2021 March 3

11:33 IMO publishes guidelines to port State control for on board fuel oil sampling

2021 February 15

16:05 EU shipowners call for fund coupled with targets for fuel suppliers to decarbonise shipping

2021 February 9

15:14 IMO needs to reconsider draft sewage regulation - BIMCO

2020 December 29

11:51 IMO Secretary-General denounces “no crew change” clauses in charterparties

2020 December 17

16:14 LR awards AiP to HMD for 30,000 CBM LNG carrier with IMO type B tank

2020 December 7

12:31 Crew changes and abandonment top busy IMO Legal Committee agenda

2020 December 2

16:35 ECSA applauds UN resolution on seafarers as key workers and supports IMO call for priority vaccination

2020 November 30

16:25 Fair treatment of seafarers and the COVID-19 pandemic on IMO Legal Committee's agenda

2020 November 25

18:53 US to impose tough Port State Control measures on Cyber risk management

2020 November 17

16:05 IMO adopts new requirements focusing on the safety while mooring

2020 November 16

11:02 Shipping industry urges Governments to take forward USD 5 billion proposal to accelerate the decarbonisation of maritime transport

2020 November 3

15:35 Royal Arctic Line saves fuel with intelligent IoT technology

2020 October 23

17:47 ICS welcomes legally binding agreement to significantly improve carbon efficiency of shipping

2020 October 15

11:24 IAPH and GreenVoyage2050 Project sign partnership to strengthen cooperation between ships and ports on reduction of GHG emissions

2020 October 9

11:55 IMO-Singapore "Future of Shipping-Digitalisation" webinar focused on digital transformation and decarbonisation of shipping in post-pandemic world

2020 September 29

10:46 New impetus for digitalization of shipping in the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 September 28

15:13 BIMCO to push for international guidelines for ship/shore communication at IMO

2020 September 24

13:21 IMO celebrates World Maritime Day 2020

2020 September 23

09:29 Maritime Safety Committee adopts resolution on Recommended action to facilitate ship crew change

2020 September 22

16:35 "NextGEN" shipping decarbonization concept mooted for green and efficient navigation

2020 September 17

17:30 ITF and IMEC contribute US$500,000 to the Singapore Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience

2020 September 15

10:24 The Joint Statement calls on all Governments to resolve humanitarian crisis at sea

2020 September 10

16:05 ​Hapag-Lloyd joins the Global Industry Alliance for Marine Biosafety

2020 September 9

10:36 Allow crew changes to resolve humanitarian crisis, insists IMO Secretary-General

2020 September 4

10:25 IMO, ILO and FAO launch new fishing vessel safety publication

2020 August 19

14:25 IMO helping to mitigate the impacts of MV Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius

2020 August 17

10:43 IMO assists efforts to prevent an oil spill from FSO Safer

2020 August 11

17:43 Global Industry Alliance developes Just In Time Arrival Guide
13:39 IMO assists in MV Wakashio oil spill response

2020 August 10

17:06 IMO sets remote meeting plan for September-December 2020
13:22 IMO report on GHG finds a decoupling between trade and emissions in shipping

2020 August 7

09:59 Ecochlor receives IMO BWMS Code Type Approval

2020 August 6

10:15 Fourth IMO Greenhouse Gas Study: Shipping emissions are projected to increase by up to 50% until 2050, relative to 2018

2020 August 5

09:07 EMSA, ECDC release guidance on resuming safe cruise operations in EU

2020 July 31

16:44 Ship recycling in Bangladesh leaps forward with third phase of key project signed

2020 July 29

10:29 Digitalization, big data, and new technologies are key in enabling the post-COVID recovery - IMO

2020 July 24

16:42 Steps towards increased maritime security and economic growth in Kenya

2020 July 20

18:09 IMO to reset meetings calendar

2020 July 16

09:46 Peru and Ecuador get set to tackle invasive aquatic species

2020 July 15

13:23 More States need to act on crew changes, says IMO Secretary-General

2020 July 14

11:13 Further progress towards greener and safer ship recycling in Bangladesh reported at SENSREC meeting

2020 July 10

13:22 Governments of 12 countries pledge action for seafarers at crucial crew change summit
11:04 GIWACAF launches webinar series on oil spill preparedness and response

2020 July 7

12:01 IMO endorses guidance on ensuring seafarers’ access to medical care onshore

2020 June 29

17:06 Djibouti organises first crew-change in over a year for seafarers stranded due to Covid-19

2020 June 26

17:04 Panama Maritime Authority established an IMO DCS Compliance Fee

2020 June 25

14:33 UN Day of the Seafarer highlights sacrifice of key workers at sea during pandemic

2020 June 19

13:32 Port State control regimes cooperate with IMO on crew changes and certificate renewals

2020 June 15

12:01 European Maritime Social Partners call for Ministers of Health to assist in ensuring crew changes can take place in EU ports

2020 June 14

11:04 Act on seafarer crew changes to avert humanitarian crisis

2020 June 10

18:04 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim welcomes the latest initiatives to address the serious issue of piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea

2020 June 8

17:46 UN entities and private sector join forces to tackle invasive species and reduce emissions
16:39 IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim celebrates the oceans on World Oceans Day

2020 May 27

16:04 UN agencies call for urgent action on crew changes and keyworker designation for sea and air workers

2020 May 20

12:44 Major IMO-industry alliance broadens scope of action to cut ship emissions

2020 May 14

10:02 Autonomous Ship Framework obtains AiP from ClassNK

2020 May 13

18:05 ECSA and ETF request Commissioner Valean for EU coordination on implementing IMO Framework for ensuring safe ship crew changes

2020 May 12

15:54 IMO issues COVID-19 guidance for personal protective equipment and for interactions between ship and shore-based personnel

2020 May 7

16:35 IMO endorses new protocols designed to lift barriers to crew changes

2020 May 6

13:00 Crew changeovers needed urgently to support safe flow of commerce by sea - IMO