2018 November 30

12:03 Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres become integral players in cutting maritime emissions
11:40 GIA Task Force meeting held at IMO Headquarters

2018 November 28

16:56 WOMESA side event on integration of women in maritime sector held in Kenya
13:21 IMO event fuels discussions on the sustainable Blue Economy

2018 November 27

10:22 IMO joins world leaders and maritime experts at Sustainable Blue Economy Conference
09:42 IMO holds workshop to provide greater understanding of Anti-Fouling Systems Convention

2018 November 26

16:13 IMO launches global project to protect marine biodiversity

2018 November 23

13:59 IMO supports a training course to empower port women
11:48 IMO promotes electronic data exchange in West Africa
11:27 IMO held training in Turkey for dealing with hazardous substances

2018 November 19

18:37 IMO holds workshop boosting maritime security in Gulf of Guinea

2018 November 13

16:20 Training on oil spill preparedness and response held for countries in eastern Africa
08:07 ERMA FIRST obtains USCG type approval for ballast water treatment system using FILTREX filters

2018 November 12

11:34 IMO supports equal opportunities for women in fisheries
11:12 Trinidad and Tobago benefits from IMO port security training

2018 November 9

11:36 IMO won’t call for pragmatic enforcement during initial phase of 2020
10:51 IBIA welcomes IMO’s 2020 preparatory advice for ships

2018 November 8

17:58 Issue of space debris and marine environment addressed at dedicated meeting

2018 November 7

11:44 Rolls-Royce to deliver design and ship equipment for Belgium’s new research vessel
10:59 IMO teams up with Pew Charitable Trust to raise awareness of Cape Town Agreement and benefits of ratifying it

2018 November 6

10:30 Regional training course for auditors under IMO's IMSAS took place in Busan

2018 November 2

13:52 Promoting technologies to cut shipping’s GHG emissions
12:29 IMO: Training for Libyan port security officers

2018 October 31

17:56 Libyan port and maritime security officers are receiving training on IMO’s ISPS Code
17:04 Peru accedes to IMO treaty covering dumping of wastes at sea
16:19 IMO led workshop for Latin America countries to ensure that maritime sector is fully integrated into UNDAF

2018 October 26

18:38 IMO helps assess further sulphur reductions in the Mediterranean

2018 October 25

16:13 IBIA at MEPC 73: IMO’s high sulphur fuel carriage ban remains on track March 2020
15:25 IMO holds workshop for Turkish government and industry officials

2018 October 23

09:24 IMO approves a programme of actions to deliver the initial strategy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

2018 October 19

14:37 UN agencies delivering on maritime security
09:38 Tackling maritime emissions - IMO rolls out ship and port toolkits

2018 October 18

15:33 Port of Rotterdam Authority and research institute TNO present results of the study at IMO meeting

2018 October 17

11:53 Identifying barriers to cutting emissions through just-in-time operations

2018 October 16

09:43 IMO ​pushing forward with tackling greenhouse gas emissions

2018 October 15

13:28 Cooperation for sustainable shipping in the Mediterranean

2018 October 8

16:49 IMO treaties need national legislation

2018 October 2

09:21 9th regional conference of WOMESA held on 26-28 September 2018

2018 September 28

15:31 IMO participates in BWMTech North America conference

2018 September 27

12:03 IMO celebrates World Maritime Day 2018

2018 September 26

10:08 IMO will not delay sulphur 2020 limit

2018 September 25

09:15 Audit summary report to be considered by Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments

2018 September 24

16:03 IMO sadness over Nyerere casualty

2018 September 20

11:49 IMO to start consideration of legal framework for low-flashpoint diesel
10:55 IMO takes important step to facilitate use of methanol

2018 September 18

17:27 Annual Advanced Course on Port Operations and Management held in France on 10-12 September

2018 September 17

14:23 Training for reducing emissions in ports held in Georgia

2018 September 14

14:05 Saving lives through enhanced fishing vessel safety on agenda of Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg

2018 September 13

10:52 Open house at IMO for London visitors

2018 September 7

12:52 IMO touring exhibition brings success stories and future challenges for maritime transport to global audience
12:19 World Maritime Day theme 2019: "Empowering Women in the Maritime Community"
11:21 Rescue diver from China who saved three from sunken cargo ship to be recognized with IMO bravery accolade

2018 September 6

13:18 Сomprehensive regulatory framework developed by IMO for international shipping highlighted during UN Oceans Conference

2018 September 5

17:00 Somalia’s national maritime administration takes next steps

2018 August 1

17:57 IMO workshop promotes secure shipping in Asia

2018 July 27

11:41 Mauritius signs Jeddah Amendment on illicit maritime activity
11:24 Serbia accedes to Ballast Water Management Convention
10:10 IMO training to reduce emissions in Malaysian ports

2018 July 25

12:06 IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim spoke at the ‘Maritime security in the 21st century’ symposium

2018 July 19

17:32 IMO supports spill preparedness in the Northwest Pacific