Northern Fleet

2019 December 27

10:28 Replenishment oiler Academik Pashin (Project 23130) enters service with Russian Navy as of Dec 30

2019 August 7

13:37 Northern Fleet Arctic group deployed to ensure safety of the Northern Sea Route

2017 October 2

10:58 RF Northern Fleet’s survey vessel Gorizont completed her cruise in the Arctic

2017 March 24

17:49 Iceberg small-sized missile ship of the Northern Fleet accomplished artillery firing in the Barents Sea

2017 February 21

11:44 Delivery of icebreaker Ilya Muromets scheduled for autumn – RF Defence Ministry (photo)

2017 January 16

18:02 Naval flag of Russia hoisted on new anti-terror vessels of the Northern Fleet

2016 December 14

18:09 Construction of berthing facilities for Russia’s Northern fleet is completed in Severomorsk (photo)

2016 November 21

10:31 RF Navy's Northern Fleet performs trials of its newest warships

2016 November 18

10:19 Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov to arrive at the Northern Fleet after modernization

2016 September 26

17:50 Ship grouping of Belomorskaya naval base deployed in the White Sea in course of the exercise
11:10 Modular rescue boat of new generation launched in Murmansk (graphics)

2016 September 22

17:04 Grouping of Combined Arms Forces deployed in the Barents Sea in the course of Northern Fleet exercise

2016 July 19

17:00 Divers of Russia's Northern Fleet preparing for the “Depth” contest of the International Army Games

2016 July 15

15:25 Fertoing Ltd. have taken part in the Northern Fleet hydrographic service expedition

2016 June 10

15:15 Admiralteiskie Verfi launched the icebreaker ILYA MUROMETS

2016 May 24

16:42 Naryan-Mar small-sized ASW ship of the Northern Fleet accomplished training combat missions during exercises in the White Sea

2016 April 19

16:58 Land and coastal troops as well as naval landing forces of the Northern Fleet getting prepared for joint tactic exercise

2016 April 18

13:56 Russian Minister of Defence arrived with an inspection at the Northern Fleet

2016 April 4

15:18 Admiral Essen guard ship arrived at the Northern Fleet

2016 March 23

17:44 Northern Fleet improve their tactics in using missile and artillery weapons

2016 March 14

09:38 Vice Admiral Kulakov major ASW ship of the Northern Fleet held antisubmarine exercise

2016 March 2

10:51 Snezhnogorsk small-sized ASW ship of Russia's Northern Fleet entered the Barents Sea to perform combat training

2016 February 25

18:04 Reconnaissancemen of Northern Fleet Arctic brigade came back to home base after extreme expedition along White Sea coast

2016 February 20

10:55 Seamen of the Northern Fleet to exchange experience of pilotage of ships with civilian specialists of the Arctic ports

2016 February 3

10:54 Northern Fleet diesel-electric submarine Vladikavkaz arrived to the permanent base after a long cruise

2016 January 22

10:39 Iceberg small missile ship performed artillery firings in the Barents Sea

2016 January 15

10:49 Arctic oceanographic expedition organized at the Northern Fleet (photo)

2016 January 13

17:18 Northern Fleet held the first training in 2016 on counteracting underwater sabotage groups

2016 January 11

11:53 Northern Fleet to take delivery of three newbuilds in 2016

2015 December 28

12:36 Ammunition ship Akademik Kovalev arrives at her homeport in Severomorsk (photo)

2015 December 24

10:42 Russian Navy's destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov enters the Mediterranean Sea (photo)

2015 December 18

18:04 Newest armament store carrier Academic Kovalev delivered to the Northern Fleet

2015 December 16

14:53 Northern Fleet ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov replenishes water and fuel supplies in the Salala port of Oman

2015 December 10

12:48 Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov leaves Karachi and continues the long-range cruise

2015 December 8

15:12 Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov successfully accomplishes all missions within the Arabian Monsoon-2015 exercise

2015 December 1

17:49 Northern Fleet ships to perform cruises to the Arctic and the Mediterranean Sea
12:47 Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov finished the visit to Oman

2015 November 27

15:55 Counterterrorist exercise held in Northern Fleet garrisons

2015 November 26

16:17 Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet entered the Strait of Aden
10:43 Frigate Admiral Gorshkov completed missile firing trials in the White Sea

2015 November 23

16:48 Counterterrorist exercise finished onboard the Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov

2015 November 20

15:51 Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov entered the Red Sea

2015 November 16

12:31 Vice-Admiral Kulakov major ASW ship paid a working visit to the port of Limassol (Cyprus)

2015 November 6

15:00 Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier of Russia’s Northern Fleet started air defence exercise
11:19 RF Navy's Northern Fleet is being prepared for new training year

2015 November 3

18:00 The Northern Fleet is being prepared for the new training year

2015 October 29

14:34 Brand new oceanographic research vessel Yantar joins Russia’s Northern Fleet (photo)

2015 October 27

15:25 Crew of Admiral of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier cruiser performed missile firing in the Barents Sea

2015 October 26

11:26 Major ASW ship of the Northern Fleet Vice Admiral Kulakov set off for a long cruise

2015 October 20

13:29 Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov moved to Barents Sea to practice cooperation with naval aviation

2015 October 9

09:30 RF Navy’s Kaluga submarine returns to her home base after long-range trip

2015 October 8

17:01 RF Northern Fleet ship formation finished task performance at the Novaya Zemlya archipelago

2015 September 29

11:22 Northern Fleet specialists made over 20 geographic discoveries during Arctic expedition

2015 September 28

11:15 A group of ships and supply vessels of the Northern Fleet is in the Laptev Sea

2015 September 25

17:00 Crews of long-range ASW aircraft Tu-142 of the Northern Fleet practiced training tasks in the Barents Sea

2015 September 18

17:19 Northern Fleet ships engaged imaginary enemy surface ships with cruise missiles in the Barents Sea

2015 September 16

17:32 Northern Fleet hydrographical expedition starts research at Novaya Zemlya Archipelago

2015 September 15

11:46 Kola Flotilla takes part in Northern Fleet command-and-staff exercise

2015 August 24

13:30 Northern Fleet interservice exercise started in the Arctic (photo)

2014 December 30

10:17 Nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh arrives in Gadzhiyevo (photo)