• 2018 March 30

    Serik Zhusupov, Executive Director, Association of Commercial Sea Ports

    On activities of Russia’s Association of Commercial Sea Ports

    - The year of 2017 was successful for the maritime port sector of the Russian Federation, that was appreciated at the highest state and professional level.

    Operators of sea terminals showed a sustainable work and demonstrated a growth in transshipment of different cargoes.

    In January-December 2017, throughput of Russian seaports grew by 9%, year-on-year, to almost 790 million tonnes while the production capacity of port facilities grew to 1,025 million tonnes.

    In terms of basins, the leadership is held by the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin which handled 269.5 million tonnes of cargo (+10.4%).

    Operators of sea terminals in the Arctic basin transshipped 74.2 million tonnes (+49.1%).

    Throughput of the Baltic basin ports grew to 247.5 million tonnes (+4.6%).

    Unfortunately, seaports of the Caspian basin handled only 3.9 million tonnes of cargo (down 34.1%). However two months of the current year saw a 58-pct growth mostly due to considerable growth of transshipment at the port of Makhachkala.

    Seaports of the Far East basin handled 191.7 million tonnes of cargo (+3.3%).

    Those prominent results of the port segment are closely connected with the performance of related industries. In the reporting period, the delivery of cargo to seaports by railway transport increased by 5%, average daily unloading – by 9 % having achieved a record high result of almost 14,300 railcars per day. Cargo deliveries by water transport grew by 10%, by road transport - by 11%.

    Our strategic partners, Sea Ports Administrations and Rosmorport deserve special thanks from the port sector.

    The activities of the Association’s working bodies were performed in compliance with the programme of the Association of Commercial Sea Ports for 2017-2018 and the plan for cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.