Russian Government

2021 July 19

13:17 Russian Gov’t has allocated more than RUB 1 billion to complete the North Pole Arctic research vessel

2018 December 27

15:01 Russian Gov’t names P. Zaselsky as Deputy Minister, Economic Development

2017 August 31

18:04 Russian Gov’t to inject RUB 150 million in Arctic development program until 2025

2017 August 8

18:07 Nizhny Novgorod hydroengineering complex characteristics amended

2016 August 22

13:23 Russian Gov't elaborates on cabotage definition in Merchant Shipping Code

2016 January 27

14:26 Russian Gov't transport committee approves inland water transport development program for the next 13 years

2015 December 29

16:41 Russian government updates federal program for development of civil shipbuilding
13:10 Russian Govt sets up fisheries commission to develop the sector

2015 December 25

15:41 Russian Govt decides to merge deputy transport minister and Rosmorport director functions

2015 July 20

14:57 Russia to spend RUB 60M for design documentation of Pionersky cruise terminal

2015 July 17

11:53 Russian Gov't OKs rate regulation rules for water-borne transport between the ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Krai

2015 July 16

10:49 Russia to spend more than $242M on subsidies to encourage project investors in the Far East

2015 July 13

12:35 Russian Gov't includes Port Taman Dry Bulk Area and the Kerch Strait bridge in the territorial planning scheme

2015 April 21

11:46 Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev tasks the Cabinet with developing incentives for domestic shipbuilding

2015 March 7

21:25 Composition of Russian Govt's Marine Board changed

2015 March 6

11:50 Russian Government issues draft order on port of Vysotsk expansion
11:36 Russian Government issues draft order on Port of Vanino expansion

2014 December 2

12:30 Dmitry Medvedev instructs government to focus on the development of Russian shipbuilding in H1, 2015

2014 November 10

14:08 RZD contracted to build railway access to the Kerch Strait bridge and to new dry bulk port of Taman