2021 September 7

15:50 Rosmorport's Arkhangelsk Branch took part in exercises on search and rescue of people in distress at sea

2021 June 5

12:47 USCGG Hamilton returns from deployment to Europe

2020 August 27

12:37 BALEX DELTA 2020: Regional response to major maritime incidents tested in Estonian waters

2019 November 29

12:32 EMSA participates in POLEX 2019 pollution response exercise in Spain

2019 October 22

11:45 MPSV12 project vessel "Bahtemir" took part in emergency response exercises in the Gulf of Finland

2019 September 16

11:55 Professional emergency response team of Kontur SPb LLC recommended to be certified for emergency response to oil spills

2018 May 30

13:26 Rescue forces of Russia, Poland and Lithuania took part in SAR-2018 international exercise

2018 March 6

10:49 EPPR table-top exercise on oil spill response in the Arctic will be run in Oulu on 7 March 2018

2017 September 21

12:31 RF Navy’s Northern Fleet takes part in combined-arms exercise in the Barents Sea

2017 August 16

10:55 About 20 ships of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet engaged in Command Post Exercise

2017 April 6

09:15 Ships of RF Navy and Turkish Naval Forces conducted a joint exercise in the Black Sea

2017 March 28

13:28 Ships of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet repelled an air strike of simulated enemy
11:30 Exercise with battalion of assault landing motor boats is held at RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet

2017 February 28

14:39 Vyborg submarine of the Baltic Fleet left base for combat training at sea

2016 December 7

16:53 Crews of RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet warships launched exercise in Baltiysk and Kronstadt

2016 October 13

13:34 Pacific Fleet Marines started preparing for capturing and defending seashore in Primorye

2016 September 26

17:50 Ship grouping of Belomorskaya naval base deployed in the White Sea in course of the exercise

2016 September 20

12:08 Caspian Flotilla ships held joint exercise with combat crews of OTH radars

2016 September 13

13:29 "Naval interaction-2016" exercise is held in a milestone year for the Russian Navy

2016 September 12

17:00 Naval group of Russia's Pacific Fleet to participate in Russian-Chinese exercise

2016 August 4

12:15 Rosmorport’s Kaliningrad Department participates in international exercises on search and rescue of people in the Baltic Sea

2016 August 1

11:11 Malaysia and Singapore jointly conduct exercise to tackle a chemical spill at sea

2016 July 8

16:01 Caspian Flotilla ship grouping is arriving to the permanent locations after the exercise

2016 June 10

11:18 Rusia's Caspian Flotilla started command-and-staff training

2016 June 1

15:43 Ship detachment of the Caspian Flotilla left Makhachkala and carried out sortie to accomplish training mission

2016 May 24

16:42 Naryan-Mar small-sized ASW ship of the Northern Fleet accomplished training combat missions during exercises in the White Sea

2016 March 23

17:44 Northern Fleet improve their tactics in using missile and artillery weapons

2016 March 14

09:38 Vice Admiral Kulakov major ASW ship of the Northern Fleet held antisubmarine exercise

2016 March 11

12:29 First winter exercise on responding to oil spills held at Arctic terminal in the Ob Bay (photo)

2016 March 4

16:38 Caspian Flotilla Marines repelled assault attack of the simulated enemy on the coast

2016 March 3

09:55 Marines of the Caspian flotilla to carry out a landing operation on the coastline

2016 March 2

10:51 Snezhnogorsk small-sized ASW ship of Russia's Northern Fleet entered the Barents Sea to perform combat training

2016 February 20

12:27 Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov conducted antisubmarine defence exercise

2016 February 11

17:37 Caspian Flotilla Marines practiced anti-assault defensive within the exercise

2016 February 10

17:51 Exercise of the Caspian Flotilla ship grouping started in the Caspian Sea

2016 January 13

17:18 Northern Fleet held the first training in 2016 on counteracting underwater sabotage groups

2015 December 11

13:47 RF Pacific Fleet and Indian Navy ships participate in joint exercises

2015 December 8

15:12 Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov successfully accomplishes all missions within the Arabian Monsoon-2015 exercise
11:17 Caspian Flotilla ship formation participates in several drills in the Caspian Sea

2015 December 2

10:30 About 70 warships of RF Navy met the new training year while performing tasks in different areas of the world ocean

2015 December 1

17:49 Northern Fleet ships to perform cruises to the Arctic and the Mediterranean Sea

2015 November 27

15:55 Counterterrorist exercise held in Northern Fleet garrisons

2015 November 26

16:17 Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet entered the Strait of Aden
10:43 Frigate Admiral Gorshkov completed missile firing trials in the White Sea

2015 November 23

16:48 Counterterrorist exercise finished onboard the Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov

2015 October 28

13:30 Black Sea Fleet ships performed missile launches at sea targets during an exercise

2015 October 27

15:25 Crew of Admiral of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier cruiser performed missile firing in the Barents Sea

2015 October 20

13:29 Northern Fleet major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov moved to Barents Sea to practice cooperation with naval aviation
11:46 Exercise with Pacific Fleet Marines completed in Primorye

2015 October 13

16:47 Baltic Fleet ships destroyed submarine of the simulated enemy in the course of the exercise

2015 October 7

15:08 Baltic Fleet warships liquidated imaginary enemy submarine in the course of the exercise

2015 October 6

15:00 Ships of Russia's Black Sea Fleet conducted exercise in the Mediterranean Sea