2020 May 14

16:58 Glavgosexpertiza approved reconstruction of electricity networks at Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex

2020 May 12

17:50 First Russian Aframax tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” launched at Zvezda Shipyard

2020 April 28

15:22 Floating hydraulic gate for dry dock delivered to Zvezda shipyard

2020 April 16

17:30 Glavgosexpertiza approves new phases of SC Zvezda project

2020 February 14

13:57 Zvezda shipyard starts building yet another Aframax tanker for Rosnefteflot

2020 January 30

14:25 Russia's Main Department of State Expertise approves construction of new workshops at SC Zvezda

2019 December 24

13:50 Zvezda Shipyard starts steel cutting for first Arctic shuttle tanker of ARC6 class

2019 November 25

14:28 Unique pump installation supplied for dry dock of SSC Zvezda
13:44 SSK “Zvezda” highly appreciated the power of Far Eastern Shipbuilding College

2019 November 1

16:56 Sovcomflot and VEB.RF sign agreement to finance construction of pilot gas carrier by Zvezda shipyard

2019 October 16

13:45 Zvezda shipyard lays down fourth Aframax tanker for Rosnefteflot

2019 September 16

14:10 Zvezda shipyard hosts keel-laying ceremony for third Aframax tanker for Rosnefteflot

2019 September 9

15:50 Ministry of Industry and Trade drafted Presidential Decree on Integration of Zvezda and Iceberg into Modern Shipbuilding Technologies JSC

2019 August 30

15:01 RF Gov't published draft decree on allocation of RUB 127.58 billion to finance construction of Leader-class icebreaker

2019 August 27

18:26 Iceberg CDB announced competition for development of design technology under project on construction of Leader icebreaker by SC Zvezda

2019 July 29

13:34 Vitaly Gvozdev appointed as General Director of Zvezda Marine Technologies

2019 July 26

15:24 Sovcomflot’s BoD approved transactions with Zvezda to place orders for construction of three LNG-powered MR product carriers

2019 July 23

16:06 Zvezda to save RUB 200 million with its innovating welding technology

2019 June 4

13:54 Zvezda starts cutting metal for forth 114,000 DWT Aframax tanker ordered by Rosnefteflot

2019 April 11

09:34 Order portfolio of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex to be expanded to 120-130 units

2019 April 10

18:00 Zvezda Shipyard signs contract with Sovkomflot to build Arctic gas carrier for Arctic LNG 2 project

2019 March 28

09:49 Dredging works ordered by Zvezda shipyard to be performed in Bolshoy Kamen bay

2019 February 28

12:13 Zvezda starts cutting metal for third 114,000 DWT Aframax tanker

2019 January 16

12:33 VEB team got acquainted with Zvezda SBC production
11:56 Engineers from Far Eastern Federal University provide scientific support of dry dock construction at Zvezda shipyard

2019 January 15

12:53 Order portfolio of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex grew by 42% in IIH’2018

2019 January 6

15:03 Zvezda Shipyard secures three LNG-powered tankers order from Sovcomflot

2018 December 12

18:00 Rosneft develops innovations for Russian Zvezda super-shipyard

2018 November 29

17:46 VEB.RF considers 8 projects focused on development of shipbuilding in Primorye with potential scope of participation exceeding RUB 200 billion

2018 November 15

13:00 Zvezda shipyard started serial manufacturing of Aframax-class tankers

2018 October 31

09:48 VEB to finance construction of two LNG-powered Aframax tankers in the amount of RUB 12 billion

2018 October 8

13:30 SSС Zvezda to supply Gazprom with four vessels for offshore operations

2018 September 11

15:12 Shipbuilding Complex Zvezda and Samsung Heavy Industries to establish a joint venture for building of shuttle tankers
14:26 Sovcomflot orders next generation large-capacity tankers from Zvezda with financing from VEB
12:50 Vladimir Putin participated in the ceremony of the largest dry dock construction start in Russia

2018 August 23

15:33 Zvezda Shipyard kicks off hull construction for Rosneft’s first serial ice class PSV

2018 July 30

10:46 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Leader to be built by Zvezda - Iceberg Design Bureau

2018 July 27

15:26 Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will annually process over 300,000 tonnes of metal by 2024
14:52 Unique floating dock with 40,000 t lifting capacity delivered on Zvezda Shipyard

2018 June 5

12:03 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves construction of dry dock and quays under Zvezda shipyard project (photo)

2018 May 28

11:48 Zvezda shipyard to build an advanced ice class tanker for Rosneft with 69,000 t deadweight

2018 May 25

16:25 Sovcomflot to provide technical supervision for the construction of Rosneft’s new LNG-fuelled tankers

2018 April 24

11:45 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves yet another phase of project on construction of Zvezda shipyard (photo)

2018 March 14

13:45 China Communications Construction Company to build dry dock at Zvezda shipyard by the end of 2019 (photo)

2017 December 27

17:02 Shipbuilding complex Zvezda will generate 6,500 new jobs

2017 December 26

14:59 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves projects on construction of workshops for Zvezda Shipyard (photo)

2017 December 6

11:54 Construction of Leader-type icebreaker to take 7 years and to cost RUB 78.4 bln

2017 November 10

09:34 Economic parameters of Zvezda project for providing state subsidies published at federal portal for legal information (document)

2017 October 27

15:01 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approves Phase I of Zvezda Shipyard’s Data Processing Center

2017 October 23

16:16 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade is planning subsidies to cover costs on construction of shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”

2017 October 20

11:08 Zvezda Shipbuilding complex, Rosnefteflot and Taimyrneftegaz agreed to build and operate 10 Arctic shuttle tankers

2017 September 27

09:35 Sovcomflot to operate new Rosneft large-capacity oil tankers built at Zvezda shipyard (photo)

2017 September 18

16:47 Rosmorport to start construction of shallow-draft icebreaker before the year end

2017 September 8

15:48 Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex and Korea's Samsung Heavy Industries create a joint venture
15:20 Zvezda-Hyundai and Lazurit Design Bureau signed a designing contract for construction of Aframax tankers
14:27 Vladimir Putin took part in Zvezda shipyard’s keel laying ceremony for 4 multi-purpose high ice class supply vessels (photo)
12:26 Rosneft and Rosmorport agree to cooperate in placement ice-breaker orders with Zvezda Shipyard
12:03 Rosneft will place order for construction of shuttle tankers at Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex
11:40 Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex signed an agreement with GTT

2017 August 23

15:14 Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review approved stages of Zvezda Shipyard project (Far East)