs in the Baltic Sea

2018 January 31

12:15 Megastar carries over 2 million passengers in its first year

2017 December 12

10:08 Russia and Finland to cooperate in icebreaker assistance during 2017-2018 winter navigation season (photo)

2017 October 17

16:49 Viking Line donates EUR 40,000 for protection of the Baltic Sea

2017 October 12

16:07 Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd joins the One Sea autonomous maritime ecosystem
15:29 XIX "Baltic Sea Day" International Environmental Forum will be organized in St. Petersburg on 22–23 March, 2018

2017 July 14

17:53 First version of the HELCOM ‘State of the Baltic Sea’ report is now available

2017 June 26

12:56 Upcoming State of the Baltic Sea report to be in focus in the 2018 HELCOM Ministerial Meeting

2017 June 16

18:11 Blue Baltics project evaluated in Europe

2017 May 30

18:11 Arctia announces the end of the Baltic icebreaking season 2016-2017

2017 May 2

16:18 Seminar dedicated to development of PRFs for sewage in Baltic ports held in Denmark
10:53 WMU joins Baltic Sea Region LNG Competence Centre at Go LNG Conference

2017 April 3

15:20 Arctia’s turnover in 2016 amounted to EUR 60.7 million

2017 March 27

14:11 BPO Seminar on Development of Port Reception Facilities for Sewage in Baltic ports to be held on April 25’17
10:30 UN targets and regional cooperation discussed in the Baltic Sea Day in Russia

2016 December 21

13:16 Unified scheme approved for involving Russian and Finnish icebreakers under agreement on interaction in icebreaker assistance in the Baltic Sea (photo)

2016 November 16

16:39 Regular meeting of Baltic Sea ports representatives held in Helsinki

2016 November 9

12:54 HELCOM State and Conservation Working Group convenes in Tallinn

2016 November 1

14:39 Expert forecasts the number of LNG powered vessels in the Baltic region to triple totaling 250 by 2019

2016 October 27

11:00 Clean-up of toxic waste site Krasnyi Bor discussed by HELCOM

2016 October 26

10:17 Riga Port VTS Centre takes part in the development of a uniform system for obtaining information from ships in the Baltic Sea region

2016 October 25

09:35 Russian LNG projects are implemented under unfavorable market conditions – expert

2016 October 19

16:49 New HELCOM assessment on networks of marine protected areas

2016 October 6

16:33 Pollution response on Baltic shores gets refined
16:07 Rapid fall in SOx emissions observed at the HELCOM meeting in Tallinn

2016 September 22

10:44 Unified ship reporting system do be developed in the Baltic Sea

2016 September 19

15:55 Cruise passengers rated Tallinn to be the second most attractive cruise destination in the Baltic Sea region