import substitution

2022 November 10

14:08 Investment programme of RosGeo to total RUB 6.8 billion this year

2022 October 25

15:06 Nevsky Shipyard equipped new dry cargo carrier with propulsion/steering units of domestic origin

2022 October 17

12:50 Ministry of Industry and Trade confirms domestic origin of equipment produced by Vineta Ltd.

2022 October 12

16:37 IDF approves low-interest loan of RUB 362.7 million for Atomenergomash to ensure domestic production of propellers

2022 October 5

12:42 USC commences serial production of propulsion/steering units ДРК1200М

2022 September 6

16:44 Batches of technically independent ship equipment expected at shipyards from 2024-2025 – RF Ministry of Industry and Trade

2022 September 2

16:58 PortNews offers new edition of its Hydrotechnika magazine

2022 August 26

17:26 Rosmorport shares its experience of switching to domestic software

2022 August 19

11:07 Vladimir Putin emphasized the need to minimize delays in civil shipbuilding schedules

2022 August 9

11:23 Nonius Engineering succeeds in phasing out of imported equipment in dredging segment

2022 July 4

16:47 Programme on development of diesel engines manufacture to cover domestic demand in full - Mikhail Mishustin

2022 July 1

17:57 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news

2022 June 17

16:43 Norilsk Nickel expects two-year delays in new projects commissioning due to equipment shortage

2022 June 10

17:46 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news

2022 June 3

17:53 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news

2022 May 27

17:50 IAA PortNews’ summary of previous week news

2022 May 23

16:47 Russian companies can replace foreign manufacturers of navigation equipment - opinion

2022 May 20

12:43 USC set to start serial production of components for ship propulsion units in 2024-2025

2022 April 20

11:51 RosGeo: focus of geological exploration shifts from offshore projects to land ones

2022 April 15

12:01 Russian President gives instructions to redirect exports of energy resources to South and East markets

2022 April 13

15:39 EEC adopts Recommendations aimed at development of cooperation between EEC countries in shipbuilding and production of ship equipment

2022 March 24

15:29 Rosrybolovstvo asks for 2-year extension of ship construction time under investment quota programme

2022 March 18

14:18 Murmansk Region Government suggests 5-year VAT exemption for ship repair companies

2022 February 17

12:50 Experts note positive dynamics in construction of dredging ships in Russia

2021 June 10

17:09 Ministry of Industry and Trade renews import substitution programme with a focus on production of components

2021 May 26

14:26 Russian President signs Federal Law on Introduction of Amendments into Russia’s Merchant Shipping Code

2021 May 20

12:59 RF Government approves point system for estimation of local content in shipbuilding

2020 October 13

16:50 Russia’s State Duma approved in first reading draft law on import substitution in shipbuilding

2020 July 27

19:40 Vladimir Putin insists on consistent and targeted effort towards enhancing local content in shipbuilding

2019 August 30

15:46 Business community proposed amendments into RF Government Decree No 719 concerning local content of components in ships

2019 August 26

12:15 NARFU (Arkhangelsk) to serve as third venue of roundtable meeting “Import Substitution in Russian Shipbuilding: Ambition and Reality”

2019 August 22

17:39 Nordic Engineering sponsors roundtable meeting “Import Substitution in Russian Shipbuilding: Ambition and Reality”

2019 August 21

13:27 Vladivostok offers second venue of “Import Substitution in Russian Shipbuilding: Ambition and Reality” roundtable

2019 August 14

16:05 Round table on import substitution in Russian shipbuilding sector slated to be held on August 29 in St. Petersburg

2016 October 20

10:39 CNII Kurs to establish import substitution center for production of shipboard equipment

2016 September 20

18:13 USC says certain ship systems should be of Russian origin or produced locally by foreign manufacturers
15:40 Krylov Center takes part in round table meeting dedicated to import substitution in commercial shipbuilding

2016 April 21

17:40 USC says substitution of equipment imported for offshore oil & gas projects exists only on paper

2016 April 1

14:55 Dmitry Rogozin insists of placing shipbuilding orders with domestic shipyards (photo)

2016 January 25

16:03 Zvezdochka Shiyard launches domestically produced 500 kW thrusters

2015 December 18

16:55 Russian PM holds meeting on import substitution and Far East development issues (photo)

2015 September 8

14:49 New RF Government Decree to ban ordering ships from foreign shipyards if they can be built in Russia

2015 July 2

16:25 Marine Engineering concern is proposed for establishment in Russia