2021 December 7

14:23 ABS grants Alfa Laval the marine industry’s first approval in principle for firing boilers with methanol

2021 December 3

15:31 Four Jones Act CTVs built to ABS Class to support U.S. offshore wind development
15:17 ABS, NYK, MTI and WinGD team-up to verify design with modeling and simulation
13:30 ABS awards sustainability notations to two Harvey Gulf vessels

2021 November 24

12:58 ABS approves 3D printed spare parts after successful testing on an oil tanker
10:09 ABS launches sustainability reporting and assurance services

2021 November 18

18:06 ABS and Sofar Ocean to drive decarbonization through voyage optimization

2021 November 16

12:14 ABS classes Bahri’s first gas-ready VLCC

2021 November 8

13:05 ABS, HHI and KSOE collaborate on green hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage

2021 October 28

10:07 ABS My Digital Fleet™ expands maritime IoT capabilities with the PI System from AVEVA

2021 October 19

15:41 The decarbonization strategy likely is now the best business strategy for shipowners - ABS

2021 October 14

16:15 ABS and Kongsberg Digital join forces to power maritime digitalization and decarbonization
12:10 Valaris Drillship achieves ABS Enhanced Electrical System Notation in world first

2021 October 8

18:37 ABS chosen by Allseas for Their Deep Sea Mineral Collection Project

2021 October 7

16:03 Capital Ship Management to secure ABS decarbonization notations for current newbuild tankers

2021 October 5

15:13 ABS awards DSME CyberSafety Product Design Assessment

2021 October 4

18:07 Harbor tug developed by Keppel O&M the first to receive ABS remote-control navigation notation

2021 September 27

17:52 ABS awards AIP to smart maritime autonomous vessel technology

2021 September 26

11:07 ABS Awards AIP to Ned Project’s wind turbine installation vessel design

2021 September 24

18:16 ABS and HHI design optimized LNG carriers

2021 September 23

15:21 ABS grants AIP for next generation liquified CO2 carrier JDP designs

2021 September 21

17:54 ABS publishes guide to ammonia-fueled vessels

2021 September 20

13:22 ABS study suggests dual-fuel newbuilds have the decarbonization advantage over conversion

2021 September 17

11:05 ABS and DSME to develop very large liquefied CO2 carrier

2021 September 15

08:22 ABS launches industry-first simulation decarbonization service

2021 September 13

17:54 ABS awards world’s first SUSTAIN notation to SBM Offshore’s Liza Unity FPSO
16:04 ABS granted AIP for VARD’s next generation offshore patrol vessel

2021 September 12

11:13 Launch of ABS-Classed Jiangnan Bluebonnet VLEC

2021 September 8

17:26 ABS and Vanderbilt University deliver landmark U.S. waterways decarbonization report

2021 September 7

15:01 Groundbreaking Maersk methanol vessels to be built to ABS Class

2021 August 31

14:12 Advanced Weather Forecasting unlocked on ABS My Digital Fleet™ Platform

2021 August 27

10:31 ABS launches guidance aimed at sanitizing marine and offshore assets exposed to COVID-19

2021 August 24

13:23 World’s largest floating wind farm built to ABS Class

2021 August 19

18:16 Sister Petrobras FPSOs built to ABS Class
15:57 New CenerTech FPSO to be built to ABS Class

2021 August 17

09:06 ABS AIP for pioneering Deep-sea Mining Riser and Lift System

2021 August 12

18:27 ABS brings together leading industry players to tackle safety challenge of aging FPSO fleet
13:01 ABS and yellow.ai launch AI-powered chatbots and voicebots on its ABS My Digital Fleet™ risk management platform

2021 August 11

17:25 Common Structural Rules Software updated to comply with latest IACS rules

2021 August 5

15:03 ABS evaluates the potential of carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies

2021 July 27

12:25 ABS leads EMSA consortium studying alternative fuels and technologies

2021 July 23

13:12 A deep sea mineral riser system reviewed by ABS in an industry first

2021 July 19

16:12 ABS releases guidance on autonomous and remote-control technologies

2021 July 16

12:04 ABS verifies SBM Offshore’s AI-powered mooring solution

2021 July 15

14:12 WindFloat Atlantic becomes the world’s first classed offshore windfarm

2021 July 13

13:15 ABS publishes Guidance on reduced manning requirements for safe operations

2021 July 8

13:24 ABS 3D-Class Process supports barge modification by Stillwater Marine Services

2021 June 23

16:33 WISP2 project launched to further improve performance predictions, rules and regulations for wind propulsion

2021 June 16

14:14 ABS releases guidance on the potential of hydrogen as a marine fuel

2021 June 14

15:52 ABS and 22 industry players to study ammonia as an alternative marine fuel

2021 June 11

13:28 Mitsui E&S Machinery and 22 industry players kick off studying ammonia as an alternative marine fuel

2021 June 10

12:01 ABS publishes detailed U.S Offshore Wind Insight

2021 June 4

09:17 d’Amico Group, TRAFIGURA, ABS, RINA, LR FOBAS, the Liberian Registry and MAN Energy Solutions team up to launch a decarbonization project with Lifecycle strategy

2021 May 26

10:40 ABS members weigh rule changes focused on the adaptation of new technologies

2021 May 25

12:15 ABS and leading industry players to develop roadmap for vessel conversion to low-carbon operations

2021 May 18

13:24 ABS publishes guidance on the use of biofuels in shipping

2021 May 12

13:12 ABS completes landmark decarbonization and digitalization JDP with HHI and HGS

2021 May 8

12:43 LNG will play key role in industry’s decarbonization ambitions, suggests ABS survey

2021 April 28

13:15 ABS guides industry on the use of additive manufacturing

2021 April 27

15:41 Lloyd’s Register founding member of Maritime Technologies Forum