2020 November 25

16:56 Vyborg Shipyard lays down processing trawler of KMT02.02 design

2020 November 13

09:48 Sevmorzavod shipyard launches main part of pontoon for floating crane of Project ПК-700

2020 November 12

16:55 Pontoon of Project GPRN, Beluga-2, launched in Astrakhan

2020 November 10

17:16 USC to build LNG-powered cruise ship for RUB 27 billion

2020 November 5

14:28 Building berth capacity is among key problems of USC
13:16 USC BoD Chairman reports on successful production of ship components amid sanctions
12:49 USC is carrying out 113 civilian construction contracts
10:08 Diesel-electric icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin delivered to Rosmorport

2020 October 29

11:48 USC forecasts complete transition of shipping industry to electric propulsion in 20-25 years

2020 October 27

14:06 Krasniye Barrikady launched non-self-propelled cargo pontoon of Project GPRN

2020 October 22

11:11 Russian President Vladimir Putin signs order on merging Sevmorzavod into USC

2020 October 19

10:40 First sections for ice-resistant platform LSP “A” shipped to outfitting yard

2020 October 8

11:53 USC companies are able to build up to 12 sea and river going ships per year

2020 October 7

12:47 Delivery of Victor Chernomyrdin icebreaker scheduled for 3 November 2020

2020 October 5

13:49 David Adamia to be in charge of civil shipbuilding within United Shipbuilding Corporation

2020 September 22

16:56 Vyborg Shipyard lays down processing trawler of KMT02.03 design
16:19 USC and KOMEA create Russia-Korea shipbuilding and ship equipment cluster

2020 September 8

11:43 Vyborg Shipyard delivers lead processing trawler of Project KMT01 to Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet

2020 September 4

10:11 RF Government recommends candidates for United Shipbuilding Corporation BoD

2020 September 2

11:35 Igor Fomin appointed as Acting General Director of Khabarovsk Shipyard

2020 September 1

16:57 Sevmorzavod and 13th Black Sea Fleet Repair Plant to be converted into joint-stock companies

2020 August 28

15:04 Construction of Victor Chernomyrdin icebreaker extended till 1 November 2020 upon RF Government’s approval

2020 August 26

18:00 Nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika can be delivered to the customer in September 2020
16:57 USC set to continue the series upon delivery of cruise ship Peotr Veliky
13:18 Chemical tanker PortNews launched in Astrakhan

2020 August 25

13:13 Vyborg Shipyard sends its first trawler of KMT01 design for sea trials

2020 August 24

12:03 Chemical tanker PortNews to be launched in Astrakhan on 26 August
11:00 Cruise ship Mustai Karim leaves for maiden voyage

2020 August 21

16:08 United Shipbuilding Corporation starts relocating its headquarters to Saint-Petersburg

2020 July 27

20:12 USC suggests authorizing Ministry of Industry and Trade to approve prices for construction of lead ships
19:40 Vladimir Putin insists on consistent and targeted effort towards enhancing local content in shipbuilding
18:21 United Shipbuilding Corporation to build a catamaran for crossing the Caspian Sea

2020 July 22

12:57 ASPO commenced preparations for launching lead chemical tanker of Project 00216М, PortNews

2020 June 19

19:19 Vyborg Shipyard launches yet another processing trawler of KMT02 design

2020 May 29

17:14 United Shipbuilding Corporation developed its own cargo ship design

2020 May 26

12:37 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard starts cutting steel for construction of first passenger ship of Project А45-90.2

2020 April 29

13:41 USC suggests subsidizing 15% of shipbuilding contracts signed by Far East shipyards

2020 April 28

09:57 Nerpa shipyard embarked on construction of two floating RCS

2020 March 30

12:29 United Shipbuilding Corporation establishes center for prevention of Covid-19 spread

2020 March 5

15:20 12 powerful icebreakers required for year-round navigation on eastward lanes of NSR - Vyacheslav Ruksha

2020 January 27

15:57 Two main engines loaded onto lead chemical tanker of Project 00216М named PortNews

2020 January 9

15:57 United Shipbuilding Corporation’s headquarters to move from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg in July 2020

2019 December 25

12:58 Krasniye Barrikady plant starts steel cutting under USC’s shipbuilding projects
09:52 USC set to deliver Victor Chernomyrdin icebreaker in first quarter of 2020

2019 December 9

18:24 Lead chemical tanker of Project 00216М, PortNews, to be delivered as scheduled – USC President

2019 November 27

14:28 United Shipbuilding Corporation to deliver 13 civil ships in 2019
13:39 United Shipbuilding Corporation to build 8-10 crab catching ships
10:24 United Shipbuilding Corporation to alter its management structure

2019 November 25

10:26 Arctic Center of Ship Repair to be established in Murmansk Region at premises of three ship repair yards

2019 November 1

20:27 Lotos shipyard launches first paddle cruiser of Project PKS 180, Golden Ring

2019 October 24

13:31 USC declares its technological capabilities to build vessels for collecting and processing of plastic

2019 October 4

13:29 President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation visited Nevsky Shipyard

2019 September 27

12:34 Gazprom Neft, Gazprom gas-engine fuel and United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) agree to cooperate in developing LNG projects

2019 September 17

18:29 Lead chemical tanker of Project 00216М named PortNews after our agency

2019 September 5

12:57 Russia to find export outlets for ship components produced by domestic and localized manufactures – USC President

2019 August 21

11:24 Vasily Boitsov appointed as USC Vice-President for Technological Development

2019 August 6

14:08 Baltiysky Zavod Shipyard wins contracts for LK 60 icebreaker duo

2019 June 24

16:46 Construction and operation of dual-fuel ships has low economic efficiency – USC President
16:24 USC set to build floating electricity-generating facilities running on LNG supplied by bunkering ships
15:45 United Shipbuilding Corporation to launch the first LNG-powered ferry for Ust-Luga – Baltijsk line in late July