• 2018 December 5

    Sergey Novikov, Deputy General Director, Rosatom Corporation

    About draft law on NSR administration

    - According to the draft law, RF Ministry of Transport is in charge of the regulatory environment on the Northern Sea Route, compliance of the Russian Federation with international obligations, oversight functions including approval of safe shipping standards, control of masters.

    The authorities of Rosatom Corporation set forth by the draft law are primarily related to implementation practical functions to ensure round-the-year shipping and development of the Northern Sea Route infrastructure. Rosatom is authorized to develop proposals on state policy making, make suggestions on creation of seaports and infrastructure facilities on the Northern Sea Route, administer state property in seaports and arrange navigation in the water area of the Northern Sea Route. 

    The draft law confirms application of the “two-key” principle in respect of considerable number of positions. Rosatom Corporation approves and the Ministry of Transport signs seaports’ compulsory regulations, rules for icebreaker assistance in the water area of the Northern Sea Route, rules for hydrometeorological support of shipping, list of port dues collected in each port on the NSR, etc. 

    The draft law also authorizes the Government to approve the procedure of joint navigational and hydrographic support on the Northern Sea Route and the procedure for granting permits for navigation. The permits for navigation will be granted by the Ministry of Transport upon approval of Rosatom Corporation. 

    Rosatom Corporation will be in charge of NSR infrastructure and ports development as required by Infrastructure Development Plan to be approved by RF Transport Ministry… . 

    As for the cargo flow (on the Northern Sea Route – Ed.) it grows many-fold today ... The President has set a task to reach 80 million tonnes by 2024. It is a different reality, a different organization of navigation in the Northern Sea Route waters, different requirements to NSR development and management. 

    Recorded by IAA PortNews at the State Duma meeting.

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