2021 March 25

18:30 Port of Antwerp created its digital twin based on Antwerp Port Information & Control Assistant (APICA)

2021 January 14

09:50 UAntwerp and Port of Antwerp testing innovative technology for autonomous shipping

2021 January 13

17:49 Port of Antwerp appoints International Representative for Russia

2020 December 28

15:58 Port of Antwerp: NxtPort now also navigates international waters

2020 November 6

10:47 Belgian Port of Antwerp using EMSA RPAS for pollution monitoring

2020 April 20

11:52 Port of Antwerp tests smart bracelet to prevent corona infection on the workfloor

2020 March 27

18:14 Port of Antwerp Covid-19 Taskforce: supply chains still working

2020 March 25

14:40 Port of Antwerp Covid-19 Taskforce confirms that port is 100% operational

2020 March 19

15:57 Coronavirus: Port of Antwerp remains open

2020 January 16

13:33 Port of Antwerp scores 7th record year in a row

2019 October 29

13:30 Eco-friendly project for solar heat launched in the port of Antwerp

2019 September 29

15:03 Port of Antwerp ordered construction of world's first tug powered by hydrogen
13:40 Port of Antwerp: ecological footprint lags behind freight volume and industrial output

2019 June 21

16:14 Standic expands with state-of-the-art chemical storage terminal in Port of Antwerp

2019 May 8

16:08 First vessel makes big crossing from Antwerp to Brazilian port of Açu

2018 December 11

17:10 Port of Antwerp International to consult USPA on tariff setting, concession and environmental policy

2018 October 2

18:05 Port of Hull expands container connections with new sailings to Belgium’s biggest port

2018 September 24

14:46 Port of Antwerp presents smart port of the future at Supernova

2018 September 10

13:37 Port of Antwerp ready for Brexit

2018 July 31

17:54 Antwerp Port Authority awarded ISO 50001 certification for the second time in a row

2018 July 16

16:20 Port of Antwerp sets new records with best half year ever

2018 June 21

16:58 Antwerp blockchain pilot pioneers with secure and efficient document workflow

2018 May 29

12:35 Gambian President Barrow visits port of Antwerp

2018 April 27

11:23 Cargo handling at the port of Antwerp (Belgium) forecasted to reach 235 million tonnes in 2018, up 5-6% Y-o-Y (photo)

2018 April 23

13:39 Container barge transport to become more efficient in the port of Antwerp

2018 February 27

17:13 Antwerp Port Authority decided to renovate the Royers lock as a barge lock
16:49 Port of Antwerp to position itself more strongly in the UK

2018 January 19

12:45 Port of Antwerp scores 5th record year in a row

2017 December 25

09:33 Port of Antwerp to temporarily manage port of Cotonou

2017 December 21

12:56 Antwerp Port Authority invests in port mobility

2017 September 26

12:46 MSC Belgium to attend Transport & Logistics fair in Antwerp

2017 July 27

09:39 Port of Antwerp International invests in Brazilian Port of Açu

2017 July 26

16:00 Port of Antwerp supports pilot project for secure, efficient release of containers

2017 May 25

12:40 New service for project cargo to the Arctic Ocean

2017 May 22

18:05 Port of Antwerp Authority CEO plays prominent role at Chinese Belt and Road Summit
17:46 Pharma logistics services expanding strongly in Antwerp

2017 March 2

14:14 Russian steel exports via Antwerp grew by 58% to 424,000 tonnes in 2016 (photo)

2016 December 26

17:48 H&S Container Line offers a direct rail connection between the port of Antwerp and Andernach

2016 October 26

14:38 Ports of Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Le Havre and Bremen/Bremerhaven support designation North Sea and Baltic countries as Nitrogen Emission Control Areas

2016 October 3

17:37 Port of Antwerp sees great potential in African continent

2016 July 14

15:40 Port of Antwerp throughput in HI’2016 up 3.6%, y-o-y, to 108,317,922 tonnes

2016 July 12

15:40 Sail training ship Kruzenshtern part in the festival hosted by the port of Antwerp (photo)

2016 June 9

11:17 Russian steel export via Antwerp rose by 19%

2016 April 29

11:07 First Alternative Energy Hub with LNG for inland navigation and road transport in Belgium

2016 April 15

14:03 Antwerp gets off to another strong start after a record year in 2015

2016 April 14

14:32 Cooperative agreement renewed between the Ports of Antwerp and Montreal

2016 April 13

14:10 First direct rail link between Belgium and the Czech Republic completes Green Xpress Network

2016 March 25

16:38 Iranian shipping company IRISL called at the port of Antwerp for the first time since economic sanctions were lifted

2016 March 11

15:44 ITC Rubis invests in rail facilities
10:48 Antwerp Cold Stores opens a new complex in the port of Antwerp
10:25 New rail shuttle service to link Port of Antwerp areas on either side of river Scheldt

2016 February 18

12:31 ITC Rubis expands core business in Antwerp via direct transloading C3 and C4 gases from vessel into rail tank cars

2016 February 16

13:47 Port of Antwerp on trade mission to India

2015 December 23

15:57 Port of Antwerp to build an LNG bunker station for barges

2015 December 22

14:33 Port of Antwerp to handle more than 200 million tonnes of freight this year

2015 December 17

16:57 Ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge to collaborate more closely for joint marketing and positioning themselves more strongly abroad

2015 December 15

09:02 Port of Antwerp twins with Chinese port of Guangzhou

2015 December 11

15:50 Port of Antwerp goes all-out for maximum connectivity and accessibility on Left bank

2015 November 25

15:42 Port of Antwerp is a central hub for Russian trade and industry

2015 November 18

11:46 Bulkship Federal Bering calls for the first time in Antwerp