2021 September 15

13:03 ICS issues new anti-COVID guidance

2021 September 14

14:41 ICS launches new guidance for seafarers and shipowners to navigate ongoing pandemic challenges

2021 September 7

10:53 International Chamber of Shipping sets out plans for global carbon levy to expedite industry decarbonisation

2021 August 18

13:22 Change in piracy threats in Indian Ocean prompts re-think of High Risk Area

2021 August 3

16:24 Nigerian Chamber of Shipping becomes full ICS member

2021 July 29

15:56 New BIMCO/ICS Seafarer Workforce Report warns of serious potential officer shortage

2021 July 28

18:01 New BIMCO/ICS Seafarer Workforce Report warns of serious potential officer shortage

2021 July 19

15:13 Shipping associations renew call for international naval response to Nigeria-based pirates

2021 July 15

16:31 EU overreach threatens to sink shipping’s decarbonisation efforts, warns ICS

2021 June 24

18:12 Shipping community puts pressure on governments to end crew change woes

2021 June 16

15:14 New Helicopter Operations Guide from ICS helps crews prepare for the unexpected

2021 June 14

15:18 ICS Guidance for Ship Operators and Roadmap for vaccination of seafarers

2021 June 11

11:11 Stagnation in R&D investment creating unacceptable risk for industry zero emissions future - ICS

2021 June 3

16:07 ICS welcomes Mission Innovation’s ‘Mission for Shipping’ and highlights potential funding partnership with 5billion USD Maritime R&D Fund

2021 May 14

17:36 ICS releases Vaccination Roadmap to quicken seafarer jab rollout

2021 April 29

17:14 Shipowners disappointed at breakdown in minimum wage talks - ICS

2021 April 15

11:41 Panama Canal Authority postpones planned price hike following calls from shipping industry

2021 April 9

13:14 New ICS Guidance on Maritime Security launched

2021 March 11

16:05 Industry backs United Nations $5 billion ‘moon-shot’ programme to decarbonise shipping

2021 February 25

17:31 ECSA: European shipping is central to the success of EU's new trade strategy

2021 January 27

18:00 ICS published the latest Flag State Performance Table

2020 December 18

16:31 UN Agency finds governments in breach of international law

2020 December 2

13:10 ICS welcomes UN resolution on key worker status for seafarers

2020 November 12

17:04 ICS report reveals scale of challenge to decarbonise shipping
10:42 ICS report reveals scale of challenge to decarbonise shipping

2020 November 5

16:37 ICS announces two new initiatives

2020 October 26

12:59 ICS welcomes legally binding agreement to significantly improve the carbon efficiency of shipping

2020 October 23

17:47 ICS welcomes legally binding agreement to significantly improve carbon efficiency of shipping

2020 September 24

17:12 Esben Poulsson reappointed as ICS Chairman for a new term

2020 August 20

16:53 ICS informs about China prohibition on the import of solid wastes
14:04 Industry survey shows switch to low-sulphur fuel has not been without problems

2020 August 18

16:28 BIMCO and ICS prepare for new Seafarer Report

2020 August 10

13:22 IMO report on GHG finds a decoupling between trade and emissions in shipping

2020 July 24

11:08 Negligence of small minority risks setbacks to crew change progress

2020 July 8

16:13 Maritime industry calls for EU political leadership on seafarers

2020 July 3

12:01 ICS launches Guidance for Engine Room Safety

2020 June 3

10:09 Associations call for accelerating digitalisation of maritime trade and logistics

2020 May 29

12:09 Global shipping body addresses the health concerns of seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 May 25

14:14 UN must persuade governments to adopt crew change protocols or risk ‘humanitarian disaster’ - ICS

2020 May 22

10:08 Incidents of non-conformities continue to drop for users of ISF Watchkeeper software

2020 April 30

16:55 ICS and ITF call on ships to sound horns to support “unsung heroes of global trade” for International Workers’ Day
13:58 Tallink Grupp’s vessels join global action aimed at recognising contribution of maritime workers during global crisis

2020 February 7

11:17 International Chamber of Shipping expresses concern at increasing attacks on ships crews

2020 January 29

17:10 Global Shipping Body (ICS) issues guidance to shipowners in the face of the Corona Virus

2019 December 10

18:10 UN Climate Conference – ICS embraces 4th Propulsion Revolution

2019 November 29

17:37 ICS welcomes decision by Government of India to embrace Convention for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships

2019 November 14

15:15 The ICS and ECSA call for immediate and effective intervention after yet another attack in the Gulf of Guinea

2019 November 12

15:59 New Joint Guidelines from ICS and OCIMF to improve safety in polar waters

2019 November 5

11:44 ECSA-ICS issue joint statement on the attack to the Norwegian ‘MV BONITA’

2019 October 3

09:50 PortNews TV offers interview with Chairman of International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)

2019 October 1

14:48 ICS forecasts the growth of transit on the Northern Sea Route
14:04 ICS Chairman forecasts LNG to be the most significant fuel for international shipping in coming 15-20 years
13:41 ICS Chairman: A number of crucial issues of 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ not fully resolved yet

2019 September 26

18:22 UAE Shipping Association becomes a full member of the International Chamber of Shipping

2019 June 19

12:12 ICS meets in Faroe Islands

2019 May 20

12:01 International shipping on track to meet 2030 CO2 reduction target following critical UN IMO meeting

2019 May 15

16:31 New survey from ICS and ECSA paints positive picture for seafarer internet access

2019 April 9

10:30 Major shipowner trade associations agree to enhance cooperation

2019 April 4

16:35 Oversupply still major challenge warns ICS

2019 March 12

12:04 International shipping associations and OCIMF reduce ‘High Risk Area’ for piracy in the Indian Ocean