Port of Antwerp

2021 September 27

18:50 Port of Antwerp carries out unique trials of small, unmanned aircraft

2021 July 26

11:04 Port of Antwerp implements a Yard Opening Time scheme for all containers

2021 June 23

15:24 Port of Antwerp converts a tug to methanol propulsion – a world first

2021 May 20

17:06 Certified Pick up in Port of Antwerp enters next phase

2021 May 12

17:16 Port of Antwerp and the City of Antwerp kick off The Tall Ships Races 2022

2021 May 7

17:18 HyTrucks consortium aims to have 300 hydrogen-powered trucks on the road in Belgium by 2025

2021 April 30

15:22 The Arbitration Tribunal rules the dispute between DP World PLC and the Kingdom of Belgium

2021 April 23

15:51 Port of Antwerp container throughput up by 0.6% to 2.3% TEUs in Q1 2021

2021 April 22

14:31 Plug and Play launches maritime innovation platform in Antwerp

2021 April 20

12:11 Port of Antwerp expands its fleet with energy-efficient tugs

2021 March 29

13:54 Port of Antwerp: MSC direct Leo shuttle to Vienna

2021 March 26

16:31 Port of Antwerp, Fluxys, and Titan LNG celebrate the christening of a new LNG bunker barge

2021 March 19

10:42 Port of Antwerp develops a new online platform to digitalise, professionalise and automate requests for drone flights by operators

2021 March 15

15:19 Port of Antwerp and PSA Antwerp upgrade Europa Terminal as part of sustainable growth

2021 March 12

14:40 Port of Antwerp sees strong growth in reefer segment in 2020

2021 March 2

12:01 Port of Antwerp carries out the first trial for increasing draught on the Western Scheldt river

2021 March 1

13:12 Port of Antwerp to launch a new shipping guidance system

2021 February 24

16:28 Port of Antwerp deploys autonomous drones for safety enforcement

2021 February 16

18:37 EDR Antwerp Shipyard and Port of Antwerp invest in better infrastructure for services

2021 February 15

10:09 The ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge to join forces

2021 February 2

16:04 Port of Antwerp installs smart bollards with sensors

2021 January 18

16:43 Port of Antwerp container throughput up 1.3% in 2020

2020 December 3

15:34 Port of Antwerp tightens regulations regarding byloads inside second-hand vehicles

2020 November 29

16:07 Port of Antwerp: New intermodal connections, October 2020

2020 November 18

14:23 Port of Antwerp replaces the current system of PIN codes
09:13 Port of Antwerp is the first port in the world to operate under the standard of the European GDP rules

2020 November 3

17:15 Port of Antwerp replaces the existing system of PIN codes for the release of containers

2020 October 21

15:04 Optimodal adds new train service between Antwerp and Neuss, Germany

2020 October 20

13:25 Port of Antwerp participates in developing and testing a private 5G network

2020 October 16

12:06 Belgian and Dutch inland ports plan to establish a single shore-based power system

2020 October 14

13:35 Port of Antwerp container volume surpasses 1 million TEU for the first time since April

2020 October 6

17:35 EU supports Antwerp@C innovative CO2 reduction project by granting CEF funding

2020 October 5

18:07 NextGen District becomes a hotspot for the circular economy in Port of Antwerp

2020 September 29

11:47 Port of Antwerp focuses heavily on general cargo: search begun for breakbulk candidate for Churchill Dock

2020 September 22

14:23 Release of containers at Port of Antwerp will be digitalized

2020 September 20

16:27 Innovative vacuum cleaner removes plastic from nature reserve in the port of Antwerp

2020 September 15

13:47 Port of Antwerp postpones payment for domain concessions
09:59 Port of Antwerp expands tug-boat fleet

2020 September 2

17:06 PSA Antwerp and PSA Breakbulk launch new ‘log handling concept’ at the port of Antwerp

2020 August 23

15:46 Port of Antwerp: Operation Clean Sweep© expands further
10:49 New dry-bulk handling facility at the Port of Antwerp

2020 August 6

09:58 The Flemish government, Port of Antwerp and SeReAnt together improve the water quality at the Port of Antwerp

2020 July 28

14:59 Damen signs contract with Port of Antwerp for delivery of two IMO Tier III compliant RSD Tug 2513

2020 July 8

15:23 Port of Antwerp total throughput down by 4.9% in H1 2020

2020 June 19

19:04 €10 million in European support for international research project into tele-operated logistics and transport

2020 June 17

17:35 Ambitious international consortium kicks off ePIcenter project on future-proof logistic chains

2020 June 12

15:48 Port of Antwerp issues RFPs for sustainable innovation in agriculture

2020 June 2

18:07 Alfaport-Voka, Antwerp Port Authority and Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever agree to extend payment period for concessions

2020 May 28

17:20 Antwerp@C investigates potential for halving CO2 emissions in Port of Antwerp by 2030

2020 May 19

16:53 Port of Antwerp total freight volume up 0.4% in April 2020

2020 May 8

18:12 New milestone in sustainable methanol production in the port of Antwerp

2020 February 28

11:47 Port of Antwerp launches Bulkchain collaboration platform

2020 February 25

18:06 Maritime world players gather in Antwerp for World Ports Conference 2020

2020 February 13

16:37 European Union prepares to provide a subsidy for a project to store CO₂ from industry in Antwerp, Ghent, Zeeland and Rotterdam

2019 November 25

14:02 Ports of Antwerp, Barcelona, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Montreal and Rotterdam showcase their digital transformation and sustainability projects at ‘Smart Ports’ exhibit
09:59 Deme, Engie, Exmar, Fluxys, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and WaterstofNet sign cooperation agreement for the transport of hydrogen

2019 October 18

11:30 Port of Antwerp volume up 1.1% in September 2019

2019 September 13

09:10 Antwerp and Rotterdam Port Authorities ask new European Commission and Parliament to focus on the economic significance of ports

2019 September 9

16:03 SAFIR drone demonstrations in DronePort signal in simultaneous drone flights in Antwerp

2019 May 24

18:07 Port of Antwerp 1st port of call for reefer service from Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama