2020 March 10

17:04 LR certifies CETENA’s ‘ASSIST’ digital solution for use on Seven Seas Splendor

2020 February 12

11:25 LR awards HHI approval in principle for HDF-3800 frigate design

2020 January 16

12:30 MISC, Samsung Heavy Industries, Lloyd’s Register and MAN Energy Solutions join forces on ammonia-fuelled tanker project

2020 January 15

14:12 Keppel O&M certified for 3D printing of offshore grade materials

2019 December 19

14:30 Lloyd’s Register’s certification validates Wärtsilä Marine’s cyber security measures

2019 December 4

11:08 LR collaborates with DSIC and Man Energy Solutions for first ammonia-fuelled ULCS in China
09:38 Lloyd’s Register grants AiP to CMES, CNOOC, DSIC and GTT for LNG dual-fuelled VLCC design

2019 December 3

08:49 China State Shipbuilding Corporation and LR to collaborate on decarbonisation and digitalisation research

2019 November 13

18:07 LR and Seabury Maritime partner to tackle OPEX and CAPEX challenges

2019 October 24

16:30 New study of LR and Maersk indicates that achieving net zero is an ‘OPEX not a CAPEX challenge‘

2019 October 14

08:58 LR celebrates twenty years of leadership in naval classification

2019 September 25

13:11 Lloyd’s Register support the development of the world’s first 3D printed rescue boat

2019 September 23

18:26 Lloyd’s Register EMEA confirmed as Coordinator/Partner of Renewable Energy Ship Propulsion project
17:06 Lloyd’s Register signs up to Getting to Zero Coalition

2019 September 20

09:25 Lloyd’s Register, China Merchants, GTT, CNOOC, DSIC form jv to design LNG-fuelled VLCC

2019 September 19

11:09 LR awards DSME AiP for 98,000 m3 VLEC design with High MnA steel tank

2019 September 18

12:03 LR awards Jiangnan AiP for 91,000 m3 VLGC Panda 91T design.

2019 August 19

15:58 LR awards world’s first digital type approval to HHI

2019 July 15

12:14 DSME Smart Ship Solution approved by LR

2019 July 8

15:03 LR signs an agreement with COSCO, JN, MARIC, SSSRI and CCS to design and develop the first 220k LNG carrier with a GTT Mark III membrane containment system

2019 July 5

12:02 Samskip gets accredited once more with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental sustainability certification

2019 July 3

15:04 LR announces the latest release of LR AllAssets

2019 July 1

12:10 Common Structural Rules Software updated with 2019 rules and multiple enhancements

2019 June 18

13:02 Major shipping banks to launch the Poseidon Principles in line with IMO’s Greenhouse Gas strategy

2019 June 7

16:04 LR presents AiP to SHI in a ceremony at Nor-Shipping 2019

2019 June 5

17:35 LR and HGS collaborate on digital solutions to benefit shipping
16:27 HHI receives approval for VLCC 'eco-tanker' design

2019 June 4

13:31 LR attends UN meeting to collaborate on sustainable ocean principles

2019 June 3

18:06 LR attends UN meeting to collaborate on sustainable ocean principles

2019 May 17

11:30 LR to support the Italian Shipping Community through RO status

2019 April 14

10:16 LR to collaborate with STEE and Mitsui for development of ocean-going autonomous vessel

2019 April 10

17:27 LR, STEE, ICT, Mitsui sign MOU to develop the first ocean-going autonomous navigation system

2019 March 29

10:14 LR launches industry first airborne noise notation for ships in ports

2019 March 27

17:32 LR surveyor positioned in South Island of New Zealand

2019 March 14

12:30 Maersk Tankers’ Bunker Adjustment methodology receives LR recognition

2019 February 11

10:34 LR receives approval to carry out verification activity on the NCS

2019 January 30

11:07 LR and UMAS release new ‘Zero-Emission Vessels Transition Pathways’ study

2019 January 15

15:04 Equinor uses technical expertise from LR to lead a safety study assessment for significant offshore project in Brazil

2018 December 14

10:06 EC adds six new yards to its ‘European List of ship recycling facilities’

2018 December 10

16:10 Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative launches new online platform

2018 December 5

13:02 LR strengthens relationship with Canadian Dept. of National Defence

2018 November 21

09:49 SHI receives AiP from LR for INTELLIMAN smart ship solution

2018 November 16

17:06 PaxOcean delivers largest FSRU to be built in China

2018 November 14

09:59 STX receives AiP from LR for LNG-fuelled 50k dwt MR tanker

2018 November 13

08:07 ERMA FIRST obtains USCG type approval for ballast water treatment system using FILTREX filters

2018 October 15

15:34 East Mediterranean projects take steps towards adoption of alternative fuels

2018 October 6

10:47 34 maritime CEOs sign call for action in support of decarbonisation at Global Maritime Forum

2018 September 30

12:20 VSY, Siemens and LR to research hydrogen fuel cells technology
12:17 H2-Industries and LR work together on developing standards for all-electric ships with LOHC technology

2018 September 21

17:06 Gibdock, RSP Systems and New Zealand fisheries choose LR
16:04 Babcock ecoSMRT receives LR acknowledgement for ship application

2018 September 20

12:30 Wison receives AiP from LR for 300MW FSRP
10:30 HHI receives AiP from LR for a VLGC design capable of using LPG as fuel

2018 March 28

17:20 Hyundai Heavy Industries receives approval in principle from LR for LNG-fuelled 250,000 dwt VLOC

2018 January 17

08:14 COSCO's container ship to receive cyber enabled ship descriptive note ‘Cyber AL3 SECURE PERFORM (Energy Management System)’

2017 December 26

13:43 CMB launched first LR classed hydrogen-powered vessel

2017 December 14

17:05 Ulstein and TTS shortlisted for OSJ Innovation Award

2017 December 11

17:39 LR and UMAS release ‘Zero Emission Vessels 2030’ study

2017 December 8

03:13 CSSC GWS smart ship project achieves LR cyber-enabled ship (CES) descriptive notes

2017 November 30

08:05 Finnish Defence Forces select LR to class new surface combatants