Barents Sea

2021 June 28

14:37 Equinor offered production licences in the 25th licensing round

2020 November 30

15:37 Rosmorport conducted pilotage and docking of LNG tankers to temporary LNG Offshore Transshipment Complex in Barents Sea

2020 March 11

09:42 Academic Pashin sea tanker conducted planned maneuvers in Barents Sea

2018 June 1

11:42 Barents 2018 Russian-Norwegian drills completed in the Barents Sea

2018 April 10

14:31 Strategic cruiser of RF Navy's Northern Fleet practises evading multipurpose submarine in Barents Sea

2017 December 27

10:16 RF Navy’s missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov trained interaction with air force in Barents Sea, Northern Fleet
09:35 Icebreaker Ilya Muromets leaves RF Navy’s Baltic base and heads for Barents Sea

2017 May 22

11:01 RF Navy's Northern Fleet starts planned combat training in the Barents Sea

2017 May 12

17:28 Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser of RF Navy’s Northern Fleet started performing combat training tasks in the Barents Sea

2017 March 24

17:49 Iceberg small-sized missile ship of the Northern Fleet accomplished artillery firing in the Barents Sea

2016 September 22

17:04 Grouping of Combined Arms Forces deployed in the Barents Sea in the course of Northern Fleet exercise

2016 July 26

12:46 Fertoing has carried out examination of destroyer Deyatel’niy on the bottom of the Barents Sea

2016 July 22

13:50 Rosneft starts geochemical survey in the Barents Sea

2016 March 24

17:28 Frigate Admiral Gorshkov continues trials of armament in the Barents Sea

2016 March 9

15:34 Snezhnogorsk and Yunga small-sized ASW ships entered the Barents Sea to participate in the antisubmarine exercise

2015 October 27

15:25 Crew of Admiral of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier cruiser performed missile firing in the Barents Sea

2015 October 20

13:29 Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov moved to Barents Sea to practice cooperation with naval aviation

2015 September 25

17:00 Crews of long-range ASW aircraft Tu-142 of the Northern Fleet practiced training tasks in the Barents Sea

2014 November 24

12:37 Rosneft held public hearings on comprehensive studies of licensed area in the Barents Sea