• 2018 September 7

    Vitaly Klyuev, Rosmorrechflot expert, Ex-Director of RF Transport Ministry’s Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport

    About Russian and international regulations on unmanned shipping

    - IMO is currently working hard on issues related to unmanned shipping regulations. What is done: a definition of an unmanned vessel and its categories ... Technical requirements on construction of ships address human beings onboard vessels and ensure onboard safety. SOLAS convention has been initially focused on safety of life at sea, now it continues to provide safety of life onboard ... Another part of regulations relates to ship crew taking into consideration that vessels are operated by people onboard them. There are regulations related to maneuvering of vessels. As for liability in case of oil spills or other problems, it is the ship master and the crew that is responsible ...

    In Russia, there is a significant progress in this area. RF Government is working intensely to develop national regulations to provide legal framework for unmanned shipping ... I hope, Russia will be the first or among the first countries to create a legal platform for operation of unmanned ships.

    For that purpose, we should set forth technical requirements for vessels, provide regulations on seafarers who will be not onboard any more (or no seafarers at all) and define sea areas covered by the regulations.

    Recorded at the Marinet Conference, an international event organized in partnership with Media Group PortNews as part of SMM-2018 in Hamburg.

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