• 2015 May 15

    Grigory Stratiy, Vice-Governor of Murmansk Region

    On development of cruise and ferry tourism in the region

    — I would name the Arctic Harbour project among the most large-scale projects with a potential to attract new tourist flows to the region. The pier for long distance lines was reconstructed in 2014. Reconstruction of the passenger terminal building and establishment of a check point there is the next in turn.

    Implementation of this project will let create the infrastructure required for rendering high quality and safe services to maritime passenger transport and for increasing the number of foreign cruise companies’ calls to port Murmansk. With the success of Arctic Harbour project and efficient interaction of all stakeholders in the market of sea tourism, the port of Murmansk can become one of unique cruise centers of Arctic tourism...

    Seaport of Murmansk is very interesting for tourists from all over the world, pfirst of all because it is the only ice-free Arctic port of Russia.

    Every summer, the port welcomes cruise ships of foreign companies. In 2014, 11 cruise ships brought some 5,000 tourists to Murmansk. In 2015, Murmansk is to welcome 13 cruise ships…

    One more target is to include Murmansk into the list of ports allowing the visa-free entry and 72-hour stay in the Russian Federation for foreign passengers of cruise ships.

    … Foreign and Russian cruise operators mark a growing demand for Arctic tourism.

    We also plan the launch of new expedition cruises and tours in the Arctic. Murmansk Region Government together with its colleagues from the Arkhangelsk Region has developed a unique pilot interregional tourist product. Attraction of a large ferry line with its expedition vessels is being considered as a possible partner.

    From the interview with RIA Novosti.


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