• 2020 May 28

    Dr Chrisitan Poensgen, Senior Vice President Engineering, MAN Energy Solutions

    On using alternative marine fuels to achieve IMO's 2050 goals

    "Well, to be honest, we have shortage... to be clear we don't have enough electricity and we have to go forth intermediate steps, as transition in large quantities will not be available before 2030-2035... nevertheless there are some ammonia which is a good chance to push further...  blue ammonia is I think very attractive actually. We go for complex storaging.. carbon content... we have to do something with that. Carbon content can also be used at the end with electrolizers in order... for other sorts of renewable fuels. Well, I think with ammonia we have quite a good chance to work on shipping and to get enough quantity..."

    Excerpts from “The pathway to hydrogen and ammonia as shipping fuels” webinar, held Wednesday 27 May

    In Russia, the alternative low-emission marine fuels issue will be addressed by participants of conference hosted by IAA PortNews at the end of October in Moscow. Read more about the 4th Conference “LNG Fleet, LNG Bunkering and Other Alternatives” >>>>