Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

2021 November 25

10:35 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries receives a major turbomachinery order for Ust-Luga LNG export plant

2021 November 11

17:15 MHI to participate in “CO2LOS III” project, aiming to achieve business in CO2 shipping

2021 August 2

09:58 Operations poised to begin at “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Maritime Systems”

2021 June 11

10:08 DRAX and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries sign pioneering deal towards delivery of the world’s largest negative emissions project

2021 May 28

16:50 Hydrogen project in Hamburg on German Government shortlist

2021 April 19

18:16 Industry collaboration to develop guidance on the safe use of Ammonia as a fuel

2021 April 15

14:14 NextDecade and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America sign ESA for carbon capture at Rio Grande LNG project in Texas

2021 March 30

14:21 MHI set to transfer naval and governmental ships business of Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding

2020 February 26

15:12 MHI-MME receives retractable fin stabilizer orders for two luxury expedition vessels being built by Helsinki Shipyard

2020 February 5

11:05 Marine SOx scrubber system "DIA-SOx®" retrofitted onboard ultra-large container ships admits conformity to the new SOx emissions regulations

2019 April 22

08:25 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding holds christening ceremony for next-generation LNG carrier "Diamond Gas Sakura"

2019 February 27

08:39 NYK announces naming ceremony for new LNG carrier

2017 December 14

14:03 Wärtsilä and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MME to collaborate in creating improved power and propulsion for ships

2017 March 31

14:03 MHI reaches basic agreements with domestic shipbuilders on forming alliances in commercial ship operations

2017 February 1

10:21 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, MME and Kobe Diesel concluded an absorption-split agreement for integration of marine diesel engine businesses

2017 January 12

11:58 Japanese SOx Scrubber System for ships acquires first certification from country of ship registration

2016 November 10

15:09 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, MME and Kobe Diesel sign agreement for integration of marine diesel engine businesses

2016 September 24

11:04 MCO-B holds opening ceremony marking start of full-scale operations

2016 August 30

14:02 MHI to launch discussions toward forming alliances with three domestic shipbuilders

2016 April 15

18:10 MHI estalishes MHI Australia Pty. Ltd. to extend its Australia/Oceania reach

2015 December 15

15:34 MOL announces naming ceremony for LNG carrier