Crimea Bridge

2018 May 4

10:00 Large landing ship of RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet passed under Crimean Bridge

2018 February 5

12:02 Crimea Bridge: construction of railway spans over Kerch Strait water area begins (photo)

2017 December 20

12:59 Motor vehicle spans of Crimea Bridge are assembled (photo)

2017 December 13

17:07 Assembly of Crimea Bridge motor vehicle section slated for completion in December 2017 (video)

2017 December 4

14:15 Assembling of all support structures for motor vehicle part completed at Crimea Bridge construction site (photo)

2017 November 21

11:58 Assembling of Crimea Bridge’s motor vehicle part completed at one of the four sea sections (photo)

2017 October 12

10:49 Motor vehicle arch of the Crimea Bridge placed between support structures in the fairway (photo)

2017 October 11

10:57 Transportation of Crimea Bridge’s motor vehicle arch started in the Kerch Strait (photo)

2017 September 6

16:19 RF Navy’s landing ship Azov passed under the arch of the Crimea Bridge (photo)

2017 August 30

13:12 First cargo ship passes under recently installed Crimean Bridge arch
12:17 Installation of Crimean Bridge railway arch completed

2017 August 29

12:12 Crimea Bridge railway arch lifted to the projected height

2017 August 28

12:20 Installation of Crimea Bridge arches is underway in the Kerch Strait (photo, video)

2017 August 16

13:24 Pile foundation for highway section of Crimea Bridge is complete (photo)

2017 July 17

11:28 RF Transport Minister: erection of Crimea Bridge arches to cause minimum interference with shipping (photo)

2017 June 16

14:24 Railway arch of Crimea Bridge pre-assembled at Kerch coast’s construction site (photo)

2017 April 18

14:05 Krylov Center performed modeling of delivering navigation spans to construction site of Crimea Bridge (photo)

2017 January 25

11:27 Project on construction of railway approaches to Kerch Strait bridge obtains state expert approval

2016 December 27

09:35 New tender announced for construction of railway approaches to Kerch Strait Bridge

2016 December 1

17:28 Construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge is financed as scheduled

2016 October 31

14:17 Piled foundation built for the first part of Crimea bridge (photo)

2016 July 8

14:04 Construction cost of Crimea Bridge approved at RUB 227.92 bln

2016 June 30

16:55 Project on construction of railway approaches to Crimea Bridge obtains state expert approval (photo)