2022 December 1

17:23 ClassNK issues AiP for a dual fuel generator engine using hydrogen gas as fuel

2022 November 28

13:58 ClassNK issues approval in principle for ammonia fueled 200,000 DWT type bulk carrier

2022 September 28

13:22 ClassNK issues AiP for ammonia bunkering vessel developed by NYK Line

2022 September 19

18:37 DBJ and ClassNK establishes “Zero-Emission Accelerating Ship Finance”

2022 September 17

11:52 DBJ and ClassNK establishes "Zero-Emission Accelerating Ship Finance"

2022 September 5

17:06 AR navigation system earns Innovation Endorsement certificate from ClassNK

2022 August 23

17:16 MOL acquires AiP for design of large-scale liquefied CO2 carrier through research and development project from NEDO

2022 August 22

10:41 NYK Line, Nihon Shipyard, ClassNK, and IHI Corporation conclude joint R&D agreement for world's first ammonia floating storage and regasification barge

2022 August 3

17:06 Marubeni Corporation participates in the Blue Visby Consortium

2022 July 25

09:25 “CC-Ocean” marine-based CO2 capture system demonstration project receives “Marine Engineering of the Year 2021” award

2022 July 6

14:02 ClassNK releases “ClassNK Technical Journal”

2022 July 4

16:29 ClassNK releases latest “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence” mobile application
14:21 ClassNK releases comprehensively revised structural rules

2022 June 20

13:26 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Innospec’s “Octamar Combustion Catalyst Series”

2022 June 9

13:02 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding completes conceptual design of VLGC enabling conversion of main fuel from LPG to ammonia

2022 May 23

12:57 NYK, IHI Power Systems and ClassNK conclude MoU with City of Yokohama for acceptance of ammonia-fueled tugboat

2022 May 19

17:15 ClassNK certifies NAPA Fleet Intelligence and NAPA Performance Monitoring and Optimization, and adds new notations to ships

2022 May 16

10:09 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and NYK Line obtain AiP from ClassNK for large LCO2 carrier

2022 May 10

10:53 ClassNK releases PrimeShip-HULL 2022 for new structural rules

2022 April 29

14:26 ClassNK issues AiP for large liquefied hydrogen carrier developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries

2022 April 26

10:09 “K” Line Wind Service is granted for Innovation Endorsement Provider Certification by ClassNK

2022 April 23

14:09 ClassNK issues AiP for ammonia-ready LNG-fueled Panamax bulk carrier developed by GSC

2022 April 17

12:51 ClassNK releases GHG Emissions Management Tool "ClassNK ZETA" to realize visualization of CO2 emissions from ships

2022 April 1

14:43 GTT obtains an AiP from ClassNK for a new design of LNG fuel tank with 2 bar gauge design pressure for Pure Car and Truck Carriers and Cruise Ships

2022 March 31

17:26 NYK Receives ClassNK’s highest innovation certification rating

2022 March 17

17:23 Hitachi Zosen Corporation, MOL and Yanmar Power Technologies receive AiP for the Methane Oxidation Catalyst System from ClassNK

2022 March 16

16:26 ClassNK issues AiP for world’s first methane oxidation catalyst system developed by Hitachi Zosen, MOL and YPT

2022 March 15

12:31 Fully autonomous ship framework obtains AiP from Classification Societies ClassNK and Bureau Veritas

2022 March 4

18:16 NAPA and ClassNK launch new data link to support 3D ship design approval process

2022 February 17

17:16 ClassNK calculates vessels’ CO2 emissions for Sustainability-Linked Loan by ORIX Corporation

2022 January 21

14:03 ClassNK issues Approval in Principle for ammonia-fueled Panamax bulk carrier developed by Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships (GSC)

2022 January 1

12:43 ClassNK releases amendments to class rules

2021 December 13

16:21 MTF unveils landmark framework for holistic assessment of decarbonization technologies

2021 December 10

10:00 The "Wind Hunter Project" conducts a demonstration experiment in Japan

2021 December 8

12:30 "K" Line and Shin Kurushima Dock get joint AIP for the concept design of Ammonia Fueled Car Carrier from ClassNK

2021 November 26

11:17 ClassNK signs MOU on cybersecurity with Panama Maritime Authority (PMA)

2021 November 22

14:35 ClassNK obtains ISO27001 certification

2021 October 26

11:32 ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Weathernews’s CIM

2021 October 20

16:23 “K” LINE successfully separates and captures CO2 from exhaust gas in world’s first CO2 capture plant on vessel

2021 September 22

18:05 ClassNK joins as signatory to Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization

2021 September 12

15:13 ClassNK releases “Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels”

2021 August 28

10:37 ClassNK releases Data Quality Guidelines outlining quality control for shipboard data

2021 August 14

11:09 ClassNK releases “Handling of the use of biofuels on ships”

2021 August 6

16:05 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, “K” Line, ClassNK to develop the world's first CO2 capture plant onboard coal carrier “CORONA UTILITY”

2021 August 5

12:14 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding begins verification testing of marine-based CO2 capture system

2021 August 4

14:11 ClassNK grants its first DSS notation for 211,000DWT bulk carrier “DREAM CLOVER”

2021 July 16

10:20 ClassNK and the Carbon Trust sign agreement to support progress of offshore wind power generation in Japan

2021 July 15

18:16 ClassNK and the Carbon Trust sign agreement to support progress of offshore wind power generation in Japan

2021 July 7

18:19 NKCS launches EEXI support service

2021 July 5

18:14 ClassNK enhances support for shipping’s transition to zero-emission

2021 July 1

12:33 ClassNK releases Guidelines for Hull Monitoring

2021 June 26

11:08 ClassNK updates EEXI and CII information following MEPC76

2021 June 22

12:37 ClassNK expands scope of Innovation Endorsement

2021 June 11

13:28 Mitsui E&S Machinery and 22 industry players kick off studying ammonia as an alternative marine fuel

2021 June 2

11:29 ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd. adds new course for cybersecurity training service

2021 May 27

10:39 ClassNK grants AiP to “Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy with EnergySail”

2021 May 26

16:33 ClassNK releases CBM Guidelines (Edition 2.0)

2021 May 12

16:04 ClassNK entrusted by Anchor Ship Partners with the evaluation of CO2 emissions of ships for its impact investment fund

2021 May 9

16:03 ClassNK certifies Alpha Ori’s AssetAI as Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions
10:49 ClassNK issues AiP for Kawasaki hydrogen carrier cargo containment system