Suez Canal

2022 December 6

18:36 SCZONE receives an economic delegation from the European Union

2022 November 16

13:06 Egypt's SCZONE signs $500 mln contract to establish an extension for the current container handling terminal in Port Said East Port

2022 November 14

17:31 Egyptian President calls for increasing efforts to turn SCZone into attractive region for clean energy production

2022 October 3

16:05 Suez Canal Economic Zone signs contract with Agility to develop and operate a customs and logistics center

2022 September 19

11:37 Suez Canal to increase toll rates

2022 August 16

14:30 Suez Canal Authority and Maersk sign bilateral cooperation agreement

2022 August 15

10:24 Waleid Gamal Eldien appointed as Chairman for Suez Canal Economic Zone

2022 July 21

12:13 SCZONE provides promising opportunities for German companies

2022 June 30

17:02 The Suez Canal Economic Zone hosts a round table discussion in coordination with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

2022 May 14

12:07 The Japanese ambassador discusses cooperation with SCZONE

2022 May 13

12:46 International Chamber of Shipping and Suez Canal Authority sign agreement to enhance cooperation

2022 May 2

14:18 Suez Canal Authority reports a record monthly revenue of $629m in transit fees in April
10:41 Suez Canal Authority on amendment of the rules of the transit tolls for cruise yachts

2022 March 24

08:17 Suez Canal Authority announces anti-bribery measures

2022 February 28

15:31 Egypt's Suez canal to increase tolls by up to 10%

2022 February 9

16:56 Egypt reviews international offers to establish green hydrogen projects in SCZone

2022 January 27

14:53 Cooperation Agreement signed between ThPA S.A. and Suez Canal Economic Zone

2021 December 31

11:15 Salamanca sails the Suez Canal then heads to Spain

2021 September 30

14:50 SeaLead Shipping expands Far East service between Hamburg and China via the Suez Canal

2021 September 16

16:41 Evergreen’s Ever Ace with WinGD’s large bore X92 bore size engines crossed the Suez Canal

2021 August 25

18:07 Suez Canal Container Terminal’s upgrade projects improve productivity and customer experience

2021 August 13

07:55 Svitzer Amea extends contract with Suez Canal Authority

2021 June 18

19:30 Royal IHC hands over the second cutter suction dredger to Suez Canal Authority

2021 April 8

18:41 The first ship affected by the blockage in the Suez Canal to arrive in Barcelona is operating normally

2021 April 7

18:26 HMM Nuri fully laden on maiden voyage
18:16 Chairman of the Suez Canal clarified some key facts about an unprecedented incident in the history of the Suez Canal

2021 March 31

15:35 The Port of Gothenburg takes measures to mitigate Suez effects
11:01 EVER GIVEN successfully refloated within the Suez Canal

2021 March 30

17:28 ICS expects the results of a full investigation into the Suez Canal blockage incident to be made public once complete
15:44 Svitzer highlights multilateral collaboration that ensured refloating of Ever Given in Suez Canal
15:03 DBRS Morningstar releases commentary on the impact of the Suez Canal blockage on the global insurance industry

2021 March 19

12:50 Royal IHC hands over CSD MOHAB MAMEESH to Suez Canal Authority

2020 October 26

15:46 Royal IHC and Suez Canal Authority successfully launch CSD HUSSEIN TANTAWY

2020 May 15

14:43 Royal IHC and Suez Canal Authority successfully launch CSD MOHAB MAMEESH

2020 January 30

12:05 Suez Canal bans discharge of wash water from open-loop scrubbers

2020 January 21

14:39 18,880 ships with total tonnage of 1.2 billion tonnes passed Suez Canal in 2019

2019 December 4

15:10 The opening of Port Said tunnel under the Suez Canal provides faster access to SCCT

2019 August 19

16:35 Suez Canal Container Terminal announces plans to open reefer repair hub to all brands

2019 August 12

13:27 The world's largest container vessel transits the Suez Canal for the first time​

2019 April 1

13:49 SVITZER AMEA to deliver tug duo under a 10-year agreement with Suez Canal Port Authority

2019 February 18

15:02 Suez Canal extends its dry bulk vessels tolls reduction

2019 January 31

17:19 Ecoslops and Suez Canal Economic Zone sign agreement for a collection, reception and treatment unit of maritime oil waste in Port Said

2019 January 2

14:31 Suez Canal sees 205 vessel transits in four days

2018 December 26

13:16 New Suez Canal experienced one of the hardest passage of a reared towed Offshore Support Vessel

2018 August 29

08:31 Most modern passengers’ vessel crosses Suez Canal

2018 June 25

09:08 Suez Canal revenues up 11.5 percent in 2017/2018

2018 June 19

18:06 100 million dollars to link the Nile with Suez Canal Region

2018 June 6

12:02 Suez Canal revenues up to 5.1 milliard dollars in ten months of fiscal year 2017/2018

2018 May 28

18:26 Transport holding company reveals details of dry port agreement with Dubai ports

2018 May 22

17:33 Suez Canal revenues up to 479.3million dollar in April

2018 April 8

20:49 Egypt and KSA sign a convention to support maritime transport and foundation of new shipping Co.

2018 February 27

17:50 DP World and Suez Canal Authority move ahead with development of integrated industrial and residential zone in Egypt

2018 February 26

17:01 Suez Canal dredger succeeded in dredging 419526 cubic meter at Damietta port

2018 February 12

17:05 Suez Canal reports the crossing of 48 vessel today

2018 January 22

10:11 Suez Canal revenues up with a rate of 250 million dollars

2018 January 15

14:02 Crossing of 278 vessel the Suez Canal of tonnage 16.9 million ton during 6 days
12:41 Egyptian Government targets 5.7 milliard dollars Suez Canal revenues by end of fiscal year

2018 January 9

02:04 Suez Canal grants a reduction of 30% for Egyptian container vessels at Port Said port till end of year

2017 November 20

17:06 Sokhna World Zone project presented to investors in Dubai

2017 November 8

14:00 Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority and DP World sign agreement for development of economic zone in Sokhna, Egypt