2021 September 16

17:30 Construction of port Lavna kicked off in Murmansk Region

2021 September 10

14:56 Traffic on Vykhodnoy-Lavna railway section and Lavna terminal to be launched in December 2023

2020 July 24

12:30 Sea Terminal “Tuloma” and Commercial Sea Port “Lavna” to apply for Arctic Capital PDA resident status

2020 May 8

13:56 Construction site of Lavna terminal is being prepared for the main phase of works

2019 June 19

10:33 Lavna coal terminal to reach design capacity of 18 million tonnes in 2022

2019 June 7

14:25 Gazprombank and STLK announced financial closure of concession project on Lavna terminal construction

2019 April 18

10:44 Shareholders agreement on construction of Lavna terminal signed under Murmansk Transport Hub project

2019 February 14

15:40 BSTDB to finance construction of Lavna coal terminal under agreement with STLC

2018 November 20

11:54 Concession agreement signed for construction of coal terminal “Lavna”

2018 October 4

14:14 RF Government approves signing of concession agreement on construction of Lavna terminal

2018 September 27

17:22 Murmansk Region Governor: Western coast of the Kola Bay to accommodate support bases of all companies operating in the Arctic

2018 March 30

15:58 Construction of coal terminal Lavna, a project of STLK, begins at the port of Murmansk (photo)

2018 March 29

16:11 Maxim Sokolov to lay a foundation capsule at the construction site of port Lavna on March 30

2018 March 6

14:59 Vladimir Putin told about implementation of Lavna project (photo)

2017 December 5

13:30 MERCURIA Group to become a majority stakeholder of Port Lavna investment project - Victor Olersky

2017 June 2

13:50 STLC and MERCURIA sign agreement under project on construction of coal terminal ‘Lavna’ (photo)

2016 November 24

14:50 Rosneft acquired 75% of shares of Lavna terminal in the Murmansk Region