International Chamber of Shipping

2021 May 14

17:36 ICS releases Vaccination Roadmap to quicken seafarer jab rollout

2021 April 29

17:14 Shipowners disappointed at breakdown in minimum wage talks - ICS

2021 April 21

14:41 Shipping bodies call on world leaders to bring forward discussions on global market-based measures

2021 March 30

17:28 ICS expects the results of a full investigation into the Suez Canal blockage incident to be made public once complete

2021 February 25

17:34 Cutting restrictive trade policies could boost global economic recovery from COVID-19 by 3.4%

2020 November 14

15:32 Guy Platten, Secretary General ICS, awarded prestigious Merchant Navy Medal for services to the maritime sector

2020 April 12

15:42 ICS welcomes EU moves on COVID-19

2020 March 8

11:53 ICS issues new Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for shipping industry

2019 November 22

12:24 International Chamber of Shipping opens China Liaison Office in Hong Kong

2018 January 23

15:03 Environmental organizations and shipping industry call for carriage ban on non - compliant fuel

2017 February 16

12:01 EU Member States must reject European Parliament’s proposal to include global shipping into Regional CO2 Trading System - ICS

2016 December 5

15:17 International Chamber of Shipping welcomes the extension of EUNAVFOR Operation Atalanta

2016 November 16

07:01 Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping delivers speech at Crew Connect Global Conference

2015 November 24

15:40 UNFCCC publishes a Synthesis Report analysing the impact of the pledges made by 146 nations to reduce CO2 emissions

2015 July 16

17:04 Shipping industry updates guidance on large scale migrant rescue

2015 February 12

12:14 The International Chamber of Shipping updates Flag State Performance Table