• 2015 June 22

    Stanislav Borisov, Head of Commercial Department at Infotech Flex

    On quality of equipment involved in bunkering of vessels

    - Equipment quality cannot be overestimated when it comes to bunkering of vessels, transshipment of hazardous liquid chemicals at sea and river ports, supply of drilling rigs with different liquid and bulk cargoes.

    Infotech Flex offers cargo hoses and support equipment for such purposes. We produce the majority of hoses at our in-house manufacture, install fittings, carry out hydraulic tests and have the ready products certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

    We use the components of the world’s best manufacturers that have achieved the highest professional results and supply their products to many countries.

    Goodyear hoses are under rebranding today. In stock, we have rubber hoses of both Goodyear brand from earlier supplies and also those of ContinentalContiTech brand which has been caused by a landmark event in the sector of rubber and polymer production technologies – the integration of two companies: Veyance Technologies Inc., manufacturer of rubber hoses and drive belts of Goodyear brand, and Continental, a corporation producing rubber goods of ContinentalContiTech brand. On January 30, 2015, Continental completed the acquisition of the American company Veyance Technologies Inc. International supplier of the automobile industry, manufacturer of tires and industrial producer Continental has made the largest transaction in the recent corporate history. It is valued at EUR 1.4 bln. Two global leaders with extensive traditions now join their advantages.

    Veyance Technologies Inc. operates all over the world in the sector of rubber and plastic goods with specialization in production of conveyor belts, hoses and drive belts. In 2013, the company’s sales totaled EUR 1.5 bln.

    ContiTech has considerably strengthened its positions worldwide. International with Veyance has had a positive impact on the corporation’s profitability.

    Under the company’s policy, Veyance plants manufacturing industrial hoses and rubber goods will operate in the same countries as before continuing production of goods with the same quality.

    Rebranding has touched the products – GoodyearEngineeredProducts has been replaced with ContinentalContiTech. Besides, new prospects have appeared including vaster opportunities based on the extended range of goods for different industries; wider access to global ideas and resources; enhanced possibilities in terms of innovations and application of advanced technologies.

    In Russia, Infotech Flex is the official representative of ContinentalContiTech in the area of industrial hoses and drive belts.

    Stanislav Borisov will tell more on the issue in his report at the VIII Forum “Current State and Prospects for Development of Russian Bunker Services Market” which will be held in Saint-Petersburg on June 25-26, 2015. The Organizer of the event is Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers. For more information, please call 380-43-88 or visit >>>>